What is Supplemental Security Income? Disability & SSI – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton

What is Supplemental Security Income? Disability & SSI – Mental Health Help with Kati Morton



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    Very informative!

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    Thank you for this and the many other videos you make for us Katie. And btw, your hair and skin looks particularly great today!

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    Katie can I just say you are absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    Love your videos. peace.

  • Mallory

    Ironic that this video happened today, I just got my denial letter for this yesterday. I still recommend applying to anyone who feels like they need it. There is an appeal process if you don't get accepted the first time.

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  • Stephanie Clayton

    I'm on SSI. Took so long for me to get it, it was a rough road. I've been on Medicare for a while too. I was very fortunate my Mom and Step mom plus the lawyer did most of the leg work. My Mind just can handle and comprehend things that are so big such as that.

  • Louisyed

    God I'm so lucky to live in the UK

  • Jennifer Clements

    Thanks for this video! I have a bad month or three maybe once a year. I had considered looking into very short-term disability but now after hearing these details it helps me realize this program wouldn't be a good fit for me. Thanks for saving me the hassle!

  • triforce bunny

    Thank you, Kati, for being so nonjudgmental and supportive! I've known people who were struggling to get on SSI, and sometimes other people would say really mean things to them!

  • Ness

    I've been on SSI for a few years now. I haven't ever been able to keep a job. I've tried over the past few years.. who knows how many places. I desperately WANT a job I can do because what I get in SSI is not a livable wage in my area. I only make around $700 a month. Average rent here is $600-$1000 a month. I found the one place that I can afford but it has no AC, no insulation (so I freeze in the winter), most of the windows are out and + more. The landlord takes weeks/months to respond to come fix anything. My stove is still broke, my toilet is still broke, wasps nests in the ground so if you mow there's a huge risk of getting drilled. Luckily I'm on food stamps. I can't go to college, I can't get a job, I can't even find help here because the last therapist that was in this small town just left and I can't drive out of town due to my illness. Look up in the dictionary: Stuck, and you'll see a picture of me. :))

  • Marjorie-anne Gardiner

    There are a few things in the UK principally ESA (Employment and support allowance) and PIP (Personal independance payment). There are 2 different rates for each with PIP having both a daily living and mobility component. When you do feel ready to go back to work, or if you are struggling to keep your job there is "access to work" funding which can pay for adaptations or even support in the workplace. This also exists for students and is called "access to learning". PIP is available weather you are working or not and is not means tested, no matter your circumstances you can claim, as the name suggests it is there to encorage independance despite disability. Both ESA and PIP require an interview/medical which can be a long wait, ESA will pay a reduced rate in the meantime (with no back pay to full rate) and PIP will make you wait, but will back pay. Once the application has been accepted its best to call (or have someone else call) the local centre that provides the inteview/medical and ask for a cancellation or earlier appointment. Remember these application are based on WORST day answers so TELL THE TRUTH. I was lucky enough to be awared both, i don't know how i would still be living without them. If I can help anymore let me know.

  • Kadie Ozelski

    The best way to get SSI is to go to the office with a lot of documentation from your providers. Notes from doctors and therapist's are good as well. I went in really prepared. Filled out the paperwork and got my stipend within a month. Just be organized! It was really easy for me. I didn't need a lawyer. When Jayden talks about medicare he is right. Medicare covers very little with mental health. Best of luck to people applying! I'm here if you have any questions.

  • Jessica Nims

    I like to say this video could be better.

    there are a few errors in facts that the person stated

    1) is back pay now is only 6months
    not the entire time you try to apply.
    this used to be the case, now isn't.

    2) you don't need a lawyer ( for most cases) if you go through dhsh or something similar they have you meet with a state examiner who test you and such.

    3) there are many types of disability ( ssi, SSA.. ext.)

    4) I've been on ssa for 8 years, I am still on medicaid. this person mentioned you will be switched to medicare however this is not true. it is a state by state thing.

    here is some more information about ss

    you can be denied more than 2 times it is very common.
    if you become imployed at anytime you MUST REPORT IT, if not they will garnish your check.
    that is the same too if you aren't paying a certain amount in rent or rent at all.

    if you are hospitalized for more than 30 days, and don't report it to ss you will not receive checks due to over pay.
    UNLESS YOU report to them you are there and need to still pay rent and such.. they do let that happen.

    you must report within 10 days when you move.

    also depending on your location in the states you may have to pay for Rx some you do and don't.

    if you or someone wants more information I would suggest contacting ss.

