What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner | John Meadows’ Dinner & Dessert

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat for Dinner | John Meadows’ Dinner & Dessert

all right hi everybody john meadows here
and today i want to show you how to make something really cool salmon patties so
i think you’re going to dig these you’re gonna get to use some canned salmon some
breadcrumbs a little egg we’re gonna make some really cool sandwiches if you
don’t like salmon just hang in there hang with me i think you are gonna like
these so we’re going to start off with our canned salmon here wild red sockeye
salmon I’ve already drained the liquid out so now we have the salmon in here
this is there’s seven servings in this and each serving has 13 grams of protein
and 7 grams of fat so you know I would call that more like three servings for
most of us here’s the salmon we’re going to put it in here okay there’s the egg I actually
didn’t get any shell in there which is good for me we’re gonna put half a cup
of breadcrumbs in here garlic and herb I’ll put that in there
now the fun part begins now it’s time to get your hands are dirty so we’re gonna
mix it all up and we’re gonna make patties I don’t know if I’m gonna make
three patties or four we’ll see so I found out this recipe from my wife who
used to make salmon burgers for me because it’s a good way to get a lot of
salmon down easily and it tastes good if you find that it’s too dry you can put
the salmon juice which we’d already drained that’s what this is right here
but this actually the texture looks pretty good so I’m just mixing it up I’m
getting the egg mixed up in it I’m mixing up the bread crumb there’s still
some bread crumbs on the bottom so but the texture actually looks pretty moist
see that so that’s pretty good so the interesting thing is back in the
80s and 90s we were taught that you didn’t spice anything you eat everything
plain that’s that meant you were hardcore and if you put spices in any
thing it meant you were soft you weren’t tough enough things changed obviously
for the better and we know now that things like salt are actually good for
you we know that herbs are actually good for you so there’s no reason why you
should be eating your food plain and bland like there’s literally no reason
for it so this is looking really good you know it’s looking now I think this
is actually going to be perfect all right so we’re gonna heat up the
skillet we’re going to use some coconut oil coconut oil is supposed to be a
superfood it is antiviral anti microbial so it’s um it does have some health
qualities to it as long as it’s not hydrogenated coconut oil is not stable
in really high heats contrary to what people think but we’re just doing a
medium heat for a short amount of time so I’m okay with that I don’t use a
whole lot I just put a little bit in here and then I just move it around that
looks like a pretty good sized burger I think we’re probably gonna get three
burgers here that’s a pretty thick burger so we’re gonna brown it and then
flip it over look at that that looks good okay I think they’re good to go
they’re nice and brown so I’m gonna turn it off
get our sourdough bread one burger yeah this only took about ten minutes if that
I don’t even think it took ten minutes all right
but now the taste test so hopefully it’s good this tastes so good even if you don’t
like fish these taste so good cooking doesn’t have to be that complex like I
can’t do fancy cooking I’m not even capable of it but this even
for me this is something that’s really simple and it’s highly nutritious now
this is probably all I’m going to have for our main course I don’t eat as much now
as I used to because now in my age I’m more interested in maintaining back in
my younger years if I was still trying to put on weight and some of you guys if
you’re still trying to put on some muscle I’d probably eat two of these burgers
and that’s going to load you up pretty good and again these are loaded with
Omega threes too which I’m a big fan of so a real high quality protein real high
quality fat all right taste test pretty good that’s pretty
good we you can get a ten-year-old to like salmon I think that’s pretty
impressive so for dessert because you have to have dessert a dinner we’re
gonna have sorbet black cherry sorbet this is my favorite flavor of sorbet
it’s basically just like a puree it’s like a fruit puree but it’s real light
digest real easy man I love this stuff it’s so good my goal is to only eat 1/4
of it but I may end up eating the whole thing if I do I’m probably have a
stomachache but this is dessert try black cherry sorbet all right so I hope you enjoyed that
very simple recipe just a couple ingredients salmon burgers healthy fats
healthy protein a good amount of carbs and we had a dessert for even more carbs
but again your food should taste great should never be bland and fish can
sometimes be hard to cook and may taste good too but so this is an easy way to
do it we did this in you know five to ten minutes instead of you know 20 to 40
minutes so giving this recipe a shot and as always make sure you subscribe



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