• Angelo Perez Cortes

    HEY MYTHICAL CREW!! want a video idea that will get millions of views. Lets shave reth's beard! It will be more epic now that the hairs is more grown. LIKE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danielle

    Mythical kitchen really needs to produce a making of video for these types of videos

  • Lexi Pearce

    I felt the design department's pain when Rhett and Link tossed away the Ikea instructions lmao

  • micky6966

    Um… Josh's protein goo?

  • Silot

    You made some serious gains today boys.

  • Zymosisproductions

    “It’s literary like eating furniture “… hmm. Has link eaten furniture before ? :p

  • Mr. Tiktok

    Buca do beppeos is bad

  • UnD3aD_-Glory-

    5:04 Rhetts depressed face when it falls apart. I felt that.

  • Joshua Riggle

    Will sardines protein bar?

  • Kiki Ramirez


  • luke ajk

    Will it puff.. make food into puffs like Cheeto puffs

  • Jeffrey Peng

    Rhett and Link: doing squats when they are eating something nasty

  • mermolee

    I like how Rhett said: chemicals you can’t pronounce
    Then he said

  • DctrGizmo

    I did not expect them to bite the deodorant bar. Neither did the rest of the team.

  • wynja77


  • Natalia Figueroa

    “This does not seem edible”, muchas cosas de las que comen no parecen edible. 😂😂😂, yo me quedo como que, qué carajo, porque se lo comieron.

  • Venatrix Ooriana

    The video I never knew I needed in my life . xD

  • floridabelle

    Rhett's hair is so glorious! 💓

  • Kayla Hemmo

    LOL love it! go mythical kitchen !

  • Jeff Sipes

    Hello to the comment section. Rhett and Link are hilarious…

  • Vladimir Zabedyuk

    Lesson learned: squatting furiously helps get rid of nasty taste

  • Francis Proulx

    Bars of kidney failure

  • Curdle Games

    William Bro Teen Barre XIII

  • Diego Neri

    Today is my birthday!!😃😄

  • Cr8ze NinjA

    Next will it video. Will it tortilla?

  • Steven Poloskey

    shes not in taiwan , liar, n def no almond joys

  • Ariel Walker


  • Tamothy Mcfluff

    I’m thinking a Mythical snack line with some of the best creations over the years.

  • Kails H.

    Do “will it bubblegum!!” It can be bubbleyum or bubbleyuck!

  • SonOfAKing

    13:00 is fanfic for sure.

  • SSJ2K YT

    Just an idea for a “Will It” episode PLEASEEE DO WILL IT WAFFLE?

  • XDLOL .13

    “Tell us what youve done as a WoOOooOoohhh daddy “

  • TimbrWolf 22

    Feeling like you could actually brand a bar. Your test kitchen goodies do "LOOK" amazing!

  • Alex Cicala

    🤣 I nearly sh** myself I laughed so hard when they ate the pig spleen protein bar!

  • OH Yea yea


  • Austin Hardin

    Can you guys do protein shakes next?

  • Peter Eden Jr.

    6:21 "It's literally like eating furniture." I think we've gotten to a point where nobody questions if they've done that before, because they probably have.

  • Ampwich


  • Surma A

    Rhett turning in to cave man look a like everyday . What's up with that..

  • Eat It

    Will It Instant, like coffee but use other foods or not or pigs anus 🙂 LoL

  • Heike Louise Oberholzer

    We need a 'Will it nougat?'.

  • mathyno

    Will It Protein bar. no jackfilms

  • Dilly Bar

    For Link's birthday, you should do Will It Cereal REHEATED

  • Noah Bryan

    Ok. I was interested up until they added protein to deodorant. That is a REALLY bad idea if you look at how the bacteria on your skin responds to protein.

  • a pleb

    12:47 this'll be great for youresoloud

  • chubbs theboy

    Why he yelling at someone lol

  • Josh Slocum

    Opens up the deodorant
    Rhett and Link sigh simultaneously

  • screamsformemes

    omg y'all leave Josh alone lmao

  • Enderkid21 Enderz

    Rhet looks like a Greek God

  • Yamil Ortega

    You know that the part where they were squatting is going to be in a good mythical completion video 😂😂

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