• Jackie Aina

    non black people in the comments acting like this is all common sense, and yet this still happens to a lot of black women💀 somebody LYIN

  • some nothing

    or african men's hair either

  • Karmella Sekna

    Just Mercy (with Michael B Jordan) was soo good and emotional 😭 (I’m late Ik finally catching up on videos I missed)

  • Dora Mes

    I’m 15 seconds in and crying at that Nicki clip whew😂😂😂😭

  • Robin Womack

    Love your look!

  • Erin Morrison

    Thank you for standing up for her for how she reacted – it is not her responsibility to have the "right" reaction to this kind of rudeness – no victim blaming! Its hard to know how you'll react when in different uncomfortable situations.

  • tamichargois

    3.33 ahhh right now!!! My tav number combo! Go jackie BGR

  • JuxDeLux

    i have a shirt when i wear my hair out…DONT TOUCH MY HAIR I AM NOT AN ANIMAL.

  • FlyGirl V

    Lol if somebody touches your hair without asking black women, grab their hair back. They might get it then. If they ask, “Can I touch your hair?” Ask them if they’ve washed their hands, or say, “only if I can touch yours.” You don’t even have to be woke about it, lmao if we all responded by throwing back the uncomfy, this might just stop.

  • Jen T

    The question is would a black person touch a white persons hair. It’s so weird to do that in general. I don’t touch people’s hair

  • MisTy

    Really people believe that they can not relate to whether or not something is offensive, if it's not their experience….
    That's like saying one women not relating to a another woman who is a rape victim.
    How would a White woman/ man feel if someone walked up to her and started groping their hair??

    All a person needs to do is simply imagine how they would feel if the said situation was happening to them. Simple!!!

    Great topic of discussion Miss JacKay (the misspelling was for effect 😂)

  • Tom Monks

    Hey I have dry skin around my t zone and if I do the powder over my primer will it just make my skin go more dry ??

  • Bokang Evelyn Saulosi

    I cringed so hard seeing their dirty fingers in there😣😣😣… Like don't, just don't touch the hair… simple!

  • Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc

    I’ll stop touching your hair when you stop calling white women becky

  • China Blue

    And no one should be called the n word idc what colour you are even black no one should say it it’s sooo offensive and disgusting

  • Cobbiant Miguel

    Omg Jackie, you are a queen. So smart, so beautifully outspoken, so socially conscious. I just adore a strong black woman that keeps it real.
    I'm a gay mixed racial puertorrican and talking about these race issues always gets me in hot water. Im not black and I do understand what black people go through.
    Sometimes its so hard for people to put in other people shoes! Nobody wants to feel empathy!

  • Musty Bryce

    Consent cuts across several intersections

  • Sydni White

    I’ve learned to just be straight up with it. Don’t touch my hair without an invitation. Like if this bitch is soft best believe I’m like girl feel this curl, but don’t just roll up diggin in my kinks. I don’t do that to other people like ever. Unless you have a piece of lint and we’re that close. It’s not hard. I just don’t get it. I just swerve when people try lol gotta love a good swerve.

  • Leo Loner

    See, it’s not just about black people and black hair…human beings in general are curious…my travel buddy is a natural blonde and on a trip to china people were wanting to touch her hair, they touch black hair too. In Egypt where curly black hair is common, my blonde friend got her hair touched a lot as well. Then in Kenya, I got my hair stroked and played with a lot (I’m Middle Eastern, very long dark, wavy hair). Like the lady in the video with the two white people touching her hair, the exact thing happened in Kenya, me a Middle Eastern girl, and 3 African ladies in a hair salon. It’s not a big deal for me, I find it cute, and they don’t have malevolent intentions, they’re just curious. But then you mentioned nasty toilet hands, omg, that’s gross to think about tbh. I’m not going to let anyone touch my hair thanks to you mentioning that lol.

