Triathlon Prep – Vlog #5 // 10k Run Test +  Greens Powder Taste Test

Triathlon Prep – Vlog #5 // 10k Run Test + Greens Powder Taste Test

welcome to the video and vlog number five of my triathlon prep series I’m feeling fantastic last week I took that risk rest weekend if you haven’t check out the video yet there’s a link here you can go and check out why I took the rest week by firing on all cylinders now and ready to hit the training cart I started yesterday with a little turbo training session just went online for 10k got the blood flowing again got a sweat or man use myself in gently but today I’m heading out on a 10k run because for a little bit of a confidence boost I just want to make sure that I can still run a 10k comfortably and see how my body feels on it I’m gonna take you along for the run with me in a short while but first I wanted to pay for this exciting package that has come I mentioned in my video last week that I think my nutrition had slipped off just a little bit bloke in general things got in the way but it also no poured into me feeling a little bit of lack of motivation and a little bit tired and lack of motivation to train the cadets right so one thing that I’ve put a lot of thought into last week while I was having a rest is how I can get myself a little bit more organized in the nutrition department so I’ve kicked things off this weekend but the big shop big food shop full of nutrition nutritious foods lots of one ingredient food some fruit fed to me your basic kind of stuff nothing fancy but I’m feeling really organized I’m ready to go but in addition to that I have decided to invest in some supplements some I’ve been looking at for a little while just so that when times do get a little bit busy I can go to something quite quickly and still make sure that I’m getting all my nutrients that I need and in in addition to meals and if I don’t manage to kind of eat something super healthy I will be okay and I’ll still have got my vitamins and everything in and hopefully that will keep me going as a strong so lettuce box and I’ll show you boys inside [Applause] [Music] so here we have it my new stash of supplements I don’t actually take supplements very often I haven’t taken them historically but I always have used protein I like it as a nice addition to my diet especially when I’m training hard I’ll use it for post recovery shakes and as you’ve seen in pancakes and then these two are new additions I have tried Green powders before and I really like the idea of them because I do find it really really difficult when I’m on the go to get enough greens in it’s just really really hard and it’s a little bit of a cheap way of doing it but for me as a business and I think it will help me to make sure I get enough into my diet and the new Reds one is a little bit of a new experiment but I’ve been following these guys as I mentioned in my who inspires me video this company is called bpn and it’s the company that is run by Nick Baer who I mentioned in my best book recommendation if you haven’t checked out that video yet I’ll put a link up here and you can go go and see it and I’ve been watching this stuff for about a year and I’ve been watching all the product development and the reviews etc and I finally taken the plunge and ordered some of their stuff to try out so I’m really excited to try this last time had a green pearl powder it tasted absolutely disgusting I have read a lot about this and the reviews say that is pretty good so I think we should try it and see what it tastes like and I think basically in short the greens is sort of more like a vegetable based supplement and it gets movie green kind of items in there and then the Reds is more soft fruit based service antioxidants and things like that I believe you can step away from them together in a mixed but I might just try them separately to start with let’s have a little try and see what they like Skeets [Music] okay so allegedly this is naturally flavored with lemon it’s looking very green let’s try it the bottle okay he goes [Music] [Music] definitely lemony a vast improvement on the last screams powder oh I tried they’ve only got I captured my facial expressions then actually quite palatable yeah like a blur I mean yeah it’s very nice quite refreshing quite light and if that speck would do this I’m one happy customer be honest I’m really happy with that because I am always very skeptical about how these things are gonna taste but I can see myself drinking that on a daily basis is actually pretty refreshing I have to say so I’ll be trying that out I’ll be doing it on a daily basis until this is all gone and then I will see if I think it’s worth them investing in that on a regular basis of course I will try out the red one as well which I believe is strawberry flavored so I think they’ll be quite nice and I’m gonna finish drinking this and then I’m gonna head out on this run so I don’t catch you out there on the web [Music] here we go 10k coming up one kilometer nine to go two kilometers well it’s a three in the bag [Music] [Music] I’m some rain [Music] [Applause] pull up at six in the bag let’s get wild out here I’ve pitched Sonny’s wish that the rain jacket portico 7k home stretch 8k [Music] there we have it 10k pretty pleased with that pace absolutely storming out here and that’s it I’m back from the 10k that got wet and wild super quick I lost those Sun sunglasses after 3k they would definitely a bit ambitious but nonetheless a fantastic run super pleased to be back out there on the run and into my training I can’t recommend highly enough taking a rest week if you are feeling a little bit of our lack of mojo or lost motivation for training it can really fuck revitalize you I am feeling really really motivated again and ready to go both mentally and physically that felt great so take a couple of days off if you need to and you can come back even better if you did enjoy the video as always give it a thumbs up and subscribe make sure you hit the bell to be notified for my future videos loads more coming on this triathlon series and lots of videos and other bits and pieces coming when I start to travel this year so I will look forward to seeing you in the next video [Music] [Applause] [Music]



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