What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Errol Moore Shares His Meal 1

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Errol Moore Shares His Meal 1

so for breakfast I do 250 milligrams of
egg whites and then 2 whole eggs and then do 150 grams of cream of rice 30
grams of blueberries now I don’t use the liquid egg whites cause
once again because my trainer likes me to crack each egg and you know I
don’t really trust the carton egg whites as well so I just crack them I
know it’s a hassle but so cream of rice is 150 grams so try
to get right on the nail a little bit over if it was a pre-contest I’d definitely
would’ve turn that down but off season I’ll be a little lackadaisical with it then
30 grams of blueberries water in there throw it in the microwave food is actually a the driving
force behind it um you get enough nutrition you can also train longer keep
the muscles full recover better and mostly it’s just recover make sure you’re
feeding your body and make sure body doesn’t go into a catabolic state so I
know a lot of guys are starting to like do the intermittent fasting or keto I just
found out for me personally I guess after getting my blood work done my body
responds better to carbohydrates and a little bit of fat and higher amounts of
protein so I never really been a big fan of intermittent fasting I always
have a banana with it as well for breakfast and I do all my own cooking
like not fortunate enough to have someone cook my meals for me like I said I do have the megafit meals for when I forget things or I’m in a crunch but for the
most part I do everything myself and so just try to be as quick as possible
I got into bodybuilding cuz I heard that’ll give you like a discipline lifestyle so
I did my first show and kind of fell in love with it no it’s something I do cause I enjoy you know I try to I try to stop it before
guess I’m addicted to it right but I try to stop it before and trying to be guess
normal and just wasn’t happy so I guess it’s like for me it’s more of a
lifestyle the training and feeding and obviously uh training with Charles and
there’s a lot of good people in the industry and then working in the finish industry as
well so I guess it’s just it was part of my life so this right here is my breakfast
like I said it’s not really gourmet but it’s probably better than Denny’s



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