[Breaking away all the concerns of the entire nation: Counseling Center for Workout Noobs]
Today I feel like there is a need to go over the reason for training. Yesterday, when I asked “Why do you do cardio?” and the answer was “to burn body fat”. [Reason for exercising?]
It’s not wrong, but it’s missing the point. The reason why no effect shows even if you do an hour of cardio or treadmill is because you are going to lose body fat. The reason for cardio is not to lose body fat, but its ultimate goal is to enhance cardiovascular endurance. If you think when you do cardio, you’ll lose weight, it’s like thinking that you will get muscles only with weight lifting. [Will it be effective if you work out every day?]
The purpose of weight training is ultimately to enhance muscular strength and endurance and to enhance overall fitness, eventually to develop the body. But people think that the weight training itself is effective in some way. They think that weight training builds muscles and doing cardio burns the fat. But it doesn’t work that way. The purpose of weight training is to enhance muscular strength and endurance, and the purpose of cardio is to enhance cardiovascular endurance. [The purpose of workout – Enhance muscular strength and endurance through weight lifting, enhance cardiovascular endurance through cardio training, and these three changes in the body are the outcome of the training]
These three fitness enhancements develop our body. You should focus on experiencing the change of the body through enhanced fitness. But instead, people think that they’ll lose weight with cardio, and build muscles with lifting. This much understanding is actually inadequate. So what we need to know is that when you enhance three factors of fitness – muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance – their enhancements will bring about the development of your body, and this is what I’d like to tell you today.



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