This Vitamin May Not Lower Blood Pressure

This Vitamin May Not Lower Blood Pressure

Just because people with low vitamin D levels
often have high blood pressure doesn’t mean that more vitamin D will fix the problem.
I’m Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. Some scientists believe vitamin D may boost
heart health. A new review, however, found that taking vitamin D supplements was not
an effective way to lower blood pressure. The authors of this new report recommended
that these supplements not be used as a high blood pressure treatment. Patients can manage high blood pressure by
losing weight and staying physically active; if blood pressure remains high, patients can
ask a doctor about medication.



  • Ron Ellis

    Wow… Is that it???? Dum !!! ClikBate. UR lol ing.

  • Rocket Man

    You should state your sources. Why would you even make this video? Who would pay for this? Hmm…. Let me think

  • lisa bowie

    What doctor or henchman for big pharma is behind this deliberately misleading propaganda to make people think vitamin D does not help lower high blood pressure.? For one thing, there are several known causes for high blood pressure. Vitamin D deficiency is only one. So if your vitamin D is low (get blood work done and read your blood test results) and increasing this vitamin does not help lower your high blood pressure…then check your magnesium. Are you overweight and don't exercise? There are other factors. Another thing, taking vitamin D as a supplement is not that simple. You have to take the right form of vitamin D like vitamin D3 and not D2 or D. The body absorbs certain forms better than others. Besides, the human body natural makes vitamin D when the ultraviolet rays from the sunlight come in contact with the cholesterol in exposed skin! Telling people to see their "doctor" so that medication can be prescribed (except in emergency cases) is not good.

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