Vitamin Connection – Nintendo Switch – Review

Vitamin Connection – Nintendo Switch – Review

Review code provided by WayForward Games for At the Sable family household, Boyo has a
high temperature, but his mother tries out a new vitamin. Enter Vita-Boy and Mina-Girl who use their
capsule ship to bust bacteria! In each level you navigate through the tunnels
of a body (or something similar) to get to vital locations. On the way you’ll shoot bacteria with your
vitamin beam, grab enemies and objects out of the way and carefully rotate to avoid obstacles. You’ll reach crossroads and use your map
to find your way around the system. The game can be played in single player, which
mostly uses button controls, but it’s preferable to play it with someone else. Doing so will have one person holding a joy-con
vertically, they control the movement, claw and fire button. While the other player holds it horizontally
and controls the ship rotation with motion control, opens/closes the claw and controls
the direction of the vitamin beam. The camera is at a controlled speed but the
fast forward can help. Annoyingly one linear level doesn’t allow
for it at all. Initial obstacles include a substance you
need to shoot through to move, panes that rotate the way your ship does and fibers. Those need to be cut by rotating the ship
to the blue or pink side to match and push through. The vitamin beam runs on a cooldown. So you can’t just use it all willy nilly. Later levels become more complex with mirrors
to reflect the beam, rotating obstacles that go in different directions and invincible
enemies that rain down. If you’re confident in your skills there’s
a fast forward button (two times if both players are pressing). The walls themselves deal damage, which might
be why there’s so many health pickups around in the form of sparkles. Inside the walls are spots you can shoot which
will also give you some health and rarely a star. There are five stars in a level and collecting
all five will give you a bonus level. The bonus levels are small challenges with
an extra story. This gives you incentive to explore even if
you’ve found the way to the vital points, especially since some stars only appear when
heading back. As you hit dead ends or come back from vital
points you can’t be too careful as enemies and fibers may re-appear. Once you’ve reached a vital location you
won’t fight a boss (with one exception) instead you’ll need to complete a mini game. There are a few different kinds, and in these
you can take damage and with enough you’ll lose and have to start again. There’s a rhythm game, one where you avoid
touching the electric wire, table tennis and a lot of rotating ones. Most of these were pretty good but we really
didn’t like the hand grabber one. In that one person uses the IR camera to move
the Hand up and down to grab something, while the other moves left and right (with obstacles
that make you drop things in the way). In single player you don’t need to use motion
controls. Outside of the main menu you can play these
mini-games to get new high scores. As you progress through the story you’ll
unlock new levels for these games. At the end of a level you’ll also get a
little love test. Perhaps I should be concerned I got acquaintances
at best with my boyfriend? The game has vibrant colourful 2D art. It is a simple style but still has a fair
bit of detail even in backgrounds. One kind of enemy explodes like fireworks which is fun. *firework popping noises* I’m not sure how to pinpoint the design
but my boyfriend said it reminded him of a flatter/simpler Powerpuff Girls. The original one. Before and after a level are some cutscenes
that show that aesthetic a lot more. These are short but cute. During levels you’ll also encounter other
inhabitants such as the germs or Pro-Biotic. Though my favourite is the: All characters except your duo are fully voiced
and really help add humor to the game. Vitamin Connection’s soundtrack is great
and varied, as you go through levels tracks will change. It almost feels like you’re listening to
a radio station with Japanese and English pop among others genres. Stages may have their own tracks, at one point
some rapping dogs inside a dog have their own jam. *music plays* Once you’ve beaten the campaign you’ll
unlock New Game Pro. This lets you play through the same levels
but as Pro-Biotic. The in level scenes also change a little bit,
including a funny exchange where he pretends to be nice to the viruses to pass through. From the little I’ve played of it I’ve
noticed a few more (& more difficult) enemies, an extra star per level and different mini-games. Personally I found the first hand grabber
game a lot easier than the one in the main game. He also shoots two lasers at once, and doesn’t
have to match colours with the fibers, (he is grey after all). In both modes you can get a perfect fever
score by not getting hit at all. You may also need to eliminate all the enemies. Alas you’ll have to find someone better
at the game than me to tell you what you might get for clearing a level perfectly. The game design itself was pretty great barring
some minor points. The biggest issues have more to do with the
Switch hardware itself. As the rotating player I would have to re-calibrate
constantly, while easy it was annoying. Similarly movement can be difficult especially
in some mini-games as the joy-con sticks are quite sensitive. One thing that might bother me more than others
is that solo and co-op have different save files. So in order to check things out I had
to find another co-op partner or start all over again. In single player there was a lot of non-motion
controls alternatives that didn’t seem to do anything in co-op. Especially annoying for the claw and hand
grabber game. If you manage to fall behind the camera it
can be very difficult to get back before dying from wall damage. The only solution we found was pausing the
game and opening it, let us move again for a second. There was one glitch during the first table
tennis like game. Somehow we managed to get the ball behind
the timer and it stayed stuck until the game ended. At least we won. Asides from some small problems I found Vitamin
Connection to be a fun little co-op game. Some early levels might be a bit slow but
the levels and enemies became much more varied afterwards. We didn’t use as much verbal communication
as we should have. Though I definitely had to say “babe”
quite a lot. It took us less than five hours to beat the
campaign (perhaps it could be done in four). That said, it has collectables to get bonus
missions and the pro campaign. Which shakes things up just enough that I’ll
be going through that with a different player. Personally I found that the single player was more
difficult but that might be because I wasn’t used to the controls. In co-op I preferred to be Mina-Girl as I didn’t have to worry about controlling the claw. I can definitely recommend it if you’re
looking for something to play with another, and can rely on your teamwork. I give Vitamin Connection an eight out of ten. Be sure to check out for
other handheld reviews and news. Bye. *game noises*



  • Paige Detlefsen

    Hope the audio's okay I was having trouble with it.

    Next review is: Blood Will Be Spilled.

  • herolink17

    Great review! This looks cute!

  • Clockworklemon

    Spoilers for a meme.

    Chapter 1: Fixing a kids fever.

    Chapter 4: saving the earth from a giant asteroid inhabited by a bacteria goddess on a collision course with earth.

    Well that escalated rather quickly

  • #1 WIZKUID

    Vita boy and Mina girl for SMASH !!!

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