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– I have great veins. (upbeat music) Hey guys, oh (beep). (laughing) Hey guys, I am Ella Dove and this is What the Wellness. The show where I run around and try out a ton of
different wellness experiences to find out what’s weird and what’s actually worth it. So today we’re at Clean
Market in New York City, a haven for all things wellness. They’ve got a coffee bar, a smoothie bar, shelves and shelves of supplements, cryotherapy, an infrared sauna, and a NutriDrip LOUNGE. Why would anyone choose
to get stuck with an IV? That’s what we’re going to find out. It’s definitely one of
the newer weird things in the wellness world. So it helps with detox, it reduces inflammation
at a cellular level, it’s anti-aging, boosts
beauty from the inside out, it can help in athletic performance, it helps with your hangover, and it’s said to increase energy. Which I don’t know about you, I could use a little more of. But I am gonna let Lily Kunin, the founder of Clean Market, tell us a little bit
more about why they chose to bring NutrDrip into Clean Market. So Lily, why IV drips? – So IV drips are a really great way to support your health and wellness goals. They work by delivering fluids, vitamins, and minerals straight to your blood stream so you’re able to utilize them right away. – Alright, cool. Well, I guess I’ll go give it a try. – Yeah, come on back. (upbeat music) – Right, they’re good. I’m now in the NutriDrip LOUNGE. I’m about to have a IV stuck into my arm, but I feel good ’cause I know its a trained
medical practitioner who’s going to do this to me. – Hello, I’m Shoko. Nice to meet you. – Ella, nice to meet you. – I’m a nurse practitioner. I’ll be taking care of you today – Great. – I just have to ask you a few questions. – Great. – Do you take any prescription medication? – No. – Any allergies to anything? – No. – Any supplements? – A lot (laughs). – Okay. – So I take a evening primrose oil, I take a vitamin D, a B12, a magnesium supplement. – What kind of results
are we trying to achieve? – I’m a little burnt out,
I have a lot going on. And I think, you know, I’m sort of tired. I feel like I have been supplementing with coffee way more than I should. So energy. – Okay, so I think the best drip for you would probably be the NutriCLEANSE. The NutriCLEANSE is our signature drip. It has a high dose of Vitamin C. It has some magnesium, calcium,
B12, B complex, taurine, trace minerals, selenium,
and glutathione at the end. – [Ella] Awesome. – [Shoko] So that’s a mix of multivitamins, antioxidants, minerals, all to increase your energy,
immunity, and help you detox. – [Ella} Immunity’s key too. – [Shoko] Yeah. – I wish my doctor’s office was like this. – This checks your oxygen level. – She’s checking my oxygen level. I don’t even know what that means. – Our drips are designed by
a functional medicine doctor, called Maurice Beer. And it’s designed so that anyone with a normal heart,
liver, and kidney function can take it safely without having blood tests done before. – Great. – Most of the vitamins
we use are water soluble, so if it’s too much
you’ll be excreting it out of your urine anyways. So if you took your
supplement this morning there’s no concern or anything like that. – I skipped them. I felt like I was gonna get
everything I needed here. – [Shoko] Okay, perfect. – So at this point in the video, you might want to look away
if you don’t like needles. – [Shoko] Take a deep breath. One, two, three, that’s all. All done. You can relax your fist. The needle’s out, it’s just a small plastic
catheter in there. – That was easy. (background talking) Plugged in. (blenders blending) – [Shoko} So that’s how
you know it’s going in ’cause of the drip chamber. You can see the drops there. – This is easy. I could do this every weekend. (upbeat music) Before you get an IV drip, is there anything you can do
to help prepare your body? – So you could drink a lot of water. That’s definitely helpful
for us to find a vein. And you can wear loose clothing, that would make your
experience more comfortable. – I’m plugged in, how long does this take? – It takes about half an hour
to 45 minutes for this drip. – And how should I expect
to feel after the drip? – So, it depends on the person, but ideally you’d feel
energy and mental clarity. – And then how long do you
think those effects last? – So, again it depends on the person, but I would say, you know, anywhere from a few days to a month or so. – Cool. – Yeah. – I’ll take a month of feeling
energized and immunized. – How you can measure it
is that retrospectively, you know, when you look back a lot of people tell us that they
haven’t needed antibiotics or needed to go to the doctor, they been working long hours
and they feel much better, you know, going through their days. And that’s kind of how
you can also measure it. (calming music) Welcome to the private NutriDrip LOUNGE, where you can’t hear the smoothies, and blenders, and people in Clean Market. It’s very nice in here. And after this, I’ll have like hopefully a little more clarity and more energy. But what I’m feeling right now, my mouth is kind of funny, which I heard is from the B vitamins that are going into my veins. I’m a tiny bit nauseous ’cause I didn’t have
a big enough breakfast before I came in here. My arm feels great, nothing going on here. And I’m pretty comfy. And what I would say the number one thing I’ve learned so far, is before you come in to get an IV drip, make sure you’re doing your research. Go to a place that’s
paying close attention to who their nurse practitioners are, that is sourcing their IVs
from a really trusted place. NutriDrip is available kind of all over and they do a really good job, you know, making sure they have the best staff, the best product, and
the best environments to serve you that IV drip. But like literally, I’ve been
sitting here for how long and look how energized I am now. So the bag is empty. I really have to pee. I think that means I’m very hydrated and I feel a little buzzy, like I could go run a race. What is glutathione? – So glutathione is known as
the master of antioxidants. – Great. – It’s made of three amino acids and it helps to detox your liver, and gives your skin a little glow. – Great. Hit me. That’s a lot of glutathione. – [Shoko] Hopefully in about three days you’ll notice like a
little glow on your face. – Great. – [Shoko] It’s amazing stuff. – Very smooth execution. – [Shoko] Thank you very much. Just to clear the line. Ready? – Yep. (ripping) – (ooh) Like, it’s fine. Ripping off a band-aid. – [Shoko] That’s it. – You want me to hold that? – [Shoko] Thank you, yeah, perfect. – I’m a very good patient. Oh and I get a very cool wrap so all day every day people know that I got a really cool IV drip. – [Shoko] And that’s it. You can take that off in about 10 minutes. – Oh great. Vitamin, mineraled, glutathionide, that’s not even how you say it … – (laughing) – upped. I feel good. (upbeat music) I am back out in the
streets of New York City where there are toxins and stressors, but I’ve been officially
NutriDripped so I’m fine. Right after the treatment, I felt like a little weird. Like everybody’s like, “How do you feel?” And I was like, “I don’t know.” But now it’s been like five minutes and I feel great, energized, not nauseous, very clear headed. Worth it, I mean hey, I
just got everything I need for like the month in about 30 minutes from a little banana bag. It’s expensive. I know they do a subscription here so you can get a little bit of a discount. I think if you’re someone who has a hard time absorbing nutrients or you have some stomach issues, it’s a really incredible way to get everything you
need to feel your best. And if not, it may be a good thing to add to your routine every few months, every once in a while when you really feel like
you need that extra boost. Want more What the Wellness? Subscribe to Well+Good’s
YouTube channel right now. Is there another weird wellness experience you think I should try? Let us know in the comments below, or DM me on Instagram, or DM Well+Good on Instagram. We’ll be checking all the comments to see where we should go next.



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