  • Carloswithac

    About 75% of SSI applicants are denied the first time they apply.

  • L. John

    Thank you Jayden!

    I applied for disability like 4-5 months ago and have heard NOTHING. When I called the other day I was transferred to the national site and they said my local office has tried to contact me but they haven't been able to…and that's a bunch of BS unless they dialed my number wrong because I have gotten NO calls or even vociemails from missed calls. It is very frustrating.

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    Uiiiiii Kati, I love your hairstyle and your make up in this video. They look not only pretty but they also shine brightly. Super dooper 🙂

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    This is a great idea. I'll have to do a video on SSI/SSDI.

  • Heidi Hosinger

    Hey Kati! I have a question hopefully you can answer in a video of you see it. How do I get over the setback of not wanting to get better but knowing I have to for my religious beliefs and my friends and family? I'm on medication and see a therapist but I still am fighting myself from getting better. What do I do?

  • Arc

    Kati!! Guess what! I am so happy!!! I talked to my therapist and completely opened up about my alters and she has diagnosed me with DID and we are working to bring order to my system! Yay!! But she says we have to integrate and we don't want to integrate. Can we get better without integrating?

  • Christina B.

    That's a guy I do like. He gave work an HONEST TRY. And the job still didn't work out. Then ask for government help.

  • Christina B.

    I have to ask this: how to make your boss, your workmates aware of you?

  • spottylill

    In Australia we have a service called 'Centrelink' which provides a wide range of things eg disability allowance, looking for work income, family assistant benefits etc.
    it's a great system really compared to the rest of the world but quite annoying in terms of getting the paperwork right and getting help. Bit of trial and error until it's all done right.
    A new service we have is called National Disabilty Insurance Scheme which I'm not so sure about but I hear are quite good to contact for information.

    We have Medicare which is a system of free health care based on needs that's funded through taxes. Mental health services are not great in the public system and wait times are huge. If you need inpatient care though, it's free of charge in a public hospital.
    If you have private health insurance, you can get assistance in a private facility usually with a few extra costs depending on your level of cover. You can see a psychologist privately and pay then get Medicare rebate around 60%

  • Chelsey Roy

    I had a question. Is it possible to have an eating disorder even if you're not underweight? My councellor and I think I might have one, but I am not underweight.

  • Eleven Good

    Getting on SSI is not easy! I tried four times and was refused each time.

  • Madness Starving Hysterical

    what's that kids channel

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    Can you talk about SMI?

  • Johnmoore

    Hey Kati! I recently started watching your channel… I really enjoy you're videos talking about depression… They help me in a way… I have a question: If I am depressed, but it's a more powerful feeling when I go a while without talking to someone that supports me, is this normal? Thanks☺️

  • Lexie Grey

    this was really interesting, I didn't really know much about it either… a question that comes to mind is, does it matter your diagnosis when you apply? this was interesting and informational. great job Jayden and Kati!!

  • Hannah Haberl

    QUESTION- Hey, my name is Hannah and I'm 17. I do not get along with my mom and stepdad. They really try there hardest to help me with my severe depression, but they help me in the wrong way. I've tried many family therapies with no help from them. It actually tended to make it worse and my parents would be silent the rest of the day and ignore my presence. I know for sure they are trying, honestly, I do know they are trying. This summer, however, my medication has stopped helping my depression and I became very suicidal but never hurt myself because I understand first hand on how much I'd hurt my family. (My dad committed suicide in 2012). I've been able to keep distracted with Netflix and other coping skills this summer knowing it will get better. I've been put on a higher dosage of medications and a different cocktail of medications along with the increase. My anxiety is pretty difficult to handle now as I can't stay still and I NEED to pick at my fingers when I'm not doing anything. School is coming up and I know all these things I'm struggling with now will worsen once I have more stress from school. My great counselor and I have been talking about going into PMIC or inpatient for a few+ months. I want to get better. It's just going to be really hard if I'm here at home. Now, what I have to write down to discuss this option with my parents, how will this change me for when I come back home? Like, what will be different? I already know 'coping skills'. I've been working on those for over two years. My assignment is to figure out what would I be taught differently to better live here at home. How will leaving off to inpatient or PMIC (in Iowa) result in me being better off. You know what I mean? How would I become different than I am now?..  This has become a long post lol sorry.. Just thought you'd be a great person to ask:), Thanks! -Hannah

