Vitamin C can protect you from Coronavirus (COVID-19) |  Dr. Pradeep Seth, Former AIIMS Virology HOD

Vitamin C can protect you from Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Dr. Pradeep Seth, Former AIIMS Virology HOD

See, first thing you should not use the word
unfolding crisis you should rather use the unfolding epidemic. So, when you say crisis, it has a different
connotation. Right, secondly, coming to Covid-19, Covid-19
that is coronavirus is scattered among all living beings on the face of earth. I will tell you later when we talk about the
biology part, but Covid-19 is similar. They belong to the same group. Although, we do not know whether it came from
that or not, it is speculated that it belongs to the same group as that of SARS virus, which
came in 2002, that is COVID-2, it is similar to the MERS virus, which came in 2010 and
those two viruses are from bat. So, naturally this must have come from bats. Now, where did it originate from? It originated in Wuhan,China where they have
an animal market and these animals are sold freely for eating purposes or whatever it
is. Now, they have a lot of secretions. It could be possible that it was the natural
host of this virus. They do not suffer. Bats are the natural host/source of other
viruses, rabies is one of them and then nipah virus, which had recently affected Kerala. You know these viruses are excreted through
all secretions saliva, urine, stool all of that. It could be possible for any animals who are
the natural host and these are excreted through urine. Natural or any mosquitoes flying on the floor
and then anybody and get infected by inhalation. If you go to the fish market and get a lot
of secretions and you get the smell you know in such fishes you get the droplet infection
from the fish. So, the person must have carried it and this
spreads from human to human. It is very easily transmitted, but this virus
is different and transmissible as compared to SARS and MERS. It is spread like a wildfire, but the mortality
rate is less than SARS which has a mortality rate of 11% but this has mortality of less
than 2%. Whereas know this virus has not killed young
people, they affect mortality mainly due to the extent of age. Old people, who are suffering from some respiratory
disorders or people who have certain underlying inbuilt disorders or young children may cause
some frailty, but mostly it has affected the elderly people. Now, elderly people as well as frailty are
concerned. But, remind you in the Covid-19 serious cases
I admitted to the hospital. Among those who admitted the
patient only 2% of patients had died. This means the patients who don’t have infection. affected infection we don’t have mild sneezing
no fever, they are still out in the open they were first admitted. So, it is called mild and moderate infection
in humans. It is like any other fever below that respiratory
infections, which comes only during this season. There is one more thing, which i would like
to tell you that this virus i mean people are more they are panicked about these viruses. In panic they do not keep it cool. This virus is not going to be amend ed and
it is just mild infection, mild-to-mild they should keep the risk, which would themselves
and they use common sense and logic the virus is controlled easily. What is the biggest challenge from Coronavirus(COVID-19)? Does our tropical climate give us an advantage? A few things I would like to tell here you
know for the first part of the question I would like to answer the last, but you said
tropical climate, yes like any other virus infection now respiratory infection, which
occur during this season and when there’s a change of weather from winter to summer,
lot of virus infections occur, isn’t it and this particular virus is absolutely like
that. This virus is very sensitive and this cannot
withstand sunshine and heat. More than 30-35 degree centigrade, the virus
will die easily and cannot survive on the surface in the dry state and in the wet state
yes it will survive, if that is a cool place it will survive for about 6 to 7 days, but
in a hot place it will not survive at all. Then, thirdly as soon as a summer steps in
this virus will disappear. There is no way it cannot be transmitted and
the virus cannot be transmitted by air but only by a close contact by the close contact
it is transmitted. Like any other cough and cold viruses. Now sneezing, when you sneeze the release
and here they are taking it by persons who are standing in the proximity then you get
infected. I think as temperature being a tropical country
it didn’t be their now secondly, which I would like to say here where in tropical in
India, if you see in 2002, when SARS epidemic came the whole world was put on alert India
to I want at AIIMS at that time India too was put on alert and what happened after this
only 3 cases but the total from this country. Only 3 of them died and all of them survived.some
of the viruses which are common elsewhere cannot be held in our country. Maybe it
is a visual distinction or we do not know, but they will cause very mild infection one
is an example. The virus called Epstein Barr Virus, which
causes bacterial infonema in Africa, it causes Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in southern china
and northeast it causes Infectious mononucleosis in Caucasians, but in India, it doesn’t
cause any apparent disease. Check as present in 70% to 80% of the populations,
if you do the blood test it is positive. So, we are suffering from Epstein Bar symptoms
from childhood but do not show it . Then there is HIV infection, HIV subtype B is not seen,
it does not have a hold in India. We have got subtype C. It is common in India. There is a yellow fever that has not come
to India, there is dengue in the same group that is common in India. So, these are the few viruses that cause very
mild infection and go away. The reason behind this is not known and there
is not much mortality in India as compared to the western data. It will be good news if Indians don’t die
but we cannot predict what will happen in the near future as, Even the mildest infection
can kill a person with a respiratory problem. As of now, there is only one testing center
in India and the diagnosis takes 48 hours. Can we speed up the process? And are there any other alternatives to get
faster results? Now, third question shore the thing it Pune
it does it, but thing it really because at present they can this virus diagnostic centre
is only way to diagnose as why doing the reverse RT PCR(Reverse transcription polymerase chain
reaction) by the common in technique, which is PCR(polymerase chain reaction) technique,
which is known reverse ___ PCR diagnosed by automatic machines in Pune NIV this is government
