• Cynthia James

    Keep dropping the guidelines to push the poisonous drugs

  • Vincent Esposito, MS, DC

    I'm so happy that there are other health professionals out there promoting the benefits of nutrition when it comes to treat HBP. I think it is crazy how manipulation of the numbers is used as a way to promote drugs instead of being used a way to incentivise others to take their health into their own hands without the side effects. Thank you for putting this information together, as it is a powerful tool!

  • Don James Samy

    Learning alot from your video about health. Thank you 👍 definitely will watch your coming water only fasting 🤔

  • Catalina Navarro

    Excellent! <3

  • farorin

    Always quality info from Dr. G

  • Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel

    Whoever is reading this and you have been heart broken, betrayed, feel lost, lonely and confused. You can rise up again. Dont focus on your past. Focus on what's ahead of you

  • ononono

    Having low blood pressure is like being on standby most of the day. Aside from hydration and exercise, how can you increase your blood pressure a bit or just get the benefits associated with healthy BP?

  • Phat Vegan

    Thank you so very much!!!!!!

  • MrFrosty1967

    My BP tx regime: cardio 5x/week, weights 3x/week.

  • Luke Weaver

    Sadly, the fix might be the drug/food/chemical cartels put themselves out of business by killing all their customers. Unfortunately, most people don't care and will continue down the road to perdition like those before them… dragging their families down with them.

  • superbevy

    Thank you so much Dr. Greger. Simply the best doctor I have! My advise to others is to subscribe to and get whatever this doctor puts out in books.

  • Lucinda Stude

    Perfect timng. Started a water fast three days ago, in order to try try lower my blood pressure. It was getting into the 150-160 range/80-90, which scared the heck out of me, because I do not want to get a stroke!! It’s down to 131/70 so far, but want to get, and stay, lower. I will definitely try to keep my sodium intake low, based on your informative videos on sodium intake. I am looking forward to your next video on water fasting!

  • Molson Muscle

    It's been 120/80 in Canada for as long as I can remember.

  • Aidan Au

    Dr Greger really goes all in to put his face out there in videos. I appreciate you. Very interactive and personal

  • xxx xxx

    Dr. Greger, I am very angry at you for not making a single video on how Covid-19 began from consumption of animals and how it became a corona outbreak the world over ? Theres a severe request to make a series of videos on squashing these meat eaters who caused Corona virus since Wuhan is the largest slaughterhouse in Asia and my knowledge on a visit there tells me that nearly 90% of people who love there are complete meat eaters.
    They don't even eat vegetables there.
    I've been there and was shocked to see this that they're almost completely meat eaters, there's a video on YouTube which says why they have created corona virus.

    There's a video on YouTube by Vox with the term "why new diseases keep appearing in China"
    Please check that.

    This is the right time to put videos on Corona virus by a massive intellectual like you on why should we go vegan in this corona outbreak. Check that Vox video.

    It's the need of hour as everyone is going insane with finding info on Corona Virus.

  • Recharged Mind

    Bruh just get to the point smfh

  • JodyJohn123

    Corona Virus is a threat to people with heart disease

  • Steph B

    Here in the UK I think the goal is 120/70. At the moment, mine's about 100 /60 (pregnancy has made it lower than usual as it is usually 115/70) Xxxx

  • Simply Human

    Exponential increase in risk of death is ridiculous. Really? 1000 times increase? B.S.

  • jib the world

    I've seen the side effects of friends on bp drugs. They include things like weight gain, which is the opposite of what is needed.

  • Eelke Aptroot

    Thank heavens I already comply with most of those recommendations to lower BP, those seem a lot more sustainable long-term than water only fasting.

  • Natural Hulkster

    This was a great a video and I think it would have been even better if there were more forest plots.

  • Joseph1NJ

    Ah man, more fasting videos? I thought we were done with that. I know, I know, a popular subject today, but only for a very, very small minority of the population.

  • J D

    this have plants sprayed with pesticides cows ans chicken fed corn etc. and fish contaminated so why eat healthy if food is contaminated

  • Joanne Bouchard

    I just checked my blood pressure… 98/58. I'm going to live forever! lol

  • Healthy Minimalist

    So true… My dad was on HBP medication for years and had all kind of strange side effects (choughing all day and constantly cold hands). Now he's on a whole food plant-based diet and he doesn't need the medication anymore and all side effect are gone! The GP said it's just a coincidence, but we know better 😉

  • chris howard

    another excellent video Dr. G!

  • Soy pusher

    My blood pressure was a little on the high side but it lowered to optimal when I reduced the carbs and increased my meat intake

  • John Otvos

    In 2011 I dated a Chinese lady in China who had a BP level of 100/60. She was a lifelong vegetarian, only eating an egg or two/wk. No meat or dairy, save an ice cream cone because I asked for it…then. hahaha C'est tout!