  • Ellie May

    Hey kati, I love all of your videos but I have a question (not sure if you'll see it here but hey) I feel like I am relapsing into my eating disorder, and I'm really unsure how I feel about it, mostly happy in a way, what should I do?

  • Dennis Davison

    I work for Social Security and take claims, personal experience is that about 40% of the claims are APPROVED in the first claim. I find a lot of disinformation about claims ALWAYS being denied the first time.

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    Love love LOVE the hairdo!!! Very flattering

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    SSI is kind of a bitch to get sometimes…

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    I love your hair Kati

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    Does anyone know if there's anything similar in Canada?

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    When can I ask a question For you? I can't use Twitter… What can I do to ask? How do I? Thanks!

  • Jake's Journey

    In ontario canada, if you need disability you can apply online. It's called ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) You need a doctor to fill out a portion of the application. If you are on Ontario Works (welfare) you have to go through your case manager.

  • Michelle Mortensen

    In Denmark its called 'revalidering'. (You can also get something else, but i forgot the name)You can get it scandinavian countries as far as i know, but i would recommend to have a contaktperson or therapist by your side, becuause they can help you applying and write a great application. In Denmark you have to have a diagnosis before you can get financial support, but you can also get it if you are connected to a psykiatric center and dont have a diagnosis. – I know i speak from a very blessed perspective, becuase i live in Denmark, that is a wealthy country,(It does not take a couple of years to get the check here) but i would definately recommend trying applying where ever you are! Mental illness is the same, and ofcourse people in Denmark are very fortunate to have financial support in different situations (people studying get 5.500 dkkr. from the government to study free). But i think as Jayden says: just go for it, and write WHY you find it stressfull to work and so on… And also write that you WANT TO work again after your mental illness is more in balance, but for now its best for you if you can work on recovery and prevent relapse… writing like that the government knows that you are able to maybe pay back the money when you are in mental stabile state and can work again.

    I hop someone out there can use this – i know its hard with a different govornment system where it maybe takes a little longer time, but it is worth it if you try – its better than going for years and being in the same, or fall in a worse mental state.. just make sure you argument for your situatuion.

    Thank you for your amazing videos Kati – i have been following you for a long time, and will also start donating. <3 Love from Denmark

  • Fiddy837

    I've just applied for employment and support allowance in the UK. I don't have much hope for it as they tend to put people in a work related activity group where you have to attend courses and interviews. Not really what you need when you're trying to recover.

  • Amy Gittins

    Hi Kati I have a question: why don't I want to get better and how do I overcome this?? I've struggled with depression, sh and suicidal thoughts for 2 years but I haven't been able to get the help I need. I'm disabled and terminally ill and I have been abused for 9 years now. I don't know if it's worth fighting anymore. I'm 16 and I don't know what to do. I love you and your videos x you are a real inspiration xx

  • morikahjo

    It sounds like it's really hard and stressful to get help. Even when you get SSI, there's always going to be someone trying to take it away.

  • BatmanFreak1217

    Hi, Katie. I have a question that has been tearing at me for quite sometime. Do you personally think that one person has different kinds of panic attacks? If so, could you share with me some common ones.

  • mental_airsoft_nut

    I'm 43 now and have had so many jobs I can't count. With the stressors of day to day living and being proactive about my treatment I found I couldn't concentrate on either. That being said I knew I would digress quickly. A social worker suggested disability. I received my disability and SSI in two months. To this day I don't know where I stand with it because I can't understand their rules. However, once receiving these benefits it allowed me to stop and breathe so my amazing mental health team and I could finally all decide on a plan of action.

