Hi All. Lia here with Month 1 of my weight gain journey. Now what I’m going to do is take you week by week to tell you a little bit about how my week went, how much weight I’ve gained, what I ate, what I did specifically, if I had any challenges. Anything like that. I’ll let you guys know within the week. The reason I decided to do it like this is because if you’re anything like me you kind of like to see somebody’s journey instead of just seeing the final process. So you can see somebody at the end of the journey and just be like how did you get there? What did you do? Can you kind of take me through it? So that’s the way I’ve decided to do my videos . If you guys want to see more and you guys wanna see my month or week by week journey just keep watching. So now for my week 1 progress with my apetamin and weight gain journey. Now how I’m gonna do this is I’m going to start the video off with me stepping on the scale. So I’ll insert a clip of me stepping on the scale and you guys seeing how much I weigh. If you’re not familiar with my first video or how I started off or my starting weight or anything like that. I’ll leave the link up to my weight gain journey video above. Now this week I weigh 127 pounds which is a three-pound increase from my last video if you guys saw that. And that’s amazing! Three pounds in a week. I did not expect that because in all honesty I expected before stepping on that scale that this was going to be a bad week . Now I don’t step on the scale until like right before I come and film. So I step on the scale this week today which is Saturday and I’ll step on the scale next Saturday and won’t step on the scale throughout the week. So I won’t know my progress whatsoever. I don’t feel like I look any different. I’m going to insert kind of a clip of me standing up. I really didn’t want to even film me. How I look because I don’t feel like I look any different, but it’s so you guys can see my progress. And I want you guys to see my progress. I did gain three pounds and I don’t know where those three pounds are. Can’t find them for nothing but I did get them. Um so I did start taking my apetamin this week. I took 10 milliliters a day so I took it at dinner and you’re supposed to take ten milliliters three times daily before food. I did not want to do that because it says “caution some individuals may feel drowsy when first taking a apetamin syrup. If that happens they should not a drive vehicle or operate machinery.” So I was very scared that I could take it for breakfast and then get in the car in the morning and just feel tired as crap and not want to finish or start my day at work. So I took it at night the first night night I took it was last Sunday… I or last Saturday excuse me. I slept for about 10 hours. I went to bed at eight like I didn’t even plan on going to bed that early. I took it and I was out as soon as I ate dinner and then I woke up at like six the next morning and couldn’t get out of bed till like 11. I really could not force myself out of bed. I was drowsy. I was sleepy and I was like very tired the next morning. So I was like Nope, Talia all next week you will take it at night and that’s only time you’re gonna take it. And no other night did I experience any kind of drowsiness. So that was a good. So next week I’m going to definitely up the dosage to 2 times a day. I’m going to take it at breakfast and I’m going to take it at lunch. Or I’m gonna take it at breakfast and take it at dinner. And I’m going to do 15 milliliters. Umm both times. Just to kind of up the dosage a little bit. I can’t really take it three times a day because if I took it before lunch I would have to like take this into work . And I just would feel awkward let me take my syrup before work. But with the holidays coming up I’ll definitely probably up to three times during the holiday season. So yeah I think in terms of food I did my snacks each day were a granola bar and I had cheese-its. So if i snacked throughout the day I would have my three meals and then I would snack throughout the day and I had granola bar and cheeze-its. I’m going to add in ensure. Which if you guys aren’t don’t know it’s kind of a calorie enhancing drink that they give to people who don’t get enough calories each day. I like ensure. I took… I’ve take ensure before like as just normal life drink like it’s been a normal beverage and it’s really not a normal beverage. It’s something you need to take if you need more calories. So I’m gonna add that into my next week regimen. I’m going to up the dosage to two times and I will come back with my second week journey and you guys can see how that combination worked. So stay tuned. So now for my week 2 progress in my weight gain journey. So this week as of right now as of me talking I am 130 pounds and I’ll insert the clip of course of me stepping on the scale. So you guys can see. That means I’ve gained three pounds in the last week and six pounds in the last two weeks. So for me that’s good. I wasn’t out here trying to gain 10 pounds a week. That’s not what journey I’m on at all . I’m not somebody who is trying to get up like trying to gain weight for a specific purpose. Like I have to be fit by two weeks or I have to be at a certain weight goal by this date because I’m going on a trip or doing this that or the third. No, I just wanted to gain weight. No specific deadline in mind. So three times a week is a good I guess measure of my goal. Like some people I guess are trying to gain 25 pounds a month and that’s not for me. I want to feel really good and really healthy