  • Robin Womack

    Here's the thing if I said anything you said about preferences I would be labeled a rasist. Can you imagine me saying black folks can't touch my hair but white folks can? That only white folks can call me white trash? If a name is considered repulsive to one group should be considered repulsive by every group.

  • Kasee Kozel

    Aaand shared!!

  • Jená Moriah

    This was NEEDED!!! 😩🙏🏽

  • Hannah Marie

    In the words of Jenna Marbles… the worlds not a gaint museum. You can't just go touching everything because you have hands

  • Arr3mis

    Yo but like, also, just don't touch anyone's hair??? Like unless they ask you to do it don't touch their hair? It's fucking creepy, whatever color you are doesn't matter DONT TOUCH OTHER PEOPLES HAIR

  • Angie Bates

    I'm white with poofy, curly, coily, fluff hair and people have always insisted on grabbing, stroking, and tugging my hair. I think that, combined with being raised by my dad who had no idea how to manage my hair and not knowing any other kids with curly hair like mine, made me hate my natural hair. It brought me attention I didn't want and made me really uncomfortable. If people asked to feel my hair, I'd let them, but why people insist on getting in personal space without asking makes no sense to me.

  • cherrynellieperiod

    Seriously…. who edits your videos 💀

  • OJay88

    You see with your eyes, not your hands.

  • femalegirlzz

    People freeze up sometimes when they're uncomfortable. Doesn't give you a free pass to touch them.

  • Black DoeGirl

    All facts👏🏾👏🏾

  • Asyn

    This happened to me the other day with my coils…I was like what the hell 😒🤨 and it was from a red head who used to have ratty ass dreads cause her hair wasn't suited for them.

  • RealTrice

    Don’t ask to touch my hair and have your fingers in my scalp before I answer.

  • clarissa krigger

    All I know is if you walk up to me and touch me I'm gonna bop you because I feel attacked. Nobody walks up into someone's personal space and actually touches them if they didnt want problems. It's annoying and creepy. I didnt go through a whole wash day and twist my hair for you to come and put your filthy ass dog locked fingers through my hair. I'm over bobbing and weaving from people I flat out tell them if they touch me I swinging on them. Works like a charm. I will be that ghetto person, respect my space.

  • Gabs

    Someone did this to me at work with my braids ..I thought it was my friend so I didn’t care or bother to turn around but it was some random white lady. And she was like “omg they’re so pretty” and I was so taken aback I just did awkward half smile and turned around confused. Like girl I’m on the clock???? And who tf are you???

  • Nin Jasmine

    I don't understand this mentality. If i appreciate someone's clothing, is it okay for me to go up to a stranger and paw at their clothes? Is it okay for me to go up to a stranger and smack their butts because I want to 'appreciate' how it looks? I don't even understand wanting to touch people's hair. Are you expecting a certain texture or something? I don't go up to people who have straight hair and think about how it's gonna feel and asking to touch it. I stick to stroking the heads of my SO or feeling the hair of my family. The only thing I tend pet randomly are animals, i.e. dogs, cat's, etc. Don't pet me like a random animal thanks.

  • Alexandra

    you are amazing jackie!!!!

  • Arielle Fitzgerald

    From one Leo to another…I just have to say I'm in LOVE with you!! <3 I don't know flip about makeup and you make every video so fun to learn and binge watch. You're hilarious. True embodiment of a LEO

  • Nat Taylor

    Honestly when people pet my hair i go off . But i have the benefit of not socially being seen as "angry" . I feel so bad for people who feel they cant speak up for fear of backlash. But some people really missed the keep your hands to yourself lesson !

  • Cheyenne Mix-Mckown

    My son has long hair, braided it’s to his lower back. We are native and our hair is sacred and only to be touched by family members. I can’t even count how many times a white women has come up and called him a girl and when I correct her then she says “oh my gosh what beautiful hair!” And then touches it!! I feel like I can only calmly educate some many people before I lose it. People really do need to be educated! And bringing this topic to your channel is a good way to educate people! Thank you Jackie!!!

  • lovedcj

    Wait what you mean no blending?

