What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Antoine Vaillant’s Morning Meal

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat For Breakfast | Antoine Vaillant’s Morning Meal

all right Muscle &Strength this if Antoine Vaillant IFBB Pro and this is what a bodybuilder eats for breakfast so breakfast is gonna be two eggs fish
oil teaspoon quarter of uh third of a cup of berries this is our go-to for mustard president
choice sweet and heat it’s really good and
we’re sponsored by this here in Burlington all the bodybuilders are not really but
if you have a store that has a president choice you should try to find it so
maybe take a screenshot of this right now screenshot I take this what I do right
I just mix it up like that and then see that so offseason I cook with this my eggs
will be in butter oh whoa I almost missed that one was too confident there saved so there you go that’s breakfast see
that a nice way to start your day so that was my breakfast thanks for
watching and please subscribe to the Muscle & Strength Channel



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  • Emmet Ray


  • Emmet Ray

    First comment



  • Emmet Ray

    First comment

  • Donold Trump

    I think this fella has a speech impediment

  • นาย มน

    Notification are badass actually i got first comment 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Zaid Alhajiri

    First/watching this in class

  • Áron Tápai

    Can you guys do a video with Big Ramy? That would be awesome!

  • Shingo Ishigure

    I always think pro bodybulder cook well than normal people

  • gaessiba

    Why did you upload a same video? I'm pretty sure that I saw this video last year.

  • Mithun Kartha

    I like this guy, more of him pls!

  • AD Arpan

    Sir is whey protein powder necessary my parents don't allow it may we full fill our protein with food??

  • Ajitha Unni

    I like this guy such a great man😅😅😅

  • GStar

    This guy is comedy.. isn't he?😂

  • Nicholas Kim


  • Ask Dr. Swole

    Love the meal prep breakfast concept!

  • Rebwar Soløsten

    Was totally expecting "fucking stalkers, why are you guys watching me eat again?"
    And then a clip of him watching Fouad Abiad

  • Tim Drake

    So you're saying no pizza with a coke jk

  • Timber Wolf

    So he's the ketchup and egg type of guy… I dig it. Texas Pete is basically my main squeeze.

  • Azizur Rahman

    Feel like I'm having dejavu I'm sure I've seen this episode🤔🙄 well ill watch again 😊😂

  • Freedom Ring

    This guy is hilarious … the witty comments make it more personal. Not going to lie though. Watching him down the oil straight made me wince a little. It tastes nasty straight.

  • Rooster Mitch

    I see antoine and muscle and strength and i click faster🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  • Brother GG

    I think you guys should do a video on how to easily meal prep

  • T.M. Samuels

    Antoine got me on the PC mustards lol it definitely helps

  • Chhotu Patil

    Thanks sir I like your bulking meal plan

  • Martin Montes


  • KING VEGETA- the Destroyer of Worlds

    This guy is hilarious. It's like Chandler meets Joey. LMAO. 🤙awesome content M&S. Fu*k yeah.

  • RJ Abundo

    Good thing he doesn't cook with pam, I also make my eggs with butter or margarine

  • Roman Kagan

    Know exactly what each and every bodybuilder eats for breakfast, still click the video and watch till the end

  • Emanuele Ninotti

    What a waste of life

  • Muthu Kannan

    that egg flip was Amazing!!!! 🤗🤗

  • Myles Jones

    This must be old because hes in prep right now. No butter for him right now

  • Simriths Shankar

    I eat rarely eat 2 meals a day.When ever I eat 2 meals one meals entirely consists of fruits.

  • Ankit Mishra

    Love u guys 🤘

  • Simriths Shankar

    I drink a lot of green tea.3 glasses a day sometimes even 4.

  • Carl Brutananadilewski

    I'll stick with my Hot Pockets for breakfast! 🥖🏋️‍♂️

  • tallinnaa A

    Favorite pro bodybuilder by far👍🏼it's always easy to watch his videos till the end! He has an incredible sense of humor and a unique charisma! Plus, the guy knows how to flip eggs🍳😎 and he doesn't blend his salmon and rice😅😆 I subscribed to your channel because of AV so hopefully he will be featured on regular basis!

  • Kaloqn Evgeniev

    I'm cookin my eggs exact the same way !

  • Alexander Wilde

    I thought they eat spinach????

  • professionnel name

    Antoine is such a cool and chill guy always enjoy watching him

  • John Reynolds

    Do more with Antoine!!

  • 4amWorkoutClub

    My breakfast is usually between 1800-2400 calories. Currently on a 4,000+ Calorie diet. Sometimes only two meals a day. Two high calorie meals. Whatever works for you.

  • Tom

    I eat the same shit for breakfast except I use ham instead of chicken and add a bit of avocado oh and Sriracha instead of ketchup

  • duaneyoutbe

    How pro bodybuilders ruin their health. They eat like this while they have their youth,

    but then their health goes for the worse after their thirties, forties, and fifties.

  • Javier Castillo

    Bet he was watching other bodybuilders eating.


    Can we expect to see what gym bros eat for breakfast?

  • John Smith

    Would be nice to have a full ingredient list in the description. Clarification would be nice.

  • J Narage

    A perfect candidate for the 20k challenge 😏

  • Smoovy _

    Before watching, Lemme guess oats and eggs??


    chicken and rice

  • Dmitri Gutorin

    Poor guy, he's got same meal for the whole day. You guys could've brought him some real food for shooting.

  • Arm Day Every Day

    Nah that's Polnareff

  • Pete Bellantoni

    Glad you are enjoying Tennessee Homie!

  • Tariq Ahmad

    Ate chicken, rice, and eggs for my first meal recently. Can confirm it's amazing.

    Good stuff as always, M&S! Keep up the great work!

  • Samurai H

    Antoine does have some serious skills flipping the eggs 😂😂😂

  • YuGo

    We all were disappointed when he said "Little bit of butter" and indeed used only a little bit 🙁

  • Toytoy Harbajan

    breakfast is easy…what do they eat for dinner though?

  • Nature Boy

    Likely more sugar than protein here….

  • I Tee

    Antoine eats like a straight up caveman….it’s awesome. I changed the way I eat eggs over easy because of him. Just suck em down.

  • IamKrishna

    Oat meal is not his breakfast ? This guy is rice Addicted, Rice with chicken !

  • O 2

    This is my 1 week meals

  • Zoopy2010

    yeeeeeeee more Antoine!!!!

  • Bored

    make another chris bumstead

  • Madhuresh Pratap

    No breakfast without eggs🙂

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