Top Medigap Plans for 2020 – Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Top Medigap Plans for 2020 – Best Medicare Supplement Plans

Hey, everyone!
I’m Shayna Lawler. And I’m Kasey Craig. We’re with Elite Insurance Partners
on I’ve asked Kasey to join us today
to talk about a really hot topic in the Medicare community right now. And that is what the top three
Medigap or Medicare supplements will be for the 2020 year? So let’s dive right into it! What is the first top plan
we’re going to discuss? The first plan is Medigap plan F
and Medigap supplement plan F is first coverage and it’s a great
option for beneficiaries eligible before 2020, because in 2020,
first all coverage plan are going away. Right, so plan F may be a good
choice for you if you’re someone who frequents
the doctors or hospitals regularly and you don’t want surprise,
out of pocket costs. Also if you live in a state that allows
excess charges, plan F would be a good fit for you. There is also a high deductible plan F
option, it’s great for beneficiaries that want a lower premium but still
want first all coverage. Exactly! So that’s why we love
Medicare supplements so much. Because there’s a lot of flexibility
and you can choose a plan or a variation of it that’s best suited
for your needs. The next best plan for 2020
is Medicare supplement plan G and plan G is not a first all
coverage plan, the reason being you’re responsible for the part B deductible. So this plan offers most of the great
coverage as the plan F, the only hangup is that part B deductible. So if you don’t mind paying that,
then plan G might be for you. There is also a high deductible option
for Medicare supplement plan G. That’s a new plan that they’re
releasing in 2020 and that will be available
at the start of the year. Awesome! The final plan option for 2020 is plan N. Medicare supplement plan N is a great
middle ground for someone who doesn’t want the high deductibles
and doesn’t need first all coverage. Plan N does have a 20 USD copayment
for doctor’s office visits and a 50 USD copayment
for emergency room visits. Exactly! So there you have it! We have F, G, the high deductible
variations and then plan N. Now there are a ton of other options for
you in choosing a Medicare supplement plan but those are definitely the three
that we recommend most. So if you have any questions
on any of those plans we discussed or on Medicare in general, feel free to leave us a comment
and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Bye!


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  • Edward Branca

    I am 68 years old and I have been disabled for all of my life. I don't pay anything for the many medications that I must take. I don't pay anything for any of my healthcare. I don't pay any Medicare premiums because New York state's Medicaid program pays my premiums for me. My healthcare is paid by Medicare and Medicaid. My income is SSDI. and SSI. Because I have many serious medical issues, I see doctors about once a week, and I take many medications. I needed to be hospitalized three times this year alone. I know that I am costing you taxpayers a heck of a lot of money, but what can I do? I am not going to commit suicide and I want to remain alive for as long as I possibly can. By the way, on the infrequent occasions that I receive a medical bill, I toss it into the garbage can and then I forget that I received it.

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