  • Eileen Staffieri

    Black people touch my hair

  • yoga cats

    Omg one day in gym, there was this girl wearing her natural fro, and this girl I know just randomly touched it. I said, “Did you jus touch her hair?!” The girl looked so uncomfortable 😣

  • Chaoticnumbers

    Story time- One of my good girlfriends at work was talking to me and we were walking at a diagonal. Our boss comes up FROM BEHIND and grabs a section of her crochet braids and THEN says, "oh these are pretty" Now my girl just looked at me like this happens and she was just tired and said thank you. BUT ME…..I had the "wat the f*ck are you doing" look on my face for a good minute. I don't think you should touch anyone's hair like that and if you do want to you gotta ask and be familiar like that. We were at work and it was the boss, so we just had to blow it off….but what the hell made this woman think she could do that…

  • Jacqueline Hodson

    Have had a manager, a white woman, I worked for just start touching my fro. I was honestly just super stunned. Sat there and let her touch my hair cuz wtf else you supposed to do when you have bills to pay.

  • Raheal Abdel

    I see myself in the girl in that video. I went to a PWI where I was surrounded by the most white people I’d ever been around in my life. Once I was shopping at the mall in my college town and a COMPLETE (white) STRANGER reached out to touch my hair while simultaneously complimenting it. Even though I matrixed her hand, I was so embarrassed that she even tried it. I just stood there for a second in shock, as I imagine the person in the video was… I’m not always prepared to respond when violations of personal space and autonomy happen. Well said Jackie!!

  • Judi Lynn

    Lady, that was like, two videos in one! Loved it! *I have locs past my butt. Tell ME about white folk asking stupid questions and trying to grab them.

  • Kasia Fields

    why're we touching people's hair, period? unless you're a professional getting paid to do so, don't touch people's hair

  • Monique VanFelder

    I have box braids and one of my white coworkers asked to touch my hair. Y’all should have saw my face 😒. Why would you ask me that.

  • Jade Clark

    I just pet everyone’s hair Bc I love hair lol

  • Kaycee Rose

    Jackie’s intros always senddddd me 😭

  • kiki9619 Terry

    Somebody is about to get karate chopped in throat. My friend went South Korea to be a english teacher. The stories she told me. They touching the hair, they want to take pictures of the hair, and they putting out a conference/chat room calls/messages to all their family, friends, and
    coworkers about the hair. And this is when she had box braids.

    When she wore her beautiful
    fro she became a freaking side show act.

  • sophie

    When she didn’t sing Rise when using the color corrector 😪

  • mrs w

    So I just want some input from the faithful followers on your channel! I am a white woman but, I have always loved the many different looks of natural hair and what the different styles symbolize/the history of them over all. The area that I live in is not the easiest place to find salons that specialize in natural hair. I was wondering, would it be wrong for me to want to learn and get licensed specifically for natural hair care and styling if I'm white? I never want to appropriate the styles and where they come from but appreciate them and their beauty.

  • Outpat

    Maybe don't touch ANY HUMAN's hair.

  • Outpat

    I kinda feel like if it were a bunch of black girls crowded around a white girl looking at her hair, everyone would say "they're raised to think white hair is so amazing and unique and cool" but when it's the opposite it's "they're crowding around her like a zoo animal, she's a victim."

  • Outpat

    There are so many things many black women seem to think is a struggle unique to them. And they have no idea because they have not lived as any other race. I think excluding other races makes them feel special and "together" like they're part of some exclusive special group. In reality, it's just dumb. ALL humans hate having their hair touched. ALL humans have their personal space violated constantly. ALL humans have uneven skin tones, white people do not all have perfect even skin. I never hear white people saying "for all my pale skinned girls, blahblah, pale skinned queens have uneven skin tones, don't touch a white girl's hair" like no, we don't bring race into every single tiny thing. Women from years ago may have, but not women today. Black women are the only ones who do this.

