Namaskaram (Hello) I’m Yogi Nitya and today we’ll talk about Vitamin D. Why is there a deficiency of vitamin D in spite of sitting in the sun and we have to take supplements for it? What can be the reason for the recurrence of Vitamin D deficiency? Sometimes we can sit under the sun but sometimes we can’t. So, are there any other alternatives than Sun, which, if we include in our lifestyle, can complete the deficiency of vitamin D. Whether it is diet or any other lifestyle changes. What about those people who do not get sun at all? From where will they get Vitamin D? We’ll discuss all these issues. Let me tell you in the basics first that what is Vitamin D & what happens due to its deficiency. Let’s talk about all these. So first of all, Whenever we think about Vitamin D. I’ll not beat around the bushes, but let me tell you this much that everybody thinks that it strengthens the bones. Everyone has this much understanding. I think people have this much awareness because as the problems are growing they are also bringing the awareness along with them. Earlier, people didn’t use to pay that much attention but now as they encounter problems they pay attention that this is Vitamin D or something else. All these vitamins are basically chemicals only, in a layman language. Our body is run by different chemicals only & Vitamin D is also a chemical. So, there are many reasons for the deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. It may decrease when you don’t get sun. It is not like if you don’t get the sun for a month or so then you’ll have a deficiency. This doesn’t happen so fast because it remains restored also in our body. But let me clear this point for those, who keep ignoring their body for years and don’t sit in the sun at all. They apply sunscreen a lot and keep their body covered so that the complexion doesn’t get dark. I’ll tell you why our body becomes darker in the sun and what its solution is. As of now let me tell you that please do not use sunscreen. If you’ll do so then our body wouldn’t be able to absorb the nutrition from the sunlight. If you must apply something as sunscreen, then rub the (Inside) skin of the raw papaya. You can also rub rose water or aloe vera as a sunscreen. Apply such things. You’ll not have any issues. Besides this, people, whose liver doesn’t work properly and it has some problem or who have weak muscles, because even if your body has absorbed the sunlight and your liver or muscles are weak then whatever Vitamin D generated in the body with the help of sunlight that will not be able to become activated Vitamin D. Activated Vitamin D refers to the form of Vitamin D that can be readily used by the body. So, it doesn’t get activated if the liver is weak and the muscles are also not that strong. So, what’s the solution? The solution is that the person needs to strengthen the muscles by regular exercises and also needs to keep the liver healthy. Now you’ll say, “There are so many remedies for the liver. What should I do? Please tell me in brief.” In brief, to keep your liver happy and healthy, boil & store milk in iron container and drink milk by reheating in an iron container only. The person who will start drinking milk in an iron container will not face liver problems. I’ve told you this important point in brief. Now let’s discuss whether Vitamin D is just for our bones? No, if Vitamin D decreases in the body then many other Vitamins stop working. We are so much dependent on the Sunlight. Don’t think that with the help of technology, now we’ll manage everything on our own. Ultimately we are dependent on nature. We are nothing with nature. So, the more we run away from nature, the more diseases are waiting for us. God has designed us in such a way that we need to connect with nature otherwise later or sooner we’ll fall sick. If we need to stay healthy, we have to be in touch with nature. That’s why never hesitate to go in the sun thinking your complexion will become dark. This doesn’t happen. Just remember a few things. Some people asked that even after sunbathing for 2-3 hours daily, their vitamin D is not increasing. They need to take tablets or sachet (for supplements). This is because we sit in the sun wearing clothes. Let me tell you, if you need to remove vitamin D deficiency from your body quickly then you will not benefit more by sunbathing more. Some people think that if they sit in the sun for hours then their Vitamin D will increase very fast. It is not so. even if you sit for around half an hour or 40 minutes daily, it is sufficient. and sitting for just 3-4 days a week is also sufficient. But the most important thing to consider is that you must let sunlight fall on your stomach and back at least for 5 minutes. Listen carefully. On your tummy i.e. area around the belly button and the back i.e. the area just behind your tummy, it is very important to have a sunbath in these areas. Not too much, just 5-7 minutes each. If you sunbathe your stomach and back just for 5-7 minutes, then vitamin D in your body will rise faster than just sitting in the sun with your clothes on and only your face and hands are getting sun. No doubt, there are many ways for sunbathing. In my next episode, I’ll discuss the right ways of sunbathing. How should we sunbathe and what should be done so that we don’t have acidity after a sunbath. Some people’s skin becomes red the moment they step into the sun or some face any other problem like face becoming darker. There are some rules to prevent this also. Sunbathing should be done in such a manner so that these problems do not occur. We’ll discuss this in the next episode. For now, just understand that by sunbathing tummy and the back the vitamin D level will increase faster. Modern medical science doesn’t accept this. They say it’s all rubbish because we are anyways getting sun on the skin. This is not so. There are many differences, if we understand this well then only we can know. People should research why Ayurveda suggests so. So, you’ll get vitamin D faster with this process and besides doing