URGENT!! Coronavirus Freeze Dried Food Stash HARVESTRIGHT FREEZE DRYER

URGENT!! Coronavirus Freeze Dried Food Stash HARVESTRIGHT FREEZE DRYER

hey guys it’s Brian with retired at
forty and I normally post on Sundays but I’m gonna take this opportunity just
given the kind of climate that we’ve had lately to release a video early because
I want you to get a jump start on freeze-drying
and kind of get your food stash put together if you can today I’m gonna give
you about seven or eight of the best things you can freeze-dried that will
get you the most bang for your buck as far as nutrition vitamins protein all
that good stuff for a low price tag and you can stockpile these foods real real
quick so without any further ado here’s the video hey guys it’s Brian with
retired at 40 it seems like you cannot go anywhere or do anything without
hearing about coronavirus corona virus and the corona virus corona virus the
corona virus but I think we can all agree that at this point it is
definitely a thing we should probably do something about it so if you’re watching
this video you either have a freeze dryer or at least on the fence of buying
one and nothing justifies the use of a freeze dryer like this coronavirus thing
this is the exact reason why a freeze dryer is something that you want so the
freeze dryer is ideal for stockpiling food and you can stockpile food very
quickly so today I’m going to show you the best foods for the money so when
you’re stockpiling foods in the case of an emergency
you want to stretch your dollar as far as you can you want foods that are gonna
give you the most vitamins nutrients minerals and proteins for as little as
possible so I’m just gonna get right into it I’m gonna start right off by
saying if you don’t have a freeze dryer and you’re on the fence I’ll put a link
down in the description that’ll take you to harvest right now all the information
you need is in there I also have a Facebook group that you can join and you
can ask any questions that you have before purchasing so it just so happens
to all of the foods that I’m going to mention today freeze dry really well and
the first one is broccoli broccoli contains almost every nutrient that you
need and it’s full of antioxidants you can also add it to almost every dish
next on the list are potatoes and sweet potatoes these guys are great for brain
and immune system health and they’re high in fiber and just like broccoli you
can these two almost anything number three
on the list is Tomatoes they’re high in vitamin C they help reduce cholesterol
they have an antioxidant called lycopene elf which helps protect your cells it
helps protect against disease and it reduces inflammation carrots are another
great bang for your buck they’re high in vitamin A they’re high in vitamin C they
help with your immune health and they’re also high in fiber you’ll notice what
the first four things are vegetables that’s because your mom was always right
when she told you clean your plate so the next few things I’m going to mention
are considered grains and legumes and the first thing that comes to mind with
grains is brown rice and we just did a video on brown rice so if you want to
see that I’ll put a link down here and then I’ll put a card right here so just
like the previous items rice is very high in minerals and nutrients a lot of
bang for your buck here the next items I would stock up on our beans and I’m
gonna do black beans and garbanzo beans beans can be had for about a dollar per
pound they have lots of vitamins and minerals and they’re an excellent source
of plant-based protein 15 grams of protein and one cup of black beans and
you’ll notice that there’s no meat on my list that’s because the value you get
from meat is quite a bit less than what I’ve mentioned so far all right last on
my list is edamame and edamame is a little bit more expensive per pound than
a lot of the previous things but this contains almost every trace mineral that
the body requires and just one cup of edamame which is about half this bag
contains 17 grams of protein so i’m going to start getting these prepared to get
freeze-dried I’ve already got a tray of frozen garbanzo beans also known as
chickpeas and next I think I’m gonna do the broccoli and the sweet potatoes and
those need to be blanched first so to blanch these all you need to do is just
give them a bath and some hot water usually for a couple minutes three
minutes is fine it just helps preserve them and just a little bit better and
then I’m also gonna blanch these carrots real quick right after I cut them in
half just so the freeze dryer can pull the moisture out of them so we eat a lot
of vegetables and we do a lot of freeze drying and one thing that I’ve really
started making sure that I do is I do all the work upfront as far as
the cutting because when I freeze dry these I like to just be able to pull
them out rehydrate them or throw them into a recipe and I don’t have to do any
chopping or whatever and it just makes it so much faster when you go to use
them on these sweet potatoes a lot of people will peel them but you’re really
missing out on a lot of the nutrition if you do that so I just take the ends off
of them I scrub them really well and I pick any funky things off of them and
then I’m just gonna dice them or you can cube them also okay so here our water is
rolling a rolling boil now we’re just going to give them just a quick bath a
couple minutes will do you can cook them all the way to if you like depends what
you’re going to use using for in the future
so all you really need to do to prevent or at least slow it down the coronavirus
is do everything that your mom told you to do when you were a kid eat your
vegetables cover your mouth when you cough wash your hands and click
subscribe to retire at 40 click the bell to get notifications give me a thumbs up
if you liked the video and don’t forget to join the Facebook group alright let’s
get these carrots in for a quick dip and we’ll be ready to go onto the trays alright we’ve got our veggies we’ve got
our broccoli we’ve got our sweet potatoes and our carrots let’s do some
beans and some legumes so I’ve already cooked my Bonzo beans and put them in
the deep freeze so I’ll just stick them back in the deep freeze with the rest of
this stuff next I’m gonna do that edamame and these are just the
prepackaged ones I’m gonna throw them in a microwave for a quick second and then
I’m gonna have to shell them so what we’re waiting for those to be done I’m
gonna do my diced tomatoes and I’m just gonna leave all the juice and stuff in
the can try not to make a gigantic mess the cool
thing about Tomatoes is you can powder them you can do you can do so much you
can leave them in chunks like this you can powder them you can make a paste out
of them and I’m going to do an entire tray of just diced tomatoes so if you’ve
never heard of an edamame basically what it is is an immature soybean so if they
look vaguely familiar you’ve probably seen them on a soybean plant because
that’s what they are they’re just not fully developed at a very tender and you
can get these so they’re already shelled they basically look like a lima bean
when they come out but they taste way better than lima beans so I’m gonna let
these cool down a little bit before I shell them all and I’m not gonna bore
you with my shelling cuz I’ll be here for a long time but you can actually
buy them shelled as well alright so my black beans are rinsed and cooked
already and I know I said I was gonna deep freeze these but it’s been a while
since I’ve actually done a freeze cycle and then in the freeze dryer and I kind
of want to change it up see what kind of a difference it makes it’s been so long
since I’ve done it and I’ll see if it takes longer than it normally would I do
think I’m gonna add some time because these tomatoes are pretty watery but I
want to keep that watery stuff because it’ll dry into almost a powder so kind
of depending on what you’re going to use them for I like to actually have that
powder as well alright so I’m going to show you how to adjust your dry times if
you’ve never done it before and if you join that Facebook group I’ve actually
got a download that you can download my dry time sheet it kind of goes over
the basics of the most common freeze-dried food that you would run
across okay so here is your home screen and if you have an older or newer
version it might differ just a little bit from this but you want to go to
customize and then you’re gonna go to adjust cycle times final dry I’m gonna
do 10 hours and that’s only just because that we
have quite a bit of a high liquid content and I my trays are just jammed
full right now so you click done on that I’m gonna click start and then on this
round I’m gonna click not frozen I’ll see you guys in a little bit so
it’s been about 27 hours we’re not even in the final dry yet but in order to get
this video out to you as soon as I can I’m gonna cut this a little bit short
and I want you just to take my word that all of these foods do really really well
for your freeze dried stockpile especially in an emergency state they’re
inexpensive they give you lots of nutrition and they’re gonna give you the
best bang for your buck so not only are you going to be able to get a lot more
quantity of this type of food but you’re gonna be able to rehydrate these foods
very quickly most of these foods can just be they can
be rehydrated in a matter of a minute or less just in some hot water you can add
them to soups or stews you can just throw them together with other
freeze-dried foods and make a soup or a stew so the benefits you’re gonna get
from these foods are pretty unmatched so for those of you that are watching this
and you don’t have a freeze dryer yet hopefully you can take the state of
emergency and watch this video and you can see all the benefits of freeze
drying and you can go to the link below you can check out harvest right you can
see what they have to offer see what things cost and if you want to join the
Facebook group and you’re not a freeze dryer you can at least get a lot of
people’s opinions and successes and failures so given the current state of
everything I hope the country can actually turn this into a positive
everyone can come together help their neighbors help a friend help your family
and we’ll all pull through if everyone sticks together and helps each other out
in the meantime this is retired at 40 remember to live life simple get to
freeze-drying right now we’ll catch you next week