  • TheNerdbot11011

    i hope this doesnt come across as bad or anything but why is it okay when black people use the N word and variations but it isnt okay for other colors to use it? If it is such a bad word shouldnt no one use it??

  • Seven Goddess

    I love this video just bc of the "what i woulda did" point. Like shut up. No wou wouldn't have.

  • Nikita

    You wouldn’t walk up to someone who is bald and start rubbing their head because “you’ve never seen it in person before” like THE FUCK

  • Voodoo Vixen

    How about no one touches anyones hair because it's creepy? I am as white as a untoasted toast and I don't like it either.

  • Jennifer Dozier

    Imagine just living your life and having a random person come up and start touching your hair… no just no. Like Jackie said Google/Youtube it and learn about styles or the history of natural hair if your are interested.

  • Na'Robi Lawrence-Bailey

    Jackie this is one of my favourite looks from you I’ve ever seen ! I love it !

  • Linda Ezemedolu

    very beautiful look, You need to try ENL BEAUTY eyeshadows they are on point !!! Pigmentation, rich colour for our skin tone plus its a Nigerian Beauty Brand.

  • phoneymikey

    Jackie is glowingggg

  • Christina Holstrom

    “We’re gonna go ahead and highlight that nose just like we’re highlighting racial injustices and micro aggressions on my channel” Ilysm

  • frosh lite

    am a guy ,
    but i must confess this,your flawless glowing skin on your thumbnail attracted to watch this video

  • Christina Holstrom

    Please though if you ever have experienced any kind of prejudice, and I know you have because everybody has at least one time in their life no matter who you are. A black women has experienced these things times 100 every day of their lives. I know I’ve experienced prejudices just for being a woman but I’m white and I don’t know at all what it’s like to be a black woman. But I try to educate myself by LISTENING TO THEM. Just LISTEN to them and don’t tell them they’re making a big deal because I PROMISE they are not. Put yourself in their shoes the best you can.

  • Cindy Aguirre

    OMG JACKIE LOVE EVERYTHING YOU SAID AND yes keep your hands to your self people.

  • Susan OBrien

    Wow, great make up!

  • Ren Beach

    "its so weird!"

  • Tylergirl Robinson

    It has never bothered me when people want to touch my hair.

  • Our Daily Broad

    People need to keep their filthy germy meathooks off. That poor woman in the video looks like she wants to sink into the damn floor.

  • Tadala Jumbe

    I need this shirt desperately.

  • virrrago

    Literally any time I'm out at a busy bar or club those snakey ass fingers come out. It's dodging and weaving and smacking hands. And honestly, wyt people flip out on you when you tell them no. It's so WEIRD.

  • Tre'Niece Hall

    If people ask to pet your dog they can ask to touch your hair…. because as human beings we verbally communicate lol

  • Milan Makeup

    I want to start off by saying I will never personally understand your experiences because I never had to go through those situations. As a white woman who only loves and supports the black community, I am asking you Jackie how can I help positively influence those around me in show of my support; furthermore how could I express my support for all colored communities? I fear hurting or offending anyone, I want everyone to know there is nothing but love in my heart for all communities and races and cultures.

  • Anna Banana

    Ugh why touch someone else’s hair without permission?? Period!! makes me so mad. Don’t touch other people’s hair!!

  • Dweebjeeb

    21:50 💀 LMFAOOOO I’m dead i love you jackie !

  • Chae With Da Mission

    you barely forget the mole girl!!! I was waiting for the “lets not forget the mole” 😭🥴

  • Pixie_Parker

    It’s also just as simple as ask. If I know you and I like you ima most likely say aight just try not to mess it up. If I don’t know you or like you it’s a no. And some people have bigger boundaries and you gotta respect that. Even other black peoples touching my hair I don’t like but they feel they can violate my space because they are black too. If you just playing in my hair and not fixing it for me please don’t. Just like we gotta learn to ask before touching people in any way even hugging same with hair.

