Vitamin C can keep cancer at bay – U.S. research

Vitamin C can keep cancer at bay – U.S. research

In health news…
U.S. research has shown high doses of vitamin C can improve the cancer-killing effect of
chemotherapy in the lab and mice. Scientists at the University of Kansas say
that, given by injection, vitamin C could potentially be a safe, effective and low-cost
treatment for ovarian and other cancers. They have called for the U.S. government to
launch large-scale clinical trials. Vitamin C has long been used as an alternative
therapy for cancer. The team behind the research also say patients
reported fewer side effects when given vitamin C alongside chemotherapy.


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  • Lee M

    What a Load of god damn BOLLOCKS……Vit C intravenously is whats killing the cancer cells
    but these Pharma Bastards will always try and Con you into thinking it " Helps " along with Chemo so
    take the Chemo Poison as well….. Disgusting people !

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