Vitamins Types of vitamins and diseases caused by Vitamin deficiency #vitamins #essentialvitamins

Vitamins Types of vitamins and diseases caused by Vitamin deficiency #vitamins #essentialvitamins

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really important information so first of all let’s talk about about vitamins
vitamins are those substances which are necessary for normal growth good
health good vision proper digestion or we can say normal functioning of our
body so vitamins are required for this we can say the normal functioning of our
body , but however they do not provide any energy to our body so if we think
that after taking vitamins we will be energized we will feel energetic that is
not going to happen, vitamins only supports in our functioning of
body they do not provide any sort of energy only the intake of food provides
the energy but vitamins do not provide any sort of energy there are two types
of vitamins that we know. there are essential vitamins and on the right hand
you can see there are non- essential vitamins so what is the difference
between these two. essential vitamins are those which cannot be synthesized
in our body those have to be consumed from outside in the form of wood we get
like me eat mango we eat oranges we eat fruits and vegetables so we have to
consume those vitamins in the form of food from outside they are not
synthesized inside our body and there are total 13 essential vitamins have
been identified and known essential vitamins are those which can be
synthesized by our body on itself that means we do not have to consume
that from outside however we may take those from outside but those vitamins
can be synthesized synthesized by our body so there is no need to
consume from outside source but indirectly this is also an essential
vitamins we will learn about that in the coming slides
first of all essential vitamins there are total 13 vitamins which are known as
essential vitamins which are vitamin A vitamin b-complex vitamin c vitamin e
vitamin k vitamin d so but vitamin d and vitamin b7 is known essential vitamins
in the sense that they can be synthesized by our body as well so we
will learn about those these two vitamins in the later part so first of
all there are four fat soluble vitamins vitamin A, D E, K fat soluble vitamins
means that vitamin A D E and K are stored in our body in the adipose tissue
means fatty tissues in our body they are stored there and eleven remaining are
water-soluble that means our body does not store those vitamins they are
excreted through urine or any other means of excretion that means they are
not in our body for a longer time but vitamin A D E and K are stored in our
body in the adipose cell here yeah we can say fat storing tissues first of all
let’s talk about vitamin A the chemical name of vitamin A is retinol and
the property source and deficiency disease we will continue about all
the remaining vitamins in the same pattern we will talk about property
their source the sources from which we
consume them and if there is a deficiency of that particular vitamins what
can be the consequences so let’s talk about the properties of vitamin A that
means reading out so vitamin A helps helps in the general health giving
vitamins such as immunity it Foresters our immunity it helps in vision and it
can be stored in liver so the sources of vitamin A
milk carrot spinach tomatoes egg yolk etc and if there is a definition so
vitamin A in our body we night blindness can come to our board if we can suffer
from night blindness if there isn’t that essential vitamin D and zero failure can
be also caused due to the deficiency of vitamin D now let’s talk about vitamin C
which is a chemical name ascorbic acid the properties are it keeps our teeth
gums and joints healthy and the sources of vitamin C are cypress proofs such as
lemon orange abla guava tomato etc and step deaf essential vitamin c coded
scurvy disease now talking about vitamin B complex so vitamin B complex has a
general function of processing the food into energy so we will first about
vitamin A p1 which is also known as thiamine and the properties all thiamine
are it helps in growth carbohydrate metabolism commissioning of and the
source of vitamin B is outer coat of seeds and the deficiency causes very
very disease error ratio and never ties new ties vitamin B to business has a
chemical name of riboflavin it’s it has a property to keep skin and mouth
healthy and the sources are levered milk egg yolk gross and the deficiency causes
the disease cure losses and permit itis vitamin B through it it has a chemical
name of niacin and the properties are for healthy skin and sound mental health
the sources are good term pulses liver kidney heart and fishes and the
deficiency causes the disease pellagra now we term in b5
it has a chemical name of pantothenic acid it helps an RBC coordination helps
in food processing into energy and the sources are properly peanuts first
occurs the deficiency disease is very rare but it’s symptoms causes fatigue
heartburn stomach pain so it causes a base
irritation in our body parts now talking about vitamin b6 pyridoxine it helps in
processing of proteins and it is also good for our in our system the sources
are egg yolk peas beans whole grains leafy green vegetables and its
deficiency causes convulsions and these conversions are more often in children
and vitamin b7 which is biotin it is all strictly produced by our body that means
it comes under the category of known as itself vitamins it helps in improving
development helps in conversion of food into energy and the sources are walnuts
peanuts URLs and the deficiency of disease Posey beta D which stands for
biotin is dirty sensing what happens in this is that if we have the vitamin b7
deficiency then our body will not be able to produce vitamin b7 and that will
pull dtt biotin is deficient in vitamin b9 which has a chemical in of folic acid
so it helps in DNA and other genetic material makeups and also in the
formation of RBC red blood cells the sources are bill beans Cypress roots
cauliflower and it’s definition psychosis and in anemia now talking
about vitamin b12 which had a chemical name of Kabbalah mine it is required for
formation and maturation of RBC’s liver kidney pork and milk are the sources of
vitamin b12 and it’s deficits opposes pernicious vitamin D is known as
Calcifer all chemically and it helps in normal bones and teeth the sources are
poor liver oil egg bill and the main source is our sunlight the Sun is the
main sole source of vitamin B and it is also an and known a seneschal vitamin
that means our body can synthesize vitamin d in the presence of sunlight
the deficiency causes rickets macrocytic anemia
rickets is a disease in which our bones become very
I’ll wear you peak vitamin e is known as top of the role it is helpful for normal
in the production it removes cars and vehicles the sources are vegetable oils
lattice also known as salad the deficiency of code is sterile sterility
or infertility that means we if we have a deficiency of vitamin E then we can we
might be not able to produce our offsprings vitamin K which is known as I
looked mean on it is helpful for normal clotting of blood the spinach cabbage so
having poor tomato are the main sources of vitamin K and its deficits it causes
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