this, whichever body organ has a problem e.g. if anyone has sinus problems then he should sunbathe his face more, if anyone has knee problems, he should sunbathe the knees more. This means whichever body part has any problem should get more sunbathing. I should also tell you that the places which do not get much sun, what should people do there? Although there is no other such solution. They need to take medicines in the form of injections, powder sachets or tablets. But even then there are some remedies which can help you if you do them. Though, I’ll tell 2-3 things which are not possible to do. But even then keep it in your mind and if it’s possible anytime then it is very beneficial. Although, whatever grows in the presence of sunlight, it has some quantity of vitamin D but that much vitamin D is not sufficient for our body. Our body requirement cannot be fulfilled with it. So, in such a situation, whenever you get sun, take sunbathe and get it mostly on your naval and back. Besides this, the eatables like pickle, Clarified butter, oil, honey or even water-filled in glass bottles can be kept in the sun. Generally, during winters people keep these things in the sun. It also adds up the sun’s energy to the food. This doesn’t mean that you’ll get Vitamin D but at least the other complications that are occurring because of the lack of sunlight, can be cured. Also, you’ll get a small amount of vitamin D. Because the energy, which these things will absorb, will be able to balance the heat of your body. Our body has 13 types of heat. Namely, ‘Jatharagni’, ‘Panch-bhootagni’, ‘Sapt-dhatvagni’, etc. There are 13 types in all, which are situated at the 13 body parts. Sun-rays help in balancing them. So, sun-charge your eatables in this manner. Many times we keep things in specific colored bottles. For air element imbalance, orange-colored bottles are used. For water element imbalance, red-colored bottles are used. For fire element imbalance, blue-colored bottles are used for water and other eatables to charge them. I’ll discuss this after 1-2 episodes because there are so many things to discuss, so I just mention briefly, thinking that at least I am able to give you some information. At times some people get allergic to sunlight. So, we make them sit in the sun by keeping a blue glass in between. You may think, “From where & how can I get a blue glass?” or “ If I don’t have a glass then what should I do?” You can even keep a blue-colored paper. I will discuss this very soon for those people to whom sunlight doesn’t suit. But people, who are okay with sunlight, must sit in the sun. School teachers should also see that they teach the children the whole day in the classes only, the children do not get the sun at all. This stops the growth of their body and results in many other problems. I don’t ask for daily but at least in winters, when the sunlight is less available, the children should be taken out for around 30-45 minutes for prayer or yoga sessions or for general classes etc. At times, schools don’t have open areas, then also try to find a place like a terrace, to conduct classes in winter, so that they can also get some sun. This is very important and kind service to them. If teachers will not think about the kids in this way then their health will get impacted Because the lack of vitamin D results in lowering of the immunity, weakening of the brain & muscles in children. That’s why school authorities also must pay attention to maintaining the vitamin D levels of the children. Like I just mentioned that vitamin D is present in everything in small quantities. However, in a few things, it is present in ample amounts. For example, Vitamin D is there in the Indian cow’s milk. But for this, you must drink it unboiled just after milking. Because if you keep it for an hour or two after milking then it must be taken after boiling only. But if you drink it fresh just after milking, then you don’t need to boil it and also it contains ample amounts of Vitamin D. Although, I don’t know that after boiling whether vitamin D reduces or not because I never got it checked in the laboratory. But it is said that if fresh (Indian cow’s) milk is taken, it is very beneficial for the deficiency of vitamin D. Although, you can get this only by luck as it is not possible for everyone. But, like I just mentioned, at least sun- charge the eatables, massage your body in the sun. With all this, take Mushrooms, which are grown in the sun. If these are grown indoors, in the absence of the sun, then it won’t have Vitamin D. But if these are grown in the sun, then it contains vitamin D. Also, if you can get Indian cow’s ghee (clarified butter), it also contains some amount of vitamin D. So, don’t worry and take these things. Besides this, follow the tips that I have given because it is very important to maintain vitamin D levels. I just mentioned that if the Vitamin D level is not maintained, the calcium level will also fall and other vitamins will also not be able to work in the body. It will also stop many other functions of the body. So, I have discussed so much about vitamin D and took your precious time, but I try to give as much information as possible so that you also feel that you have understood and learned something. I also value your time a lot because you give me such a precious time of yours. But I don’t make lengthy videos to waste your time. I make such videos so that I can give you detailed information on each and every topic. Further, if you have any questions on this topic then I’ll try to give information on that. Please ask your questions in the comment box below. Also please mention what you liked in the video and what new things you’ve learned so that I can also know what you are learning and if you also have good knowledge then please teach us also. Please comment below the videos. That’s all for today. Namaskaram (Goodbye). Don’t ask if eating non-veg is good or bad, Just understand that for every living being, the pain of dying is equal.



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