Vitamin D – Protection against cold, flu and more

Vitamin D – Protection against cold, flu and more

Hi everyone, I want to talk to you today
about vitamin D and especially with all this coronavirus thing and people
quarantined it’s really important that I talk to you about vitamin D today.
there are numerous studies research you can go find all this information
yourself about how protective having adequate vitamin D levels are to
preventing any kind of cold or flu and so everyone I’ve tested in my clinic I’m
going to talk to you about these tests has been deficient
and when I say deficient I’m talking really deficient so we like to see
numbers at least at a minimum 60 and above I like to see 70 and above mine is
usually in the 80s but a lot of people are getting you know the check mark on
their lab work when they’re at 30 and that is just not protective enough so
one thing that I’d like to have every Mary can do every one in the world is
get their vitamin D tested and listen it is the simplest thing to fix because we
have vitamin d3 in a supplement form ours max living brand has 5000 IU’s per
capsule which would be the minimum to maintain wherever your vitamin D levels
are you may need to take more if your vitamin D levels are really low but it’s
inexpensive and you can get your vitamin D levels up quick and we know how
protective it is against any kind of pathogen. listen when your body comes in contact with invaders it activates your t-cells right the very first thing your
t-cells do which are trying to fight off any kind of infection is to activate the
vitamin D receptors if there’s not enough vitamin D there they cannot
activate appropriately so one of the best things you can do is get your
vitamin D tested and supplement where necessary now my other concern is people
are you know quarantined and it is the colder months still people are inside
they’re not getting sunlight which is a great source of vitamin D when it hits
your skin the cholesterol in your skin activates the sunlight to turn into
vitamin D in your body so people are going to be inside more they’re not
getting sunlight their quarantine themselves it’s gonna
be even more important to make sure your vitamin D levels are up it is so
protective against something like the flu so we have these test kits I’m
taking mine home today it’s a good idea to test your vitamin D levels frequently
at least once a year so I’m taking my pits home today I have a bunch more of
these kits on the way here it’s really easy you guys you take it home you open
it up it has a little Lancet here you prick your finger right a little prick
with a little needle and you fill up this card with it’s called a blood spot
test right send this in it gets tested we get the results in about 10 to 12
days there may be a little backup because I think a lot of people are
doing this now but listen if you’ve never had your vitamin D tested you
absolutely must do it if it’s been a while you’re gonna do it – I’m taking my
home today to retest and again this is something so simple and people just
don’t realize how protective it is and how deficient they actually are in
vitamin D it is a huge problem and so to be proactive rather than just quarantine
in yourself make sure your body is able to fight off these things naturally and
this is a really easy way to do it so if you have questions make sure you come
get your kids I’ll post on Facebook when we get all the kids in and they’re
inexpensive 80 bucks is all it cost you take it home turn it in so if you have
questions make sure you call us or talk to us when you’re in the office but get
your vitamin D levels checked hey and also even if you haven’t had it checked
take that bare minimum of 5,000 IU’s a day you must do that to maintain
wherever it is right now we can work on getting it up but I have 50 or so
bottles of vitamin D ready to show up in the office today so make sure you get it
you can also go online and order them so vitamin D is what you need to know today


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