    I did have a team member I had to change because he had different ideas than everyone else. Find great mental health workers that will work with each other and build you a team of support. Then use them a your platform to succeed. Go all in. Give it all you can. That's when you will find just how much power you have but forgot about. You are strong and amazing people. I love each and everyone of you.

  • Kee Lo

    I thought the UK was bad!
    Seriously, a YEAR?
    DLA you usually get within a month, you have to show them proof you're disabled, like a BD8 if you're blind/VI and other documents for people in wheelchairs. You CERTAINLY don't need a lawyer, usually a volunteer at the disability charity you visit can do it within an hour.

    WOW, #DisabledLivesMatter you guys need that Hashtag more than we do 🙁

  • PemFab

    In Switzerland it is called AI (Assurance Invalidité = Disability Insurance). Your therapist or your physician need to refer you to the insurance service and than, someone from their office decide if you fit their criteria. The amount you receive depends on your age, the degree of disability, etc. If you are still a child, they normally give you more financial help then if you are between 18 years old and 65.

  • Alex Leyland

    This sounds like PIP (personal independance payment) in the UK. You phone up and get given a form to fill in then send it back and they decide if you get money or not. There's 2 levels, I can't remember what they're called but there's a lower one and a higher one and what you get depends on what your needs are

  • Loz C

    Hi Katie I hope this is an ok topic to bring up on your video as I don't know how else I can ask you. It's regarding attachment issues.

    I've been seeing my counsellor since September. I had 19 sessions with her until we figured there wasn't much more we could discuss in our sessions. During these sessions I became very attached to her, I didn't let her know until the last session.

    Now I am seeing her again 3 months after our last session, I am still very attached and never stop thinking about her, I don't show her this as I don't want her to know and don't want to bring it up in our sessions, I'm still finding it quite hard to open up to her about everything even though time and time again she has told me she won't judge me and that I should "know her" by now. I just can't do it but thinking about her is driving me mad! What should I do?

    I really hope you get the time to read this, your help would be so much appreciated! P.S I think your fab!! Thank you <3

  • Victoria Blake

    Would love to see a coffee and a chat about therapy and religion like you talked about in your live stream x

  • Britni Marie

    I got on SSDI pretty quickly. I was in the hospital after a suicide attempt. The person who helped me fill out the paperwork to apply for SSDI said that I probably get on it pretty quickly because of all my suicide attempts. I had done a Nero Psych eval and so I didn't need to do SSDI Psych Eval. I just needed to send them a copy of my Nero Psych Eval. You are allowed to work but can't earn more than X$ but it's best to figure out everything you need to know before going back to work so you don't lose your SSDI.

  • Cat L

    I heard that you should up keep seeing your mental health provider at least once a month to have enough documentation to show you are not able to handle employment.  Also..   I heard seeing someone with a doctoral degree or  psychiatrist/ARNP to document your symptoms and progress.      I don't think someone with a masters degree in behavioral health would have a lot of leverage on what Social Security wants for a higher degree person.        ~Kati you are doing a great job, but I am saying this from my own experience on disability~

  • JMC Beats

    I've been on SSI all my life because I have a birth defect and I'm mentally fucked. I can't hold a job more than a week cause I'll start thinking everyone at work is out to get me. I have serious trust issues

  • April Bama Belle 80

    I got an attorney from the beginning and I was approved the first time. 2 or 3 months. I had a mental breakdown at work and ended up in the psych ward for 10 days.

  • Robin Gold

    I have heard u get denied alot. However on of my family got ssi and ssdi on the first go and took less than a year. She did have someone give her help as she was going and info like this as well.

  • Emily Hansen

    I have SSI for my disabilities. I applied in January and got my first check in June.

  • TheLeeOnline

    Hey kati, iv been following your channel for a while and i finally worked up the courage to ask. Im going back to school and i want to come out as trans but i dont know how. Please help!

  • Reclaiming Tecla

    Hello! I worked into my 30's but after symptoms got bad from bipolar and borderline I had to stop. I left work in December of 2012, applied for SSI, was denied and had to make due until 2014. I finally got approved in August of 2014 and got a big back pay check! Because the benefits were due me for well over a year I immediately recieved Medicare as well. It's very important to keep up with therapy and medication, not only for myself, but so when the gov checks up on me in a few yrs I will be able to prove I still need the assistance. My best of luck to all of you seeking SSI! It's a long road, but worth it!

