We Tried The Vitamin IV Drip | Experimentalist

We Tried The Vitamin IV Drip | Experimentalist

We are about to get a spa IV. It kind of looks like Gatorade. It’s does. Is it Gatorade? No… And we’re running! Oh, here it comes. I’m Adrienne and I’m the experimentalist. We’re at Lume Wellness. We have come here to get a spa IV. That didn’t sound great. Hi I’m Adrienne! Hi, I am Suzy. Nice to meet you. If you want to just have a seat first, and we’ll get started. No allergies? Lot of needles and things… No allergy? No. I guess I would say this is kind of
like half a medical office half a spa. It’s like a Med-Spa sort of moment. Now, are you a registered nurse? I am. Okay. So I can feel completely
safe in your hands. Yes, exactly. She did take my blood pressure,
she checked my pulse. But she did not take my height and weight which is I think how you know it’s a spa. and have you ever had a vitamin drip done before? I have not. Did I want to get a spa IV? No. It doesn’t seem like something
someone would want to do willingly but… Who really wants to get an IV? The last time I had an IV,
I was literally giving birth. There’s a multiple different types of vitamins. There were a lot of options. I could get one for immunity, for glowing skin, for brain power, for energy but we went with energy. So am I gonna feel it like
immediately? Like when I leave here I’m gonna be It varies person a person, just how well
and fast your body metabolizes. Are there any risks? Um no risk. Because they’re found exactly in your body. You either make them or you eat
them through your diet. it was all very overwhelming scientific
jargon, so I don’t really know other than I know the vitamins they
gave me, my body naturally produces but perhaps I just have less of them. Because I’m an old tired person. Are you ready for your IV stick? This part is the least fun part about it. Right. But once it’s over, I’m gonna love it. Yeah exactly. Ok. Do you mind if we go in this arm? No, I want you to do whatever
that’s gonna be the least invasive. She pulled out a bunch of needles. No thank you. But we move forward anyway. She stuck me in my arm with a needle, and this cord filled with blood
which was the super gross. So we got one stuff done. Basically
from here on, it’s smooth sailing. Okay. I was transferred from kind of my
medical office room to my spa cube where I then got my IV moment. It kind of looks like Gatorade. it does. Yeah, this is the big energy. It looks like Gatorade which seems
appropriate since I got the energy one. Is it Gatorade? No! You think I just stuck some
Gatorade in there for you? And we’re running. Oh, here it comes! So it usually takes around 45 minutes. I think maybe I was dehydrated
cuz it only took like 30 minutes. it just like! How often would I come get the Gatorade bag? So this is usually good for
like a 2 to 3 weeks worth. it’ll stay within your body… I should have energy for 3 weeks from this? Well it’ll stay within your
body for 2 to 3 weeks. I definitely think you’ll get that boost
of energy that you’re looking for though. But just today. No, it shouldn’t be just today. I’ll feel it for a while? Yeah, for a little bit. Yeah,
you should definitely feel it. Maybe through the weekend? Most definitely. And then I sat here. I texted my friends selfies
of me looking like I was dying while getting this IV. and I was reading Little Women
which was a very strange experience because I do not think the March
sisters would approve of any of this. is there any like sort of situation where I could
get like a massage while I’m sitting here? Are we ready for this? Yes. Ok! So we’re basically just gonna take this out now. You don’t need to look obviously. No, I’m not going to. All right, you’re ready? I’m gonna pull it out. It definitely feels like a needle
coming out of your arm. It wasn’t super painful, was it? No, it wasn’t painful.
it’s just kind of gross. All righty! You’re all complete! I feel pretty much the same, but then
I also kind of feel like I’m talking fast. And I’m like..! Rich people should come and get this. I mean, I think it cost like $165, and I’m not sure if you’re supposed to tip her. I’m gonna have to like process the
benefits over the course of a couple days and update you on how I feel. So it has been two weeks
since I had the IV for energy. And I gotta tell you I feel
just as bedraggled as ever. I feel like my regular almost 40 year old self who is living through a Chicago winter and just like wants to eat pizza and sleep. So perhaps I need more IVs or less pizza or more exercise I don’t know. But I can’t tell you definitively
if it did anything at all.



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