What’s in Vi-Shape Superfood Shake?

What’s in Vi-Shape Superfood Shake?

With your busy life, it can be hard to find
the time for a truly healthy meal. That’s why Vi created the Vi-Shape Superfood Shake, to give you a world of nutrition in a matter of minutes. But how much nutrition can really be in one shake? Well, starting with the Super 6 plant-based protein blend, you’ll get the same amount of protein found in a 3-ounce steak, with as much fiber as in 6 slices of whole wheat bread! But that’s just the beginning – It’s also
packed with 25 vitamins and minerals! It’s got the same Vitamin A as 3 cups of
asparagus, Vitamin B12 equal to a slice of cheddar cheese, the calcium of a cup of milk, Vitamin D of a cup of orange juice, Vitamin B6 equal to a cup of lima beans, the Vitamin
E of 2 cups of raspberries, and Vitamin C equal to 4 nectarines. But there’s even more – this shake provides
probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, all 9 essential amino acids, and heart-smart omegas with the same iron as 8 cups of kale, Thiamine equal to 2 cups of sunflower seeds, the same potassium as half a small banana, Riboflavin equal to 8 ounces of cottage cheese, the niacin of
2 cups of macadamia nuts, and the same amount of Folate found in a cup of pomegranate juice. It has the same phosphorus found in 3 ounces of yellowtail the magnesium of 6 ounces of
tuna, the zinc of a cup of shitake mushrooms, the same selenium as in a cup of refried beans, and manganese equal to a cup of baked sweet potatos. The Vi-shape Superfood shake is a complete
meal replacement that provides you with all of this nutrition, for less than the cost of a meal that is vegan, kosher, non-GMO, gluten and allergen free! The Vi-shape Superfood Shake provides so many high quality nutrients its no wonder that
its called: The Perfect Meal in Every Glass



  • Simplicity

    how is this in comparison to shakeology??

  • Davide Mulazzani


  • Gim Antonio Johannesson

    That is awesome! I really feel the difference after drinking this for almost 2 months, I've lost 7 kg and I have a lot of friends who lost the same and more.

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