  • Artie B

    I have VA disability and it is very good. I had have been able to hide my problems for a long time. I had a perfect storm in 2014. I am diagnosed with ptsd and anxiety from Iraq and schizoaffective bipolar type. I had seizures as I went over the edge. I finally went back to work against my psych advice and quit the 1500 mg of depecote and the 120 mg of lutuda. I have ten mg of lorisidone that I take as needed. I was involuntary committed in 2014 and again in 2015. I have social issues and I refused the groups when I was there. These labels really screw up people's lives. I am very happy you are educating people on the stigma and hope it will change. My question is have you ever heard of PNES and is it likely to happen again. I was having up to 20 seizures a day. I have been seizure free for over a year and don't miss them. Could these cause extreme psychosis. I have a month of my life I can not remember. Between tests at the hospital and 2 weeks into psych ward.

  • ihartevil

    i have a job i havent been doing it though i just am luck that i cant really get fired from it unless i steal from it and that means lie about my hours

    thx for this ha bisky vid and i am going to puppy sit for my sisters dogs i am also working all on my computer

    i also have been doing survey website things for a little bit of extra cash (i have vids running right now have 5 play and i make 1 cent) that is just part of the website its just easiest for me (i dont even have to be at my computer for that pay)

  • ihartevil

    i havent had my disability lawyer since i was in high school i wouldnt be surprised if my sisters husband could take my case if i ever needed to fight for SSI right now i dont feel like i need to because i can do work when i feel healthy enough to (also puppy sitting now taking a lot out of me) i was going to try to pull off an hour but then pups woke up after i eat i am going to try for an hour of work

  • ihartevil

    if you live in MA and are on disability you might have masshealth even after a year it just can depend so that doesnt apply to all states what he is talking about

    i am on masshealth right now its close to medicaid/medicare but not quite appointments can cost more but you can get covered for more things in some cases

  • aa aas

    ssi is the worst thing that ever happened to me. no money to enjoy life, no socialization. trying to get a job when on ssi is a nightmare. no one wants to hire you. I was put on it as a child by my welfare queen mother. I'm working 3 jobs now. not even on pills. f&%$ ssi

  • Anxiety Lotuslove

    thank you so much for this video! I just filed for SSI for anxiety/PTSD/Depression/chronic panic disorder. I too struggle everyday with this. I've just started vlogging about this here on YouTube. any advice would be great! check me out at Anxiety Lotuslove thanks!

  • Jan loves many

    The s.s department told me it was welfare', for those that did not pay in and have credits for drawing their real s.s'…. far to many today are on it sadly.

  • Alicia H

    I get SSI (ssid? not sure) whats the difference between SSI and SSID?

  • morikahjo

    Well, I did it. Things finally got to be too much and I applied. Got my rejection letter today. Thought I was going to lose what's left of my freakin' mind, but came back to this video and found a little peace.

    It is terrible how to government will kick someone when they're down. What in the world makes them think that sick people, and people like us can even afford, or handle being told, "no."? Well, I'm getting ready to fight it. Going another 10 rounds as exhausted as I am, and I hope things will turn out alright, and maybe not be a years long process. My mother just had a stroke, and we're pretty much just floating to get by.

  • protectorofillinois3

    Also, if you don't have a work history (or if you have worked, but haven't in 7 years), that also qualifies you for Supplemental Security Income (or SSI).

  • pedro morales

    been homeless for about five years and living in the streets so I'm thinking about this lately and live on food stamps and gr for now😑😕

  • Jason Stockman

    why have i been denied 6 times i
    have a left and a right frontal lobe brain injury I have a TBI not a
    mild one i have chronic pain where is my
    help????????????????????????????Ive been denied 6 times SINCE 2011 CUZ AFTER THE 1ST LEFT FRONTAL LOBE INJURY – AFTER THE LAST 5-6 YRS I SOULD BE DEAD AND EVERYONE HAS LEFT ME AS IF I DIED


    Love your Videos Kari!So happy I found you on YouNow…Havent seen you on there since…However………I hope to see you on there soon! I have struggled…..In a mess……….Vlogging is Thereputic to me though…..I have daily Vlogged for 2 years without missing a day! =)

