Vitamins for Hair Growth & Health | Regimen part 7

Vitamins for Hair Growth & Health | Regimen part 7

okay so the last component of my hair
care routine is vitamins and a lot of people I think there’s and I think
there’s a lot of misconception about the need to take biotin or hair skin and
nails vitamins or specific vitamins for hair growth I take vitamins for my
overall health and well-being and they happen to promote hair growth your hair
follicles your hair and your nails are the last things to push out of your body
so if you’re deficient in any other part of your body it does not matter what you
take your body is going to use that to make the rest of your body function you
won’t get optimal growth if you are eating well if you’re exercising you’re
getting most your nutrients from food those extra vitamins that just push your
capacity to grow hair to have better skin just to the edge before your body
pee’s it all out that’s what that biotin the b12 the collagen is helping to do so
I take my vitamins based around that concept I eat pretty well if you want to
see what I eat I have an Instagram account dedicated solely to it which is
in the comments box below I definitely exercise so there was a time when I just
took biotin straight up but my body didn’t need it and it was pushing it out
in many ways when I was taking it I did have acne me when I took it there’s the
things I also didn’t know about biotin when I took it that first time but I had
extra hair growth in places I didn’t want it like you know for me
taking straight biotin I realized is not necessary you can if you need it if your
doctor says hey take some biotin if they don’t then just get it from a different
source a multivitamin so the first vitamin I
take every day is my multivitamin and I take the MegaFood brand of vitamins and
this is the multi for women and this multivitamin has 3000 micrograms of
biotin which is plenty that’s one of the
reasons I like it it doesn’t just have a thousand micrograms like most
multivitamins this has three thousand micrograms which is more than average
but it still has the b-complex in it that need to most absorb the biotin to absorb the best you need a B complex with it so this multivitamin has a B complex
right and it also I like the way this is sourced um this is an expensive
multivitamin I’m just gonna put that out there but the vitamins come from food so it
comes from brown rice carrots broccoli and oranges and a couple other things
which means that if my body is much more able to break it down than other
vitamins these never make me feel sick if I take them alone they never make me
feel sick anyway and sometimes multivitamins do that to
me just because there’s so many chemical in there which that’s a whole other
thing I’m not knocking other multivitamin I’m not knocking other
sources besides food I’m just saying for me in the absorption into my body these
have been the best because they are sourced from real food the vitamins are
I actually do see a difference when I use it I have been consistently taking
this since the beginning of a challenge every single day which before I wasn’t
because I was just lazy about it um but I have seen a difference, my nails have been growing faster and I can tell because I paint them regularly so I can see you
know when the paint is inching up because the nail is growing and then
also I had to file my nails much more regularly so I know that the biotin in
here is working just the nutrients in general are working to make my skin glow
and look a lot better really so I know this particular brand works really well
for me and has a significant amount of biotin and it has all the other vitamins
and minerals my body needs to absorb that vitamin correctly another vitamin I
take just for the skin I take in Omega and that because Omega mega Zubrin
half an Omega and this was given to me these country life vitamins
I actually just a particularly brand and I like that I can’t think in the name
also tells my hands and I’ll put in the accompanying blog post if they’ll make
us three six two nine I like that one a little better but I do take omega or
I’ll take a fish oil supplement or I’ll put a tablespoon of fish oil and my
smoothie for my skin health and I do see that makes a difference as far as
hormonal acne goes and if you guys want more information about how I control my
hormonal acne to leave a comment below and I’ll either do it on a video or at
the end of this vote in were I’ll do a Q&A Questor session maybe live but I
definitely take omegas every single day I was doing that anyway but now I’m just
doing it in combination with my multivitamin and then the other thing
that I always take for the health of my body is a probe I I and this is also buy
medicines brand and I do see a difference in my body using this brand
and other brands of probiotics this one is called mega flora plus plus and it’s
like I said fine mega spoon I don’t know if it’s going to focus on it because of
the sunlight but this is called mega flora plus and it is a probiotic and I
do use tampons and if you use tampons you should use a probiotic you can get
probiotics from yogurt and things but I actually don’t eat yogurt so in that
time of month because I find that it affects my hormone asked me so I think a
probiotic every day anyway just to make sure that I’m getting all day on fungi
and things I need for probiotics once again this is sourced from real
food which I love and this is one capsule serving a day and it’s awesome
by the way the medical environments are gluten free they’re vegetarian soy free
dairy free non-gmo and they’re not tested on animals I really did do a lot
of research on vitamin because I want to stop taking vitamins
that have too many things in them you know when you just pean it all out every
day my pee is not yellow all day one from
these vitamins and to me that says that my body is absorbing them and not tune
them out as nearly as much as they were and I’m sorry if this is crap for you
guys but that’s just what it is so these three particular supplements
and I usually take them with breakfast and then my multi you’re supposed to
take twice a day so I think it was dinner and well but that’s all the
vitamins I take I am thinking about taking collagen supplement just for a
skin health but for now I feel like this is good enough I don’t intend to take
more biotin I think 3,000 milligrams is more than enough I don’t want to buy
something and then just pee it out like I don’t feel the need to go up to 5,000
I’ve done that before so the most of the day you’re picking it out so 3,000 is
more than enough I think a thousand is not quite enough for what I’m going for
so 3,000 I think is the sweet spot for me and it happens to be 3,000 and my
multivitamin which I love I don’t want to have to take something separate
because then you just go into a whole everything then I have to make sure I
have nothing big complexes everything I just like to have something that’s
already balance and formulated for my body to absorb it mega food does have a
hair skin skin and nails that I’m looking into that I might replace once
placed my multivitamin where someone sits on but for the meantime I’m just
gonna take a multivitamin so all in all that was probably way too long but I’m
taking three supplements right now and one specifically for hair which is my
multivitamin because it has biotin in it it has a higher than average amount of
bison in it so I’m taking back for me to reach my growth potential my hair will
grow anyway I will retain at least a half an inch a month what I want to
retain more than that so I am making sure that I take my multivitamin and eat
well so that my body all it needs to push out as much air as
possible and that backfires in some places with my body but for now that’s
okay like I said if I take more supplements
or size up my bison or take a different hair skin nails – I will definitely
write about it on the blog as we go but for now this is what I’m doing so that
completes my regimen in my next video I put it all together for you lay out my
entire regimen as cliff talked about products so I’ll see you next time even
questions comments or concerns below I hope you enjoyed this video check out my
instagram twitter facebook and the blogs and i’ll see you next time thanks for
watching guys bye



  • Jeannette0890

    Whole Foods vitamins are the BEST!!! They're expensive but they're so worth it. I would get sick all the time with conventional MV & wouldn't take them Bcz I hated feeling sick. I don't get that at all w food grade vitamins.

  • MaKeisha Burton

    Where can i purchase Mega Foods vitamins on the ground?

  • Therese Ayo

    That was my thought because when I took multi vitamins with biotin no break out and I just bought a 5000 one and had a pimple per day, I stopped on the second day . I wonder how I could still take them because it will go to waste..

  • Taneisha Johnson

    great video. I believe in my whole foods vitamin. excellent except for the price. What lip color are you wearing?

  • Sis Tasha

    Thanks for sharing. I've been looking for a multivitamin with purer ingredients.

  • NaturallyNatasha

    The only brand for vitamins and minerals I use! Whole food based vitamins make a huge difference since they're not synthetic and actually what our bodies can use. Just subscribed love.

  • Healthoverlength

    Thank you for this vid. I’m definitely picking these up.

  • Bazah Lopez

    Thanks beautiful I will try them all

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