too at the same time. I’ve tried the gain weight fast method before. It really wasn’t for me. I felt sluggish. I felt tired. I had to take B12 and Iron all the time. So for me I still want to feel good body wise and gain the weight at the same time. So three pounds a week by the end of the year that’ll probably put me at my goal anyway. It’s November right now so one more month I should be at my goal. I should look good so I can roll on to 2017 in a good body. Or a body that I like really can look at and say okay girl I see you. So right now I’ll insert a picture of me as I look right now at 130 pounds. And in last week’s video I realized that had on the baggiest clothes ever. I had on a sweatshirt and jeans. And in this week’s video I wanted to kind of wear tighter fitting clothes so you guys can kind of really see where the weight went. And I will insert that right now. That is kind of how I look and in looking at it I don’t see major major major changes just like last week. Sometimes when your weight gaining like one or two pounds at a time it’s not really going to show up until you’re probably at your goal, but for me I can kinda tell for myself it has…. a little bit has gone to my chest area. Which is the area that I did not want it to go to at all because I already have the chest that I want. I have a bigger chest and I actually want and when my chest like gets a little bit bigger I can always feel it. Just like growing up I knew when I’m going from an A cup. I don’t think I was ever an A cup. Maybe I was. A cup, B cup, C cup then D, then now I’m in triple triple D size cup. So I didn’t want to go there. I don’t ….. I’m a small frame person anyway so a bigger chest on me already gives me a little bit of back problems and I know when I grow up it’s gonna be something to look into. Huh that’s not where I want the weight to go but it has gone a little bit to my hips as well. So I can see a little bit of hippie change. Not butt. Butt, butt is still the same size. Butt still the same size. That’ s going to take some time I’m sure. That’s going to take a little more active workout too. I know I’m not a fool to expect that my butt’s gonna get big without any just eating and sitting here. I know I’m going to put a little bit more effort in my exercise routine to get to go there. I have my items that I’ve been using right beside me so I can kind of talk about each one more in-depth. I know week one. I was kind of pushing it. I was beat for time trying to go to homecoming. Trying to do all that. But now I can have some time to go into depth with the items that have really helped me this week. Now first I have the apetamin. I know last week’s video I said I was going to try to do two doses and day and I didn’t for the majority of the week. Yesterday was the first time I did two doses a day. Like I said I was still kinda scared that I was gonna like get drowsy or whatever but I bumped it up to two doses a day yesterday. Two doses and I did 15 milliliters each and I didn’t get tired at all with the additional dose added. So I think…. so I think going forward I’m going to go ahead and definitely do two doses a day. Um and the instructions say they take 3 10 milliliter doses a day but I of course I’m going to take 2 15 milliliters to kind of get me at 30 milliliters a day figure. Like I said it does not make me drowsy at all. It made me drowsy the first day. So back last week it made my drowsy for that one night. I slept completely and it was so hard for me to get up in the morning but now it doesn’t make me drowsy at all. I feel very normal taking it. Also in terms of the taste it doesn’t taste bad at all. It really has a normal medicine taste. So the way this works or the way it kind of worked for me in terms of my hunger. I wasn’t extremely hungry when I took this. I wasn’t like when I took it my stomach started growling and I was like food food food food. It just kind of changed my eating pattern. So like I said one day this week I had steak and mashed potatoes. I had steak, mashed potatoes, a salad and a piece of bread. In a normal sitting I probably could eat about 65 to 75 percent of that just without taking this. Weeks ago before I was on this weight gain journey. I finished the entire steak, the entire mashed potatoes, the entire salad, and the entire bread without even noticing that I had finished it all. If that makes sense. Like I looked down at my plate and was like “I guess I was hungry. ” So it’s not giving me like I’m eating fast and I’m scarfing down food. It’s just I’m finishing portions of food that I couldn’t have finished in the past. So it didn’t give me extreme hunger and when I got home I even drank an ensure too. So I feel like I was able to meet all my calorie goals without feeling super hungry. So for me it didn’t make me feel like I’m extremely hungry. But then again you’re supposed to take it right before food too. So maybe it’s skips over that hunger proportion and you’re just eating as you normally would but in greater quantity because the foods there. So like I said take this right before food. Don’t take it and then expect to eat food two hours later or wait for your hunger to kick in. No. You take it when you have the food in your presence and then you’ll eat you eat and you realize hey I ate like a large fry and a 12 count nugget and all that and I normally eat an 8 count. What happened? Yea, this happened. So with the maca root. It says take three of these a day as well. I only took one capsule a day in the morning. It has a very earthy taste if that makes sense. I