What it Takes to be a Pro Bodybuilder | Return of the King Snake | Ep 1

What it Takes to be a Pro Bodybuilder | Return of the King Snake | Ep 1

at first I was a little bit nervous I
didn’t know how my body was gonna react I had to put a positive mindset in and
by doing that it takes away that doubt you don’t use shoes when you do cardio?
no no no shoes 25 minutes I know a lot of people will be I hate you for
that but between my training and the way nutritionally we play like a real that’s
a fine line on my calories where you know I don’t overeat to where I have to
do a ton of cardio to try to compensate for the more calories so that’s one
thing George does is feed me enough to keep me full keep my energy up to the
workouts but not over feed me where I have to do two hours of cardio know why I like being barefoot I’m not the kind
of guy that walks everywhere barefoot but when I’m home I
walk outside you know be in the house barefoot and I’ve kind of got that
plantar fascitis were my arch of my foot gets inflamed and it’s actually
very painful to do cardio and walk and do stuff like
that so doing it without shoes I have no pain and I’m in my own house so I can do
that and I keep my stuff clean so it’s not like there’s a bunch of people sweat
all over it and it’s dirty so you know I get up playing sports I grew up playing hockey
football when I went into high school I got in my football coach at the time had
a great you know there’s a new coach into the school and they had a whole new
program a weightlifting program and I got into that and I was like man this is
it became an addiction started in the offseason with Gina
Davis and we kind of put together a plan she put me through some different
training styles through the offseason to kind of conditioned my body as we let in
to prep all right so each set I do five sets per exercise and I’ll be doing ten
seconds rest between each set so it’s very fast-paced and the only way to
really know is I keep time on my phone open up my timer hit start and then when
I’m done with a set I just add 10 seconds to know hey 10 seconds he’s
about three or four breaths and then it’s time to rock and roll ego check Oh my base was really built on heavy lifts
it was kind of like power building if you want to call it that where I did a
lot of core type movements where it was like deadlifts squat you know heavy
heavy pressing stuff and that’s kind of where I’d built my core off of and then
you know through the years what I’ve noticed really helped change my body was
a lot of the volume training and you know I did that through with hawney and
experimenting things with myself and different training programs that kind of
created was all volume based and I noticed you know if you could chase that
pump what everybody talks about but it’s getting the pump getting as much blood
nutrients in the muscle and then feeding it with the proper nutrition and proper
supplements all those things work together after you train before the
prep from what I’m seeing from what I’ve done before is that it’s really kind of
conditioning me on top of what the diet and the cardio that I’m currently doing
it’s not just like I got to do more cardio to get into shape and I’m not
relying on cardio to get into shape it’s a combo of all three that’s really
working same weight same weight I’m lifting at about
85% of what I could do if I took 3/4 minute rest periods between sets and
one of my goals this year is really just to bring a condition in to another level
and see a different mature look on my muscle and I think the way we’re
training right now is really tapping into some muscle fibers and changing the
shape of my muscle as I’m coming down for the show and that’s something I’m
seeing and that the training style I believe is what’s helping you know that’s it that’s almost a 5 min set shit



  • Audi Frasier

    Good video

  • Jeff Wingham

    Train, eat and loads of illegal drugs.

  • EKO

    10000 kcal a day.. 10000 mg Roids a week.. a lot of Insulin and HGH.. and a little bit Training.. Also much sleep.. Thats it..

  • Kavus Schmidt

    This guy looks good, healthy not bald and full of acne like other Pro bodybuilders.

  • Sizzlassi

    Every1 talks about training and nutrition but are too scared to talk about gear! you have you kids thinking oo he’s big I must have to eat lots of chicken and broccoli, or worse, do gear, but be so ill informed because none of the top body builders talk about it or educate the young that they will go wrong

  • Eric Y.

    It takes steroids too, why didnt you show that part?

  • Joseph Pascal Le Blanc

    Lots of steroids and other drugs.

  • Colt Day

    I'm so pumped for this!!!

  • teddy81

    What it takes? Clearly a lot of steroids boy

  • Kristoffer

    It takes steroids

  • KFC Manager


  • Unknown

    Steroids. (If you want fast answer)

  • Good Times

    Answer: a mental disorder.

  • Anik Rajah

    And all the proper steroids

  • ThaPABproductions


  • lemfest

    If you don't like steroids users, than watch something else. Watch things you like, you'll find it more fun

  • Tyler Perry

    Im going to click on bodybuilding videos and type Steroids because if you scroll down, it is the thing to do! Idiots


    Is this some kinda trick question?? Answer: Yeah it takes roids ya ya ya we all KNOW!! Big deal! I win?

  • Mirko Milojkovic

    Drugs,money,food,hard work,genes not in that order

  • Ben Severance

    All of you taking about steroids need to shut the fuck up. You can’t be a pro bodybuilder and be natural. Steroids don’t do shit unless you put in the work and eat like a gorilla. You can’t get ripped or huge on steroids if you don’t workout hardcore and eat properly.

  • Farhad Afridi

    It's the will not the roids haters , I have seen people take roids nd still don't put in the work still don't train with intensity. If you are not doing it then watch nd enjoy don't leave negative coments.

  • Seth Rosen

    I certainly don't have an issue with steroids, but this video is highly mis-leading if you think you can be a pro bodybuilder without steroids. This is the kind of shit that gives young kids the wrong idea. Hey M&S, if you are going to do a video about what it takes to be a pro bodybuilder, you need to address the issue of steroids.

  • Don Gregers

    Big guns indeed – but am i the only one who notice the bump on the stomach?

  • therealdahyun

    song name?

  • Mark Masters

    Huge cows

  • Susan Devaney

    Too small , you need to be bigger to compete

  • Pyro Shaq

    Low key remained me of rich pina’s mutant days

  • Kraft Punk

    I love his shirt! #MAGA

  • Kris pea bacon

    Here is my path to been a pro
    400 mg test a week then change to prop
    300 mg eq a week
    300 tren a / week
    1/2 cc sus daily
    1/2 adex 3days a week
    1 proviron before bed
    1 andadrol daily 50 mg
    4,000 calorie diet
    30 mins cardio in morning

  • Love Myself

    so what if he takes on steroids? The question is can you outwork him? He's ready to put in the work whether he takes steroids or not. You don't get big just taking on steroids. Hard work and determination do.

  • Teen Aesthetics

    I want to see this man be a lineman

  • landmine lieutenant

    Great video as always man ✊

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  • JohnDoe

    Tuna fush preferably canned
    All you need amirightbaby

  • steve ewer

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    .eating 6 timesper day ..vitamins mineral s ..sports supplements…dedication …8. Hourssleep per day . Easy suplly of drugs from.your dealer

  • Eric Sanchez

    A lot of Clowns on here talking bout steroids dont even have a clue about what it takes to get to That level. Can take all the gear you can buy but if you ain't bout shit and ignorant about what it takes you still ain't gonna look like anything

  • Yonis Harrier

    0:44 That suppose to be Arnold?

  • David Reister

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  • J'Sariya Lang

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  • J J

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