institution is manually stood with that. Now, I tell you that the load is not that
much, for identifying this virus. So they are sending the samples because otherwise,
it will cost a lot to the Government of India but, it’s a loading season so, naturally they
will equip other centres also. All India Institute has got similar speciality
and other centres can be used. But, you know, it’s not only the machine but
this total set up requires a BSL- 3 type of facility, which very few centres in India
have got it. About 5 or 10 centres have got it, in particular. These centres have definitely got this facility
there but, let me tell you what NIB is doing because they are Delhi based institution. You see, there is no other…. This is the only test available all over the
world. Now, if you see, 28, 4 to 8,most of them are
travelers who came to India, Italian travelers, 16 of them are 60 plus and many travelers
who came from different other countries, isn’t it. So, naturally the load is there on the Government
and it takes 48 hours. And definitely yes,… By the time, the patient because see, there
is no treatment for the disease but the palliative treatment will be given even, irrespective
of the reverse transcription or not. You will give paracetamols,you will give other
vitamins to the patient and maintain his speed balance and he will be alright. The patient will be alright. Okay? There is no anti-viral treatment available
for this virus, at all. There is one thing which I can suggest, which
is when I was in USA, back in 1970, 1965-70, between that period, and I met Dr. Limus Pauling. I met him during a conference and Dr. Limus
Pauling was a double Nobel Laureate. He got two Nobel Prizes in his life. Very fine Chemist, Very fine Scientist. I was having some cold and cough like I am
having now and he came in and he told me, “Pradeep, if you take Vitamin C and it will
do magic. Take one tablet, 500 mg in the morning and
one in the evening you’ll be alright, throughout your stay in the USA. You will not suffer from any infections because
in the USA, you tend to get these infections, very quickly. And believe it or not, I took regularly that
particular treatment, I never had any cough and cold. Only late, last two years, I have stopped
it and I am having it otherwise I never had; never,never had any cough and cold. If at all, whenever I have,just a small running
nose and only that has to disappear otherwise nothing at all. So, I even suggest that everybody should take
Vitamin C, 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg in the evening. The logic behind this that Vitamin C has arms,
neutrophils which are polymeric lymphocytes which are the first line of defense in our
body. They are called innate immunity or natural
immunity. These are the cells that nature has given
us to fight the invading organisms. The first cells are polymers and majority
of our blood cells are polymers. They are about (45-47) % and these immediately
goes at the sight of infection and kill the organisms. So, this Vitamin C helps the neutrophils to
fight that.Vitamin C eases the cycle, if you see some the total cycles,how it kills the
microorganisms. Thus, Vitamin C is an important aspect. So, that’s one thing I say, if you do ithis,
it will definitely help the patient and Vitamin C is a common thing. You must be taking it and everybody else must
be taking it. You know, Corona Virus is a very big group
of Virus. It is not only COVID-2, COVID-12 or COVID-19. Very big. In humans, there are 4 types of Corona Viruses,
which cause very mild infections, in the childhood and upto adolescent, about 80-90% people has
got immunity against corona virus. We do not go to doctors. Some running nose or respiratory infections,
very mild infections. And then all other animals have got these
viruses. So, what happens is that this COVID- 19 has
come from animals to humans and that’s how it has been causing this type of infection. This virus is called CORONA- ‘CORONA’ means,
you know, Sun has got a corona that is like a halo, like a crown, it is a beautiful virus. It is for the shape of these viruses that
I have fallen for.Virology is my first love because I love their shap, the way they act. The human beings think that they are very
smart and these viruses are very small, they are tiny little bits but they make our lives
a hell. And that’s why. I love the viruses. I have worked for 40 years and I am still
working with viruses. So this thing is very simple. There is nothing to worry about.They are very
difficult to grow in the lab, since they require whole thickness of the tissue for their growth. However, it is very common by technology to
detect them. Message to the public, I can say, Government
is doing very well and we should faith in Government activity. Stop criticizing the Government. I mean, I am not saying this only for Central
Government but wherever, even in Hyderabad, we have got different governments. Don’t Criticize them, they are doing the best. Now, for public, please do not panick. When you panick, the first casualty is common
sense is gone, logic is gone. You know you have seen that some people jump
from the buildings that are burning- you know one of the buildings got burnt in Caunnaught
Place, one guy jumped from the sixth floor, I mean, what nonsense? He could have used his logic, he could have
had searched for some ways, to get out instead of dying like this.That’s because logic is
gone. So, you should use your logic and see, how
can you survive. So, that’s one thing. Use your logic, there is nothing to worry
about. Wash your hands. As frequently as possible with soap and water. Do not shake hands with anybody. Do not hug anybody. Do not touch anybody’s face. Even with your own hands, unless you washed
them, don’t touch your own face. Because this virus gets transmitted when,
you touch your eyes or touch your nose. It gets easy entry. Whenever, you go outside, if you touch anything,
inanimate object, come and wash your hands with soap and water. Keep sanitizer with you all the time. Use hanky whenever you cough or sneeze. Otherwise, for a normal person, mask is not
necessary. Unless, you have hot fever and cough. And one thing, please be cool. I have been working with viruses, dangerous
viruses, in my life. Name it and I worked with that. And I have worked at that time, we didn’t
have facilities like rabies, you name it, because logic is there. This is exactly what Lord Krishna said in
Geeta, also that absence of logic is the biggest enemy of mankind. Be clear of what you are doing and then, you
will be alright. This is my request to the public, to the educated
people. If educated people panick, what will happen
to the general public?They will follow you. Keep cool and that’s it. Thank you.





