What is Whey Protein? (Protein Shake)

What is Whey Protein? (Protein Shake)

As you look through your social media, you’ll
typically see your “fit” friends posting their self-indulging pictures of their workouts,
their progress, and of course, the supposed healthy food they eat. And undoubtedly, you’ll bump into the occasional
post of the awesome protein shake they took right before they hit the gym. And by far the most popular protein shake
comes in the form of Whey protein. So, what exactly is whey and how can it help
you with your fitness gains? Whey is a source of protein naturally found
in milk. When mixed with rennant, a complex mix of
coagulant enzymes, milk curdles and separates into different constituents. One is the aforementioned whey, currently
in its liquid form and the leftover curds are used to make cheese and also whey’s
not-as-popular little brother known as casein. The liquid whey is then pasteurized and dried
out to create the familiar powdery product we find in store shelves. So, what’s in this whey that makes it so
special? The obvious stuff is the protein, and whey
has quite a diverse amino acid profile. It contains amino acids such as the common
glutamine, the dopamine aide tyrosine, nitric oxide booster arginine, and others such as
lysine, glycine, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid. But in terms of building muscle, whey also
contains the ever-crucial branch-chained amino acids. As we know now, the presence of BCAAs, especially
leucine, in our body paired with resistance training, immensely improves muscle protein
synthesis. And with about 3 grams of leucine per serving,
whey protein most definitely can improve your gains at the gym. And the awesome thing about whey amino acids
is that they form larger peptides and proteins that serve more health benefits. Perhaps the most beneficial for adults are
the immunoglobulin and lactoferrin proteins, which can aid your immune system, as well
as having anti-cancer and anti-aging effects. Whey protein is not exactly 100% all protein. Being a dairy source, it naturally contains
some fat and the sugar lactose. As with any dairy product, this can problematic
for those that are lactose intolerant. Fortunately, there are different options. Without getting too detailed on the different
types of whey processing methods, just understand that each process has the goal of isolating
the protein in whey from the lactose, carbs and fats as much as possible. Problem is, some of the more intense separation
methods, such as whey ion exchange and whey hydrolysate, tend to “denature” the proteins,
losing the added health benefits for the sake of having more protein per gram and making
the protein quicker to digest. Whether you consider having more protein or
having added health benefits more important is your choice. But the most common whey proteins found in
stores are whey concentrate and whey isolate. And if your main goal is gainz, these are
some top-notch options. For those that are not lactose-tolerant, whey
concentrate has up to 80% protein and the lactose can serve as a glucose source, powering
your anaerobic energy system, thus, powering your lifts. For people looking for mainly protein or are
lactose-intolerant, whey isolate clocks in at above 90% protein with limited denaturation,
and little to no lactose. Also, keep in mind that most of these whey
protein shakes will have added flavoring, adding more sugar to its contents. But now, you’re probably wondering, “Do
you actually need whey protein in the first place?” The answer… again… as always, is “it
depends.” As great as whey protein can be, the protein
in it can also be found in real food. Your consideration largely depends on the
amount of protein you’re already consuming. If you’re already cranking down a solid
amount of protein, such as .8 to 1.5 grams per kilogram of bodyweight, then adding extra
whey isn’t going to make a huge difference. Now, if you’re trying to lose body fat and
preserve lean mass at the same time, whey supplements might help you meet your protein
goals without the additional calories as well as helping you feel more full throughout your
day. For every other goal, it should be considered
as a matter of convenience. Sometimes reaching your daily protein intake
with food can be understandably difficult. Chugging down a whey protein shake can be
easier than chomping down two pieces of chicken breast. Ultimately, you should think of whey protein,
or any other protein supplement for that matter, the same way you think of the protein you
eat. They are essentially the same. With that being said, if you feel like your
gains have been better with drinking a protein shake, then continue to do so. If you don’t think it will help you, simply
don’t take it. The choice is up to you. Go ahead and share your own thoughts of whey
protein in the comments. Like and share the video if you enjoyed it
and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching!



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