What I eat on a Lazy Day High Protein Meals

What I eat on a Lazy Day High Protein Meals

good morning everyone and welcome back
to my channel so today I’m doing another little Vlogy and yes I am home I am
basically a hermit because I’m always home but honestly who can you blame me
with all the craziness with the corona going around so yeah can you blame me I
mean it’s scary I mean now even Tom Hanks and his whife has
Korona pretty scary stuff anyhow I do want to do like a what I eat in a day
kind of video sooooo it’s gonna be a boring vlog I’m sorry but it’s all I can
manage rite now also I feel like making some vegan ish pancakes I mean I already had
breakfast and I forgot to vlog it sorry I am a horrible vlogger but I kinda want
to have it ready for like the week or whenever I want some pancakes I usually
like free thong and unfortunately after I did my detox family came from Columbia
brought the most delicious delicious MagnaCare sauce and it’s basically like
bread so presently these were kind of gluten free because they were made out
of corn so that was a good thing but they had dairy in it so my whole thing
just got messed up and I’m thinking of doing an hour detox
don’t worry I’m not gonna blog it I might show you how I make my soup but
Nakada vlog at this time I’m just gonna keep it from me I don’t know if I’m going to start it
today or maybe like Monday so we’ll see but yeah so that happened so everything
got messed up but I’m getting back on my game the important thing is even if you
fall you get back up and you try again so not that bad it’s not that big a deal
I’ll just start over organize all of that today and let me
I’ll show you what I eat in a day as like a and PV mostly plant base I think
that’s one in the cloud this video okay so I’m gonna make my pancakes I don’t
know if I’ll just make soup or pancakes since I’m doing my detox I’m thinking
soup would be better we’ll figure this out we’ll figure it out
so also I’m sorry I didn’t vlog the whole week it’s already frickin like
Thursday and upload is tomorrow so it just might be like a day my life sort of
thing okay so a day in the life of a girl hermit also I’m trying to figure
out how to stay studying when I love see the difference between here and over
here good God look at that holy should okay so I want like oatmeal pancakes
like I have a really good recipe to be on my meat maybe I’ll need both and then
obviously I can just freeze my pancakes until I’m ready to eat and then make
soup let’s see what we do okay so the pancakes that I do is like
an oatmeal face pancake and I usually use a different type of oatmeal I’m a I
used to like the maker Marberry Chia overnight oats those are the ones that I
usually use but the only ones I thought is the kea and these are gluten-free as
well so that is good that’s why I like this brand actually made overnight oats
with this the other day and they’re actually really really good but I’m
gonna make pancakes today all right everything that’s going in my oatmeal
pancakes I actually have some vegan unsweetened chocolate wait these are
vegan yes vegan vegan which means obviously no milk and they’re sweetened
with stevia so it’s no sugar added I just realized these cacao nibs say
sweetened with coconut which I don’t really mind because honestly coconut
stevia so that’s basically what these are sweetened with yay so yeah this is
what’s going in my pancakes and I am going to cook that up and then show you
the result afterwards I don’t know if anybody who
actually wants to see me cooking which if you guys let me know if you actually
want to see me cooking then I will do that but for now I’m just going to cook
this up show you guys after maybe I’ll eat like a small one
we’ll see I’ll be back all right you guys I’m wearing a beanie
now I’ve been really into hats and beanies lately I don’t know why but I
finished my pancakes they look so good I actually started snacking on some dong
I was snacking on these and I was letting these cool down
let me show you the little blackened because also of the chocolate chips so
here they are I’m letting them cool I know they look kind of gross but they
actually taste delicious I was gonna eat this little one but then I got full with
the dog healthy and yummy and they’re low on sugar and low on carb and it’s
full of protein I’m gonna cut these up and put them in my little clear
container I like to measure them so I’m not having a lot at the same time yup that is my pancake I’m going to
finish stacking these up so this is a good way to like meet this oh please alright god
these are good way to get that pancake II craving but still eat healthy and
good you know what I mean so I just put these in the freezer and then unweight
and heat them yeah I either put them in the airfryer the toaster or on a pan
again and heat them up and eat them you’re so good I will update you when I
eat again I probably goes out some more dong oh my god
I’m back I had a little update on these dong yo you no wonder I love these so
these are sticky rice soaked in watermelon juice and coconut milk really good it’s like eating cold corn
or a spell like we say in Colombia but sweet and it’s not like super see it’s
like a subtle sweet I recommend these I got him a whole food and they also saw
them at fresh market the Thai rice recommend now about what up you guys
I know I look weird I live in Florida and I’m like look like I live in New
York but just getting the pep oohs some water giving them water making sure they
are hydrated I am feeding my plan T’s want to be the succulence making sure
they are hydrated but then also our greenie coming outside my god making
sure our plant peas are nice and good our green pepper needs to be watered
daily make sure it’s nice and soaked and something just fell on my head I’m
scared to look what it is I literally felt too big for all my head I was about
to scream we have ramen lettuce growing have a lot
of stuff guys and then this I don’t even know what the heck this is but it’s
