• SSchithFoo

    ohhh shit son! This channel is amazing!

  • 7in1

    Its a great news isn't it!!!!!!?

  • natureasintended

    Woo hoo! 🙂 <3

  • Freebase Vegan

    Thanks for making this available in creative commons, I like it so used it in my latest post. Then there's the current knowledge about estrogenic PhIP, and heart disease caused by heme iron and TMAO in meat. Yet the old meat myths keep being believed in.

  • W.J. Kelly

    Ah, Dr. Greger, you have done it again. But…

    Plasma protein might not be the measure of dietary protein adequacy. Maybe the body tightly regulates serum albumin, if it can, by tapping the protein found in muscles and other tissues. I don't know, but you can certainly see the difference in muscle mass between vegans and omnivores, especially the (perhaps less necessary) shoulder girdle muscles. In the words of Arnold, "Dey ah pencilnecks." Thanks, Dr. G.

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