  • George MacEachern

    I have a question. How come there is only 1 picture of heart disease being reversed. I’ve seen that same pic on fok and so many others use it as well. I would think news this good from that long ago. We should have more pictures of reversal.

  • Terry Magram

    I’ve been following a WFPB SOS free diet for more than 3 years, but cannot get my blood pressure down. I don’t want to take drugs. It seems like I’m the only one who this diet doesn’t work for. My cholesterol is high also. Take me at my word that I am completely compliant on this diet, I never eat out. I do cardio 3x a week. Gonna be 70 in a few months. Any suggestions, I’m very frustrated.

  • Blia 100

    Survival of the fittest, literally..

  • kvdhar

    Thank you Dr Greger for your videos. One of the videos on flaxseed to lower blood pressure really helped me from pre hipertensive to 110/65. Your videos are changing lives. Appreciate your efforts.

  • Mike Skylark

    Dr. Greger, you seriously gotta take your physical outlook at another check-up. You don't LOOK too healthy…

  • Shari T

    FANTASTIC info, thanks for doing the research and posting…looking forward to the rest on this topic!!

  • Mama Jama

    Huh? So, what is the meaning of the new guidelines? Lol 🤯

  • Kenny and Joann

    Indeed. Our greatest health risks are from poor diet and lifestyle choices. Thank you for spreading the word!

  • BeeBe C

    Blood pressure machines are rigged to make patients appear hypertensive. My doctor always tries to tell me I have high BP because the machine reads something like 130/90. When that happens, I ask them to take it a second time, manually.Taken manually, it’s always normal, about 110/70.

  • DJRexa

    2017 I started with a BP 190/110 on a pescatarian diet, after getting my Medication I switched to a vegetarian diet that got me down to 140/95. Mid-2019 I started with a vegan Diet and now 2 months ago, I got off my medication and my BP is 115/68. Around that time I lost over 100 pounds.


    ¡Very eager for your research and report on water only fasting. I fasted [for 58 days] on a water only fast in August 2007 and the benefits were so numerous; not the least of which was acute clarity.

  • Derrick

    Table Salt is bad for blood pressure, but Unrefined Sea Salt or Himalayan Salt actually lowers blood pressure. Those with Hypertension, a low salt diet is dangerous for health.

  • J. Ferebee

    Thank you for the video.

  • tom smith

    So what is the idle numbers

  • justgivemethetruth

    Face it, the US economy is everything to our government, and the US economy is based on killing people and destroying nature … oh, and programming people via the media to think it is natural, normal and even cool.

  • Michelle Chase

    Very interesting

  • Kirk Tremblay

    Dr Greger 💪🏼

  • Kirk Tremblay

    I have a serious hypotension problem. Please talk about my condition Dr Greger 🙏🏼

  • Alice Cooper

    I am on 2 heart meds. One for PVC, one for high blood pressure. My total cholesterol is 245, my LDL is151. I’ve been whole food plant based for 2 years! I make ALL my own food, I don’t eat any processed food, no nuts or oils, rarely an avocado. I’ve tried to taper off the high blood pressure meds only to have my blood pressure skyrocket out of control. I’m active, fit and ware a size 8! What’s up? Even though I believe this to be the best way to eat, I’ve eaten Whole Foods my adult life, in the eighties I was telling everyone I knew not to eat foods with hydrogenated vegetable oil!
    So, I believe it is not the total answer for every one! But it is the best plan of action for every one!

  • The Vegan Villainess

    Wow, 130/80! I'm sure lots of people are pissed, lol. It's easy as a vegan to keep it down. Mine is usually around 115/70 and 120/80 at the highest.

  • Carl P.

    Killer #2 is actually the pharmaceutical industry.

  • SimGamer

    After switching to whole foods plant based diet: My blood pressure went from 135/80 to 110/65 in 6 months, 105/65 in 9 months. Last two months average 102/62.

  • Fanny Bass

    You're funny Dr. Greger! ❤

  • Carneval

    Please check yourself into the nearest hospital. You do not look well, Dr.

  • Sexy Chickpea

    Water is great to bring PB down, you can lower it quite a bit just by drinking more of it. Walking for 30+ minutes is great too, and round it out with a WFPB diet. Pretty simple, actually

  • Paige Proffitt


  • busyrand

    I can attest to positive effect of Water Only Fasting for lowering blood pressure. I currently fast at least a day a week, and so do the healthiest people I know. I'm currently fasting right now. It's a great lifestyle decision if you've already taken other approaches and want something straight forward that works as long as you work it. Fasting has been a life-changer for me in the best ways imaginable.

  • will

    I'm doing all the right things in terms of exercise and diet. But the salt…I just can't quit salt. I've noticed it takes twice as long to finish a meal without any salt in it. It's a damn addiction I'm currently trying to break.

  • Janine Geauvreau

    I just can’t trust a dr with a belly preaching about nutrition.

