What to Do When You See a Rat

What to Do When You See a Rat

There’s something in your house. You can hear it bumping around in the dead
of night, its claws clattering across the kitchen tiles. You know it’s there, but you never see it. All that changes one morning when you open
your cabinet and find a pair of beady black eyes staring back at you. It’s official, you have a rat. Even worse, it finished the Rice Krispies
without asking. And if it’s wearing a chef’s hat, then
you’re in a Pixar movie. Your first instinct might be to go after it
with a broom, or climb on top of the table screaming. While both might seem like appropriate reactions
at the time, neither is very helpful in getting your unwanted guest to leave the house permanently. So, what should you do after discovering a
furry intruder in your home? Well, a good first step might be to figure
out how and why they got in in the first place. For a rat, the act of getting inside is not
often difficult at all. You might have heard that mice and rats have
collapsible bones, or that, like a shark, their skeletons are mainly cartilage. As cool as that would be, it’s unfortunately
not true. A rodent’s bones are just as solid as any
other mammal, and they aren’t equipped with any secret joints that allow them to rearrange
their skeletons on the fly like fuzzy transformers. What they have instead is very narrow shoulders
relative to the size of their skull. Their collarbone is also quite small, proportionally
speaking, and fits behind their head completely. The old story that they can fit through any
hole large enough for their head isn’t entirely true, but not far from reality. Rats have been known to misjudge an opening
and wind up stuck in a too-narrow gap, but for the most part, they’re pretty good at
squeezing through tight spaces. The amount of space a rat needs will vary
from species to species, and even individual to individual. In general, any gap about the size of an inch
is enough for a rat to squeeze through. Mice, being much smaller, can fit through
a hole as narrow as a quarter of an inch. This natural talent comes from their status
as burrowing mammals. In the wilderness or your backyard, they’ll
typically dig about eighteen inches underground, but can go much deeper when trying to find
their way around obstacles. Their preference for concealed burrows translates
to their behavior when intruding on human nesting grounds. Brown rats in particular love nothing more
than finding a cozy spot in your walls to settle down. Once inside your house, rats also excel at
finding their way into places you wouldn’t expect. Their teeth are more than sharp enough to
nibble their way through your couch’s upholstery; and the inside of a sofa is an excellent place
for a rodent to hide and raise their young. So have fun sitting down for the rest of the
day. Have you ever been surprised by a rat in an
unexpected place? Let me know in the comments! Anyways, that explains how they get in, and
some of the places they can end up, but what draws furry critters into your domain to begin
with? Well, much like prospective homeowners at
an open house, nothing draws them in like leaving food out. Fruit, meat, grains; rats aren’t picky eaters
and will go after whatever they can get. Cleaning up your kitchen is the number one
method for preventing an infestation. It’s also important to properly secure the
lids to your garbage cans, a precaution that’s equally effective at dissuading raccoons and
other scavengers. A rat’s opportunistic nature doesn’t preclude
them from having preferences. Brown rats, also known as Norway rats, are
big fans of protein. This includes everything from nuts to meat
scraps and dog or cat food. Meanwhile, the smaller black rats prefer a
diet rich in vitamin C, and will eagerly go after fruit whenever the opportunity arises. For this reason, black rats are sometimes
referred to as fruit rats. A rat’s dietary preference also influences
their behavior in other ways. While both species are capable climbers, black
rats excel at scaling vertical surfaces. They often find their way into places like
attics and ducts, earning their second nickname, the roof rat. Brown rats prefer basements and the ground
floor of buildings. This is also the species you’ll see skulking
around dark places like sewers and subway tunnels. Their names are also a little misleading. Black rats can be brown and brown rats can
be black. Sort of like bears. For this reason, it’s more reliable to identify
rat species by size and behavior instead of color. Fully grown black rats tend to be around thirteen
to fourteen inches from their nose to the tip of their tail. The norway rat is substantially larger and
can grow up to twenty inches in length. That’s a big rat. They’re also not actually from Norway, which
I’m sure is excellent news for any Norwegians in the audience. Both species are believed to have originated
in the steppes of central Asia. From there, they spread like rats across the
world. While other species of rat exist, these “Old
World Rats,” as they’re known, have proved the most adaptable by far. When European explorers came to Australia
and the Americas, they brought their rats with them. Gee thanks. Brown rats now inhabit every continent except
Antarctica, making them one of the most widespread species on planet Earth. At this point, you might be asking, “This
is all very interesting, but how does it help me with getting the rat out of my house?” Well first off, you might want to amend that
to “rats,” as in several. That’s right, much like cockroaches, by
the time you see a rat, there’s a good chance you’ve already got an infestation on your
hands. Your first instinct might be to call an exterminator,
and that’s understandable. Rats and mice often carry diseases and parasites,
so you’ll want them gone as quickly as possible. They’re a common vector for fleas and ticks,
which can spread to you and your pets. A rat’s mouth is full of bacteria, which can
be spread through their bite. Their urine and feces aren’t exactly hygienic
either, and get everywhere. Rat poisons, also known as rodenticides, are
a popular choice and highly effective, but can have unintended side effects. Pets and young children have been known to
ingest rat poison by accident, often requiring hospitalization. With all that in mind, it’s understandable
that some people want nothing to do with rat poison. In that case, you could always go the old-fashioned
route. Traps! Just consider what bait to use. Peanut butter, fruit, vegetables, cereals,
and meat are all valid choices for drawing in rats. Remember, brown rats like protein, and black
rats love fruit. Snap traps offer a far more humane method
of rodent removal, instantaneously shuffling vermin off this mortal coil, while being far
less hazardous to children and pets. If that still makes you uncomfortable, there
are also less violent alternatives on the market. Just bear in mind that bringing rats in alive
presents its own set of problems. Letting them go outside is practically begging
the rat to come back in, and don’t think you can just carry them to the end of the block
either. Rats have an impressive sense of direction,
being able to find their way home from over a mile away, even without Google maps. As someone who gets lost whenever he tries
taking a shortcut to work, I’m impressed. Leaving rats in the woods isn’t really an
elegant solution either, since they’re liable to be eaten in minutes. The inside of a fox’s stomach definitely
counts as out of your hair, but kind of defeats the purpose of taking them alive. Either way, remember the old saying, an ounce
of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keeping rats out of your house saves you from
having to deal with them later. Do this, and you won’t have to worry about
any close encounters of the rodent kind. [singing: Du du du du duuu] Aw rats! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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