Love smithsonian dude😋

  • isaiah wolftail

    Not even a thousand clay pots can withstand this torrential rain storm

  • 02

    I wish I could eat termites

  • Admiral BirdCrap

    Pinnochio doesn't like termites..

  • Aꀘ αк


  • PC. T. Graham.

    Luanga Valley as in Zambia🇿🇲?

  • Joelynn Carter

    >loaded with protein
    >Bear Grylls wants to know your location

  • Margaret corien Edwards

    The narrator is far too dramatic! Sounds like she's narrating fiction for a Disney film! Sickly!

  • Margaret corien Edwards

    I have unsubscribed from this terrible channel! Too sickly to listen to!

  • Berry O

    I like her voice. You guys are weird.

  • ray lamar

    Nature is awesome

  • Charles Choate

    Circle of life.

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