  • Heather Combs

    I am on ssi and ssd for mental health reasons. i was approved on my very first try and without no lawyer! so it is possible to be approved on the first time. i was approved within 4 months is how long it took me

  • Davy Chinkatok

    how you get a job being on social security? i'm on social security since I was 4 and now i'm 25

  • Becky Meza

    I'm working 6 days a week and have had urges of self harm which I used to do a couple of years ago but I wasn't on the meds at the time. My job definitely has me beyond stressed and wanting to self harm along with heavy anxiety and depression. I've talked to my dr but can't afford to go since I'm private pay. I stick with the job cuz I have bills like everyone else and feel like I don't have a choice even if that means putting my mental health at risk. I would like ssi at least for the medical assistance but it seems very overwhelming as working does get me out of the house versus being in bed all day. I fear going to a mental hospital cuz they charge u and that's more money I don't have at the moment. Don't know why I typed this except to get it off my chest. I hope everyone gets help out there and never gives up. ✌️️

  • Carl Patterson

    Which state are you from, Jayden?

  • PuchoAlmighty616

    The whole freaking "process", can take up a FULL year?!

  • SoldierUSArmy

    The SSI-Disabilikty program is the worst government spending and waste that ever existed as it is disrespected toward humanity just by labeling any human as "disabled", besides how would you like to be called insane, crazy, or an idiot?

  • Robyn_C_Zylstra

    i need to know about getting ssi even tho i already have ssdi i dont have enough money for medical bills and public aid just raises my food they never give cash for that and so what i need 750 or whatev in bills do i have to pay them first etc n my ssdi is garnished for student loans so what about at least that amount but they keep telling me its all the full ssi ck or nothing

  • Dyan

    Im getting my disability determinination in 2 weeks from a pyshciatrist evalaution. What can the supplemental income be used for?

  • War Against Myself

    I am 30 years old and my feet are absolutely ruined. They burn and start itching unbearably bad if I stand up in the same spot for too long. I dont know what I should do, but the majority of jobs even possible are just not plausable for me. I would leave with my feet pooled in blood. What can I do?

  • Laquivia Hand

    Thank you.

  • Brandy

    Quick question, can you work part that me at all while receiving benefits? Because I get SSI, and was wondering if I could get a small part time job to get alittle more money, because SSI isn't enough to live on really, I can't even afford my own place

  • ya yaya

    SSI such a fraud. you can't qualify if you have over a measly $2000 in assets/cash, so you basically have to let yourself get poor to get assistance when you need it, instead of getting assistance to keep you out of poverty in the first place. btw someone with a $500k house and a car, with under $2000 in assets/cash showing can get SSI. absurd.

  • prettyylies beautiful

    I'm 27 and had 25 different jobs there are permanent n I always end up quiting I need help so hopefully I can get bk on my feet

  • Nov

    Do you have to be taking medication and going to therapy to continue receiving ssi or can i still get ssi without medical treatment?

  • Pinkenstein

    This did not help me understand what SSI is, and how it differs from SSDI.

  • Juan Garcia

    Sucks can invest that money in stock or something Huge

  • Jax Zane

    I just want to throw this in here, me and my GFs experience was very simple(lots of paper work but its all self explanatory. I would like to mention we recieved SSi for My GFs son who is autistic. Only took 3 to 4 months until we got the letter of our acceptance. If anyone else is curious about how to get your son or daughter onto SSI feel free to comment below OR inbox me.

  • Jody Griswold

    Katie Morton ! How you doin ?

  • Cleveland Rechardson

    To his comment that you will always get tune-up on your first round is not necessarily true I got approved on my first go-round I'm also on it for bipolar schizophrenia I got approved within 2 weeks after applying

  • Debbie Bartram

    my daughter is on social security disability–she doesnt have medicare..my niece wants to live with her and take care of her but needs some type of payment even if it is small..how can she get payment?