  • lorrie palmer

    I'm grateful for my FDer right now! Been drying leftovers for months and have a ton of pre-done meals and a ton of variety. I'm avoiding stores completely! Thanks to you I bought it when I did!

  • The Lovely Lover Lisa Page

    MAGA2020 that Wuhan virus.

  • Shviko

    amazing video keep up the amazing content

  • jcllings

    I got mine this week. Running it for the first time now! :-):-):-)

  • n mc

    I have a batch of onions, celery and carrots in the F.D. right now but got an awesome deal on Kerrygold cheese and have done two batches of shredded cheese already with many more planned.
    I love the freeze dryer…..when the process works. Just received my 7th dry pump but think I'll stick with the oil pump I have because it never ever gave me problems like the dry pump has.

  • jcllings

    For survival, the biggest baddest body builder in the whole world needs only a 1/4 lb hamburger's worth of protein every day.
    That and about 2000 calories total. Vitamins. Of course, you need to seek some diversity. Yes, of course, but generalizing, that is about it. Rice + and an assortment of beans is how vegans keep from losing muscle. Rice and a nice 15 bean mix is a perfect protein.

  • ClarkyMalarky2882

    Mask your wearing wouldn't work bro, gotta be clean shaved. And it needs to have a proper seal, but will help you from spreading. 😛 but got my harvester coming soon( not related to corona) great info on everything for my garden surplus.

  • nikolas sink

    Wow I've had mine for 6 months and my final dry time is always 10 hours, Intresting.

  • Natalie Stephens

    Edemame are soy beans and are toxic to people unless fermented…

  • patriotpioneer

    Is the Corona Virus the same thing as The Wuhan Flu….? Seems like Everything is Made in China These Days… 😉

  • Michael Carpathios

    You're awesome! It shows that you're especially well-informed that you emphasize fruits and vegetables for complete nutrition. And since you've already tested freeze-drying all these things, you're the best resource on the internet. Thanks!

  • Pamela Chadwell

    Can't I just keep the caned food caned?



  • Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement

    Thanks for the video Brian – great work. So glad you included that fresh vegetables need to be blanched before freeze drying. Not needed for store bought frozen vegetables as that step is already done at the processing center.
    I look forward to you next freeze drying video.

  • Leisurely Logan

    I don't remember my mom ever saying "click to subscribe".

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    New sub here so glad I found your channel

  • sea6bear

    Nice video , appreciate the service you provide … There is an indescribable feeling knowing I’m able to continue to provide for my family while we see others panic …Let’s all remain civil.

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