VitaTree Vitamin B12

VitaTree Vitamin B12

The VitaTtree Vitamin B12 vitamin b12 is a very special formulation of vitamin b12 it’s highly highly absorbed and goes directly into the mitochondria which is the energy production part of the cell so this gives you vast amounts of energy very quickly which is fantastic and it’s in a highly absorb formed the problem with most of the b12 on the market is that they’re made from cyanocobalamin so you know if you’re taking b12 or b complex i encourage you to look at your labels if it says cyano cobalamin that’s actually cyanide plus the cobalamin and very inexpensive to make that type of b12 and has questionable you know if you think about cyanide how space cannot really be to be taking every day in your vitamin so that’s something really you should be checking here at VitaTree of course we use natural ingredients that don’t have those toxicity concerns and with our VitaTree vitamin b12 because this is a very special format of vitamin b12 adenosine cobalamin it has that ability to give that quick and instant energy because it’s working right inside the cell without any of those toxicity concerns so we need vitamin b12 for our energy we also need it for the metabolism of our carbohydrates or fats and proteins we also need it for our nerve function so if you’re experiencing tingling in the extremities and the hands and the feet in the legs sometimes that’s a b12 deficiency if you know someone who has MS this is a disease of the myelin sheath so the fatty covering over the nerve fibers that becomes depleted our vitamin b12 from VitaTree helps with that help to support the myelin which covers the nerve for proper nerve function so vitamin b12 very simple to take the standard dosage is just one capsule a day if your levels are very low maybe you’ve had a blood test done maybe you need to take a little bit more of the b12 but one capsule a day for most people is the standard dosage


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  • Justine Fleming

    What time of day is the best time to take this?

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