beautiful I bought it and throw Christmas it’s like so cute and yes
reusing Arizona water bottles to water that’s like a way to recycle I guess and then nope Danny you guys to the
outside he sleeps a lot so we have to leave him outside
was this outside that I’m not hot anyways so um what time is it I want to
have a snack it’s about to be twelve I should have a lunch maybe a bean salad but I’m kind of not
in the mood to eat so I might eat that like – so I might have like a protein
shame mercy of the in minute to see what I’m able to eat and I’m walking or in
otherwise I’ll be I’ll be back I’m still whole decide on the shake and then in my
shake I have my amazing graphs protein and gives you energy to suppose it says
nourishing energy eights digestion which I need so ya added coconut milk
my favorite does the toasted coconut from Khalifa farms I added a banana and
a quarter do look a little straggler banana so I just decided to add it add
some blueberries I see how it tastes Oh outside of strawberries it tastes
good yeah so I’m just gonna drink this for lunch I guess you could call this my
first lunch and then for actual lunch or two I’m going to have a soup I decided
on soup I’m gonna keep working on my video which I still have not 100%
decided I want to do with DIY and but then I saw someone do a styling video
we’re gonna see because you’ll find out my day what I decide
or maybe I’ll do like a throwing video I’ve been wanting to do a thrifting
video people do over the weekend we’ll see anyways guys um I’ll be back what up
you guys um I just got off from actually a little nap it wasn’t really a nap I
was just like laying but I don’t know I just started feeling out of energy I
actually haven’t finished my whole green juice I actually should drink some right
ok quite a bit supposedly it’s supposed to be on Rd
event is sleeping so I’m making my soup now I thought maybe it’s the cold air in
this house it’s making me sleepy I’m so sleepy I don’t know why I took my b12
this money so I don’t know why I’m sleepy but I’m making soup now let me
show you I cut up some sweet potato and I’m actually gonna put these to grow out
in the back because I love me some sweet potato
I am also you can tell I’m a potato fiend I have in the airfryer I got beets
from Fresh Market so tired here we go
you have vegan chicken broth so it says to put two teaspoons per cup
oh yeah took it out I have a big ball I’ll just put sweet potatoes and chicken
broth I feel like it’s going to need a lot right by the way I like cooking my
potato with the skin that’s just a personal preference so now we’re just
gonna put some culantro some pumpkin carrots and also tofu tofu I’m a skillet
also add garlic cilantro some turmeric and cumin and that’s it I don’t really
add that much in my soup I don’t like it too busy maybe I’ll add some mushrooms
and some more vegetables I’ll show you when I’m done cooking part of this vlog
is when I’m just showing you what I eat at the vegan Columbian hey guys so this is why I end up never
eating all my food I usually eat while I am cooking eating some hummus and
carrots I love me some hummus and carts so I cut up these count the whole carrot
gonna put it in my soup but then I was like kind of want some raw carrots with
hummus and that’s exactly what I’m doing I’m trying what I’m eating today so I
was like might as well nope do I like it’s been into artichoke
one-ways there’s my last carrot I’m gonna have more spinach and artichoke
I’m not thank you YUM bye guys hey guys okay so if my soup is done but
it’s so good I was a little worried because they are good to clump up in
pursuit I don’t know why but whatever I tried it and it still tastes super good
I want to show you what I mean like you see all the little pieces it just
started breaking apart when I’ve done the soup it another did that but it’s
not taste good it made it a little creamier but the flavors amazing anyways
so that is my sleep actually also have a side salad I don’t know how much but
when by the way this is like protein greens and added spinach and cabbage and
these are like those aren’t bacon that is actually dried up onions um I got it
from Fresh Market and there’s bok choy in there and you can see there’s also
kale and like he leaves I’m so excited to eat it’s gonna give me lots of energy
and lots of enter no I’m upset I think lots of energy I’m also filming on my
phone because my camera died a ballad I expect so I have my salad here I’m gonna
see how because I don’t eat a lot but it’s good final
taste test oh yeah that’s good hmm now I’m a weirdo
and I don’t like I like clicking and it and I have a good flavor but as far as
having actual stuff in my broth I don’t like that the only thing I like is maybe
some carrots so I like take all of this out just as much as I can take out the
other potatoes and stuff I usually take out of my soup something I always did as
a kid as well no complaints on the food here really
garden I think I was just probably hungry
mm-hmm because no no I lose energy when I got hungry I
turn into like Oh slaw looks like I’m eating and muck buying in
here dude you saw me make my do not really make up
but you guys saw that I’d need it eat it eat it had to I’m gonna get my salad there we go
I’m gonna put this avocado in here in the strength to Brock yeah I’m gonna eat
this pick it up and no I have to do that video I’ve been procrastinating all day
but it’s usually how I get on Thursdays this is why I try to do a video for the
next week just so that I can like relax sometimes because really really time
anyway they keep saying I’ll see you later and then for real see you later if I am just here to end the vlog I
realized I didn’t do it yesterday so I just wanted to say too please let me
know in the comments section below if you want me to do more of these videos
hit the notification about so that you’re aware of when I upload videos
again comment subscribe and I’ll see you next one bye


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