  • Roman Aegis

    I had this problem firsthand when I moved to a mostly White, small town in the middle of Idaho.
    Yes, Susan, now stop touching me. Go eat your nasty grocery store deli soup and let me buy this shredded cheese

  • Mel'sPlaNet

    Some ppl believe ignorance is bliss.

  • Chelsea Afrifa

    Thank you Jackie

  • hawemuurhh

    you look stunning 😍

  • SJ Go Lightly

    I’m not sure why someone else didn’t stop👏🏽that👏🏽stupidity! Lord! She shouldn’t have to defend herself, her fellow humans should have. I have experienced bizarre situations, I was adopted by my Dad and had many slurs and “dumb questions” all the time because I looked different. That poor girl just experiencing trash behavior for being present.

  • Shaquoya G

    Your shirt 💞

  • Kali McElhannon

    This video was perfect honestly. Nail on the freaking head!!! Please explain to me how anyone can dislike this video or try to discredit/down play this issue or have an opinion against this video/issue??? Like I really want to know!?!? inserts will argue with anyone sign

  • Cassie Brown

    That Brian McKnight took me out 😂😂😂

  • lucero manjarrez

    Im mexican. I have thick, coarse, hair, curly nd got told by a white coworker that my natural hair looks like sex hair

  • Kiya Mota


  • WitsNSass

    Thank you Jackie for keeping it 100 in this vid. A lot of SM gangstas are just talking. I stan an influencer that has life experience in the "real world"

  • Andree Michaels

    Jackie Aina you talk so much sense girl.But my temper reaches boiling point so quick with foolish people and Yh I don't like the word nigga or bigger regardless of what race is using it I don't like it. Years and years ago when I was at school in the dictionary definition of nigger was oriental gentleman. Glad to see an upgrade in dictionaries now.

  • Anya Stump

    The thing that bothers me is when people touch without asking. I live in a small town that is FAR from diverse. So when I wear my hair natural, most people are surprised and curious because they never really see hair types like mine. So I don't mind wanting to touch it. BUT FUCKING ASK!! You don't just walk up to a stranger and touch them without their permission. It's just weird and uncomfortable.

  • E Quinn

    People who think racism isn't a problem in Australia.. excuse me have you heard of the uhhhh genocide and even though it hApPEnED iN ThE pAsT don't mean it's not still ingrained in our society : ) And that's just about our own Indigenous people, not even to mention the crazy blatant racism that is directed toward immigrants who are just trying to contribute to our country. It's not even microaggressions it's literally calling people racial slurs in the frickin street. Anyone who thinks racism isn't a huge problem in Australia must be completely oblivious to their surroundings and to the current state of politics here

  • Olivia Diann

    you look flawless.

  • chococat178

    YES! ALL👏🏾 OF 👏🏾 THIS👏🏾 I work in a corporate setting, and the passive aggressive sarcasm is very effective. I use it all the time😉

  • Surviving Adulthood

    In my adult life never cared to touch people’s who don’t look like me hair… like ever! 👀👀👀 Lol whats up with white ppl? Hair is hair! It comes in different textures 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Anna Paik

    I saw the vid…and I think people need to consider the context. I may be totally WRONG…but maybe the colleagues were close and they were just curious? Cuz…I'm Asian…and people touch my hair too WITHOUT asking…but it depends on the situation and WHO is doing it for me to get offended. If it's someone I know well….and they are clearly just curious or people who are admiring my hair…then I'm not offended at all. Personally, I don't understand why ANYONE would 'criticize' black women's hair…BUT there are stoopid people in the world who are less edumatcated… Anyway…I don't know the exact 'mood' of that office of that lady who got her hair touched…but she definitely doesn't deserve ANY negativity.

  • Lachy TV

    Transluc…… baby you are airbrushinnnngggg Fiyaaa

  • My Name Was Going To Be Autumn

    No body questions not touching people without their permission, but for some reason it's unreasonable to say don't touch people's hair without their permission.

  • Karen

    She said Martin Luther Keyboard Warrior I'M SCREAMING brooo

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