  • Laughing Dog

    i highly recommend getting a job

  • NileThe146

    I receive SSI, but I still have to work a few hours a week for extra cash since I feel like my SSI simply isn't enough to live off of. It still helps so that I don't have to work as many hours though. I am also attending school part time to improve my financial situation, but I can't attend school full time with my disability. Still has definitely helped me a lot. I have autism and bipolar

  • bobo brazil

    THE SSA look for ways to shut you down THEY ARE CORRUPT….

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    How is ssi in Nevada

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    that potato chip eating thing, needs to get off the toilet and work in the field , picking stones . lazy wimp!

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    humpty dumpty will be ready to go back to work ……WHEN or WHENEVER ? drop him in the middle of the woods

  • Darron Anderson

    $700 a month, verses working and making $4000 a month- take your pick.

  • Al Pacino

    Hell my uncle served in Iraq Afghanistan had PTSD other physical problems took him 3 or 4 tries to get the va treats people like shit

  • Sandra Fontana

    Sounds like you guys are confused as of what is SSI and SSDI. SSI is a welfare program that is needs based. It is not SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY INSURANCE which is a program you have paid into while working. You need to have earned enough work credits as well as being disabled. Ssi and SSDI are two completely different programs. I think the lady you interviewed is clearly on SSDI.

  • Cminion

    i just found this video and im sure no one will notice how old this video is but if anyone does our system is really screwed up. I have been fighting for disability for 8 years with a lawyer and they have a very high win rate but they keep turning me down for dumb reasons like finish high school, being overweight, saying my issues are not that bad. I have been diagnosed mentally with Bipolar 1, Severe depression, Severe social and general anxiety disorder, a mix of borderline, schizoid, and avoidance personality disorder a long with OCD, and ADD. On top of all this i have physical issues some that are being fixed like low testosterone and sleep apenia but others i have been trying to fix over 15 years and it keeps getting worse like my Back, knees, neck, and muscle problems. I have been diagnosed with 5 bulging disc , 3 places with stenosis and 3 places with decent growing amount of arthritis. I do not know what else i can do i try my best to go to drs, therapist, psychiatrist, and specialist even doing physical therapy 2 times in the last 4 years with no improvement. The most recent physical therapist they ended my time there by one session left because i was not showing any signs of any improvement so they saw no reason to continue. I have fingers, toes, legs that will go completely numb at times or move on their own with muscle spasms every day in my back, arms and legs. I have fallen because of these issues several times and luckly none down any stairs. I can not work out and hard to even do my physical therapy but i keep at it even at home because i hope to get better even though i am not. I sometimes want to give up because it feels like the government is against me and some specialist just do not care i am in so much pain constantly or believe me. I have mental break downs all the time and have a hard time even doing things i enjoy let alone stress from anything else. My family has to help me picking up things, cleaning the house ( i live with family ) because it hurts to much for me to do these things and on top of that my mental state which in certain moods i just cant seem to do anything. I have attempted suicide 3 times in my life and been saved by my family and doing therapy every since. Even though the last therapist i saw for 3 years the government / the disability judge threw out everything i said to her since she did not have a PH. D. and did not seem to take much consideration from my chiropractor even though he is the only one that keeps my pain from reaching points where i black out from the pain. I know this is a long paragraph and if anyone reads this i hope maybe it will shine a light on things broken in this country as it seems no one cares about disabled or poor people in this country just giving more money to the rich and taking away programs that help the poor. My brother has the same issues and fought for 12 years before he finally won recently where he changed to my lawyers the last time he applied and won the first go around with my lawyers i just seem to be unlucky. Every lawyer , every dr backs my disability except for one specialist who did not seem to care at all about me but i never asked him if he backed me or not and he was only there about my back issues. Sometimes i just feel like giving up but i can not do that to my family after loosing so much family the past few years. My moms brothers before i was born both killed themselves and as i have gotten older ( now 36 ) i understand myself more and try my best to reach out to friends i have met online, therapist, suicide hotlines. They have talked several times about puting me in mental home but i am afraid of being put in there because my sleep machine has made me finally not as tired everyday. I doubt anyone will read but watching this video and others on disability today has gotten to me and i thought maybe writing something someone would see.

  • CM

    Helpful video 🤗🤗👍👍👍🤔🤔🧐. I too is really considering it. I have heart issue where I get premature heart rythms n lo heart rate. On top of depression,ptsd anxiety

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