When to take tryptophan on a ketogenic diet.

When to take tryptophan on a ketogenic diet.

Anonymous says when should tryptophan be taken
on a keto diet? Night, day, both? It doesn’t matter. So what I would do is when presumably you’re
doing this to try to increase tryptophan getting into the brain. So the most important thing is to take it
two or three hours away from other protein, and the second consideration is if you have
an allotment of carbs that is concentrated at one time of the day and it is not important
for you to consume those carbs along with the other protein then take the tryptophan
away from the protein and with the carbs, but if you don’t want to take carbs separate
from protein in that manner then just time it so it’s away from the protein.



  • Saudetraduzida

    Thanks straight to the point. Helps sleep so much

  • MrTherickz

    Can you take 500mg tryptophan together with 400mg l-phenylalanine in the morning (and some b vits)?

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