What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Steve Laureus

What Pro Bodybuilders Eat at Restaurants w/ Steve Laureus

what’s up muscle & strength this is Steve
Laureus classic physique Pro I’m at hummus Mediterranean this is my favorite
spot to eat I’m going to show you what a classic pro bodybuilder eat at a
restaurant when you are actually a competitor it’s very very hard for you
to find a place to you know fit your diet and basically the meals have too
much seasoning so it’s quite difficult so this place normally is very simple
you know they actually make my meals exactly how I want them and even if I
just walked in here I just want to get something the chicken is pretty simple
there’s no complicated seasoning on the meat so I can eat this all day actually
on a diet I use this prep this company for my Arnold prep and also my Olympia
last year all right so I’m gonna get a bowl of rice regular white rice no pita
bread my protein would be a gyro chicken this is about 7-8 ounces of chicken and
about 200-250 grams of rice I’ll get just the shredded onions here
yeah not a lot that’s enough perfect and also I would get it with spinach that’s
it perfect and then I’ll just get a little bit of eggplant which is my
favorite thing here yes and lastly just a little bit of hummus
when I was actually three weeks out for the Arnold the gyro chicken is one of
the main thing I actually used I believe it’s extremely extremely lean so eating
the gyro chicken just for a couple of days we can see the difference on my
physique you know I just look drier I’ll just look awesome red meat is not a huge
factor in my diet so finding a place that actually can cook your meals
very clean fresh is very very difficult so every day it’s fresh food
and you know Tony takes his time to really make the chicken very very neat
very not a lot of marinade not a lot of seasoning so the gyro chicken is
basically 24 hour process there’s no fat in it whatsoever it’s one of my favorite
chicken here to get so normally when I’m getting food here I always go with the
jasmine rice because base on my culture too we always see jasmine rice what you
eat is what you look like so basically working with a food sponsor is a huge
deal to have that you know under your belt as a competitor you don’t have a
food sponsor it’s a lot of work cooking your meals at home trying to weigh your
meals at home preparing the meals you know you know it can take a lot of your time
very stressful too so me as the way my life is and the lifestyle I’m always on
the go so just to have Tony giving me meals twice a week you know tons of food
everything that actually neil hill prepare on the diet I get here and then
without missing a thing sometimes they even measure my meals for me and ship it
over when I actually go away which is another good thing it saves me a lot of
time to focus on my prep you know especially when you a couple weeks
out guys it’s it’s it’s a mayhem you know trying to find a way to find a
hotel to find the right location to get food all right so this is a bai coconut juice
for hydration I like the taste of it there’s not much calories in it so I
normally have this with my post-workout all right guys just finished wrapping up
my post-workout meal this is what classic physique bodybuilders eat at
restaurants don’t forget to subscribe below thank you so much



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