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    Just drink lemon 🍋 juice might clean the guts along sometimes you get a bit of bone pain but does kill of fever 🥵 personal juice to drink the lemon cold water mix or mild boiled to cool abit

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    To clarify, Vitamin C will likely work against coronavirus, but not the standard ascorbic acid supplements you find at the store. Those don't get absorbed in the body, and thereby, do nothing. You need to get it from food or use vitamin C as calcium absorbate or liposolmal vitamin C. Acerola cherries have one of the highest concentrations of Vitamin C, I believe around 800 mg per serving. You likely won't find them at the grocery store, but can find the powder form on Amazon.

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    here is a verified official statement from China's Xi'an Jiaotong University Second Hospital:

    "On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe coronavirus pneumonia recovered from

    the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital. In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . .

    [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with

    severe neonatal pneumonia, and for critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as

    soon as possible after admission. Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to

    do with the effect of treatment. High-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more

    importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS)."

  • travel keepsyouyoung

    here is a verified official statement from China's Xi'an Jiaotong University Second Hospital:

    "On the afternoon of February 20, 2020, another 4 patients with severe coronavirus pneumonia recovered from

    the C10 West Ward of Tongji Hospital. In the past 8 patients have been discharged from hospital. . .

    [H]igh-dose vitamin C achieved good results in clinical applications. We believe that for patients with

    severe neonatal pneumonia, and for critically ill patients, vitamin C treatment should be initiated as

    soon as possible after admission. Numerous studies have shown that the dose of vitamin C has a lot to

    do with the effect of treatment. High-dose vitamin C can not only improve antiviral levels, but more

    importantly, can prevent and treat acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress (ARDS)."

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