Why is Vitamin D an important part of allergy care?

When I was in medical school, we only
talked about vitamin D in relationship to bone strength. I think it was really
underappreciated for a long time how important vitamin D is for many cells of
the body, not just bone. We, over the years, had found that a lot of children with
bad eczema were severely vitamin D deficient. I think one of the issues is
if your skin is impaired, even with sunlight exposure you’re not able to
convert sunlight to vitamin D. This tends to be then a vicious cycle with the
the lower the vitamin D level is, the harder it is for the body to fight
inflammation. So finally, now that vitamin D played a role in things like eczema or
hives there has really been a change in our ability to treat those conditions. The
other thing that I think is really interesting is there are now three
studies looking at vitamin D improving the success of immunotherapy, including
peanut oral immunotherapy seems to be more effective if it’s given in
combination with vitamin D3. So over the years we’ve learned a lot
more and continue to use more vitamin D supplementation than we ever did in the



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