  • bananas

    We don't live on a planet. Just take the t out, plane(t)

  • David Seemann

    I'm fine with the dietary and exercise recommendations, but the question I have is when is your blood pressure supposed to be 110/70? Didn't we evolve with the evolutionary adaptation of blood pressure variation or variability? Our blood pressure is not supposed to be static and it's not. What is the benefit of a higher blood pressure when you are loading and unloading bricks to build a patio behind your garage? When is it healthy for your systolic pressure to spike and when isn't it? So I guess I'm asking when is it a good thing for your BP to be high and when isn't it, or for long?

  • Alexis Dix

    I remember when my blood pressure was considered to be low now you say it's ideal with these new guidelines. What a surprise!

  • Alexis Dix

    I eat a fresh whole food diet. I shop at farmer's markets and Amish markets for fresh whole foods. I cook everything from scratch. No more processed foods.

  • spliter227

    Before going vegan my MD: "you're starting to develop high blood pressure"
    Me: What can I do?
    MD: Nothing it's hereditary

    After a year vegan MD: Wow your blood pressure is perfect! What are you doing?

  • Andy Negenman

    Great video thanks

  • Richard Fogaça

    "In Gregor we trust"

  • Michael Hudson

    🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 Thank YOU!!!!

  • Heidi Minett

    I'm seriously considering a water fast. I've been SOS free WFPB for 8 months and my BP hasn't improved by much. I'm still on some med for it… and thinking that maybe that's hindering my progress? Can't wait for the water fasting review! Also, do you have a recommendation of a facility that does monitored water fasts?

  • truefuschniken


  • amar gp

    Is Kiwi fruit helpful in increasing platelet counts in dengue patients?

  • Chris Hobson

    After going 99% plant-based for about two years my blood pressure dropped from a consistent 120/80 to 105/65 on my last dr visit.

  • Peter Rabitt

    Do a video about the hyping of the Covid-19.

  • Vegan Linked

    I recently found it interesting that hypertension is more of a risk factor for heart disease than cholesterol according to the Institute of Medicine referencing the World Health Organization 2017. Processed foods cured meats and salt are the main culprit. But salt that we add to our Whole Foods if we're only eating plant-based Whole Foods probably is not a big deal and actually may be beneficial for iodine sodium and chloride as long as we keep it around a quarter of a teaspoon a day. As soon as you go out to eat or start eating processed foods though you don't know what in the hell you're getting. If only I could find a way to make seaweed tasty that isn't going to have too much iodine, B12 analogues, or some sort of neurotoxins like beta methylamine alanine

  • Jor-El Irizarry

    It’s another scam. The “health” and pharmaceutical industries simply wants more clients. They don’t care if they bankrupt you or the country as long as they make more money.

  • Take Off Your Blinkers

    Maybe and associated, basically all I saw here.

  • Mikee the Virgo

    Please talk about 5g effects on human health.

  • michael onello

    Whole plant based foods on Instagram == mikewakethefoodup

  • jarrad2000

    I can't get lower than 125/80 with diet. Trying pretty hard. Should I take meds now?

  • halVes and Peaces

    i think i have genetic protection from high blood pressure but im not gonna push it! matter of fact last night i had a headache and felt all gross and pressurized, decided to check my blood pressure it certainly felt high i felt flushed! but it was 90/70 with 65bpm XD god damn gardein nuggets… my green smoothie and barley with tomato sauce certainly doesnt give me that feeling 🙄 im getting so sick of mock meats and cheeses i think nooch tastes better than the plant cheeses anyways. switched my son to a 100% peanuts peanut butter 2 days ago and hes already acting like he feels better.

  • Crystal L

    I have been on BP medication since my late 20s… I changed my lifestyle first toprol so was cut them I went to plain metoprolol twice daily both dosage changes was because of dizziness and light headed now I increased my raw foods a little more veggies no alcohol or caffeine my diet is predominantly healthy I still eat periodic fried foods and mock meat like 5 x's per week but no animal products at all and still I cannot get off my BP meds theres an improvement but not enough to stop taking my BP med I will get nauseous and headaches I dont know am o that 1% that has to stay away from all processed foods and no added salt or oil ever

  • Bryce Garling

    My mom is coming off drugs because of diet correction. Her doctor was surprised. He admitted they prescribe drugs because nobody actually follows through with diet.

  • Olivia Jamieson

    Dr. Greger, I love you and your message. But when I hear your voice, I instantly get nauseous. Let me explain. When I was in my first trimester in my pregnancy, I was always nauseous. I was also always listening to the How Not to Die audiobook on my way to work. I now associate your voice with nausea 🤣 I am sorry. I can’t help it.

  • Vienne Haake

    What new guidelines?

  • Vienne Haake

    Is this clickbate? There arent "new guidelines".

  • Ronnie Sheer

    Can we address the elephant in the room?
    A brief video on COVID-19?

  • StyleSensePlus

    The links don’t work, Dr. Greger. Please fix. Thank you.

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