don’t know. I’m not a big vitamin taker prior to this. I do take biotin and like iron and they are like littler pills and they don’t really affect me too much. This is a bigger pill and it does have a very earthy taste to it. I can’t really say how much it’s working in conjuction. I guess it’d be different if I was doing like one of these things and not the other. So I don’t know whether this is causing the three pounds or this it causing the three pounds. I want to say more so this because it is changing my eating habits. But like I said I don’t know but it doesn’t hurt to add in this. If people say it works then why not give it a try as well. I am on a journey that I really want to you know gain weight. So in terms of food this week my calorie goal is 2200 calories a day. I’ve been doing about 700 calories a meal and then with snacks in between too. So my typical breakfast this week I think a couple of days I did bacon eggs and grits. And then one day I went to Burger King and I got french toast and hashbrowns and so I think my calories have been around 690- 710 in the morning. Lunch I’ve been doing. I work in the Uptown/ Downtown region of my city and so we have a couple of eateries nearby. But this week I did Chic-Fil-A three times. One day we had a free pizza at work. So I put those things in my calorie tracker. And then for dinner I think has been always the biggest meal for me today each day. One dayI had rice and chicken the other day I had like I said the steak and mashed potatoes and all that stuff. So I think each dinner time I’ve pretty much hit my goal for the day. That’s probably at the meal that I hit my goal for the day and if I didn’t I would add in a shake. Um so shakes I’ve been. I just picked this up in the store this week it is called Odwalla I think and it is a protein shake and it’s supposed to add 370 calories per bottle. I only bought two of these I got it in chocolate and vanilla. Cause it’s like 2 something a bottle. And I’m like I don’t know if I want to try this. I take this at the end of a day. I use ithis sparingly though. I only took the chocolate one on a day where I hadn’t hit my calorie goal and I’m waiting to another day where I don’t hit my calorie goal in terms of all my food. So I can drink this at night and I haven’t hit a day like that so far but these do expire so I’m gonna have to come up with a day pretty soon to just drink this. But like I said I’m trying to save it for a day where I’m at like 1,900 calories and I’m like well I’m not going to get any more food let me take a protein shake. And I don’t mind the taste of this. This is.. well I had the chocolate one. That was a good taste. I don’t know about the vanilla one but I can assume that it’s going to be a good kind of taste but then again I’m somebody who loves the taste of ensure. Ensure to me doesn’t taste bad. I know some people hate ensure but to me it tastes like chocolate milk. Like I don’t not like ensure. Ensure it does have 220 calories. So it’s not as many calories as this but then again it’s not the same serving size as this as well. But ensures are clearly a lot cheaper than having to buy these. But yeah I add an ensure also. I’ve only used I bought this this week. So I’ve only i’m drunk 2 this week and like I said I do it whenever I feel like I don’t have enough calories for the day. Or sometimes with ensures I just drink them just to be drinking them. Because like I said to me it tastes like chocolate milk. It doesn’t hurt the situation. Now in between breakfast and lunch and in between lunch and dinner I have snacks. So from in between my breakfast and lunch snack I have the chiquita bites. They are 25 calories a packet. So it’s not like I’m getting like a whole bunch of calories in from this. But I do like to feel like I’m snacking or at least when I’m able to just grab something and eat it on the fly that I’m you know still contributing to my calories each day. I also have my lunch between lunch and dinner snack and I usually have the nature valley crunchy bar. And these are a 190 calories for two bars. And so they really kind of add to my intake and I feel like you know if I’m just sitting at my desk and I could snack or if I could eat a little bit then I’m going to course get my snack on. It doesn’t take much to kind of you know some people use apeanuts or nuts in between. Nuts are good way to kind of snack in between meals and get those calories in. But for me these things have worked. Keep watching to see my week 3 and week 4 progress and I will see you in my next video. Make sure you like, make sure you subscribe, and make sure you comment. I will list the link to subscribe right here and a playlist of all my weight gain journey videos and I will see you in the next video.



  • Amber Butler

    great tips! have you tried ensure plus? it's the same serving size as the regular ensure but I contains 350 calories.

  • Siham Abdullahi

    I took apetamin an hour ago and I do not feel anything, it is bad sign

  • mandylee34

    i cant wait to see your progress im also thinking of buying some!!!!!

  • Just Passing Through

    I'm picking mines up today, funny thing is I actually started to gain a lil weight on my own in the past two weeks I'm guessing because of thansgiving and protein shakes. My appetite is great so I'm hoping for good results.

  • Jin Maria

    hi How tall are you?

  • Desiree Nnoli

    You don't use that red weight gainer shake thing you showed in your Introduction to your weight gain journey?

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