Use your computer to help CoVid19 coronavirus research – Folding@ home

Use your computer to help CoVid19 coronavirus research – [email protected] home

Hey guys just want to make this really
quick video as you know the world has gone kind of crazy about the Convid19
virus. Here in Australia we’re starting to actually get panicked buying and
there’s a lot of talk about lockdown I’m not going to in this video tell you
to wash your hands or stay away from people there’s enough people talking
about that and I’ll I feel a lot of misinformation don’t be drinking bleach
don’t be doing any of these kind of crazy things if you didn’t do it before
convid19 it’s a really good idea not to but I wanted to share with you
something that I learned about just recently that allows you to help out
with the research and hopefully a cure or at least an inoculation against Convid
19 Stanford University has an incredible
research group where they take proteins and they fold them and what’s really
important about this is that there’s no microscope in the world that allow you
to shrink down to the size of a protein so what they do is by folding these
proteins in simulation and these are computer simulations they’re able to
actually explore what a protein does and ultimately viruses are made up of a
whole lot of different proteins they’re running a project since 2000 called
folding at home and what this project is all about
is using your computer to share some of that data do some of the processing and
then upload the answer to Stanford University and that information is then
shared. Why is this kind of important well if you wanted to fold one protein
on your home computer and you had them a great gaming machine or the most
powerful MacBook Pro it would take about 500 years fold that protein all at once
and actually get an answer and you can see we that’s not going to help anyone
so even though they’ve got supercomputers what they’ve actually put
into place is a piece of software that allows them to break down that folding
process and share it around to everyone so what’s that mean for you? well it’s
really simple you will allow your computer when you’re not using it so if
you leave it on or if you’re working you can actually define in the program when
when you’re not using it to then take that time and their processing power and
apply it to that problem and by doing that they kind of build a virtual super
computer by using everyone’s machines I think this is a wonderful idea
right now they have openly shared the problem of convid19 and are sharing
the answers to scientists all over the world this is something that you can
do and this is something that you can do that doesn’t take a lot of effort you
don’t have to go to the stores and fight groups you don’t have to have the answer
yourself but if you have a computer and most people do you are able to download
this piece of software place it on your computer and
we share the processing time now they’re not just dealing with convid19 they
deal with cancer and different diseases all around the world but right now we
are really struggling to find an answer of a basically a pandemic that’s
affecting everyone in the world I believe in this project and I believe
that if everyone was to share their computing time right now it would bring
us that much closer to having an answer so what I’m going to do is I want to put
links below and they’re gonna send you to not only the download page but
I’m also going to send you to the main page you could go and look at it
yourself I know there’s a little bit of fear right now about like putting these
programs on your computer because maybe people can get into it and hack your
money and all that sort of stuff that’s not what this is if you feel comfortable
about it I strongly suggest downloading this program and letting it run maybe
leave your computer on at night or if you’re working from home like I am being
able to let your computer do this processing we have lunch or you have
downtime where you’re on the phone this is something that we can all do it’s not
about everyone else doing the work for us I feel strongly that there is a big
lessons to come out of this convid 19 pandemic I think this is an incredible
opportunity for all of us to pull together because we are always stronger
together than we are apart and I think that you know as a Maker people
keep saying to me what are you going to come up with that’s gonna help answer
the problem and I think this is one that I don’t have to make but I would love to
be able to share it with you guys stay safe I said I was gonna say it but wash
your hands and you know what this is going to be so a real challenge for the
next couple of weeks and months but I believe we’ll all come out of this
healthy having learnt something I think that’s really important and kind of
lacking and that’s a little bit of love to everyone’s is a neighbour is why I
love the maker movement because it really does instill a sharing and a
standing by each other I think that’s kind of getting lost in in the wider
world so you know let’s be examples if you know people who have computers that
are sitting there or just on please speak to them about about putting this
folding software folding at home on their machines or maybe you can do it
themselves or send to this channel I’m gonna even ask you
guys to subscribe this time this is not what this is about if you have any
recommendations on other things that you think that people can use to help you
during this time please let us know in the links below and I will do my best to
send that out as much as I can please stay safe you know spend time
with your family stay indoors and we’ll see you at the end of all this take care you



  • Sparky 415 Everythings Adjustable

    Great idea and good video GIl!

  • Muff Flux

    Isn't it "COVID-19"?

  • M. Saban Smith Woodturning

    Thanks for this heads-up Gil. I'm sharing your video out to help you spread the word.

  • Skeleton Dude

    Did they ever fix compatibility for AMD/Vega cards? I tried this a few months ago and it didn't work. However it ran just fine on another system with an Nvidia GPU.

  • bgtubber

    Neat! I'm now contributing with a GTX 1080 Ti, GTX 980 and a Threadripper 3970x. Thanks for the video. 🙂

  • Casey Wach

    was thinking exactly this.

  • Dareios soieraD

    covid-19 is not the virus, this is disease. sars-cov-2 is the virus

  • Caterhamse7en

    I remember setting my PS3 to ALWAYS run [email protected] when it was idle back when the system was new.

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