Thinking PAST These Challenging Times – Cardio University – Workouts For Older Men – Wed 3/18/20

Thinking PAST These Challenging Times – Cardio University – Workouts For Older Men – Wed 3/18/20

Hello Hello Hello and welcome to Cardio
University. Fitness, longevity, and passion. I’m Skip La Cour and I’m so glad you’re
here. I’m so glad in making this your daily habit your ritual something to
look forward to every single morning 6 a.m. Pacific time 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time
every single day I’m here with you you know we start doing this cardio the
University but yeah that’s even more power for me personally and hopefully
for you let me know going get anything through getting through these
challenging times these times of uncertainty alright I want us to get
together our collective power get some certainty calmness some clarity
confidence moving forward we’re gonna get through these times we’ve got to be
resourceful we got to be gritty look for solutions got to use this internet as a
source of power and clarity right taking in so much information so many different
opinions you want to be very selective of who you let into your life even
though it’s it’s a pad it’s a phone you want to be very collective who you let
into your world into your mind once something gets in your mind it grows
there and sometimes you think you can shrug off all the negative opinions
sometimes you can but it plants itself there takes a room that could be for the
powerful empowering thoughts alright be careful during this time don’t assume
that you’re so strong and powerful that you could take in everybody’s opinions
everybody’s pain right you work on your sphere of influence but you first need
to work on you we need to work on ourselves to lead during these times we
don’t know what’s gonna be called upon us absolutely they need to make the
decision right now are you going to be that calming force are you going to be
that sort a strength all right I think by now you
know one thing you know I talked about how I really believe the world is going
to change forever forever now our awareness of what’s going on what we
value what we must do how much appreciation and gratitude feeling
grateful for everything that we may have taken for granted once you start looking
for those things I’m I’m looking for those things now I see them all the time
you know going to the gym sometimes it’s been a job for me you know you can see
me going to the gym as much as seven days a week that I don’t always work out
but how many videos lookouts rolling in life have I shot for you just in the
last year I bet it’s gotta be good least 200 in the last 365 days and now I miss
it so they dragged myself up but three o’clock morning it’s taken away from me
right when and I want you to think pass when we get through this that’s one
thing I’m not gonna I’m not going to take for granted that opportunity that
we have our passion to get better and better at you know I’m using this time
thinking about the man I want to create with that sense of urgency that we don’t
have just forever you got to live with that sense of urgency if we’re gonna
make an Apple gonna make it happen now I’ve got this whole list of books that
I’m gonna be reading uh-huh I’m envisioning all the things then I’m
gonna become better and I’m not gonna just hope for it my time goes by quickly
especially when we’re a little older like we are man we got to seize the
moment if there’s anything that I learned throughout all this is we have
to seize the opportunities you know we talk about what the potential impact of
this economy it makes you really think how great the economy was okay before
did we take full advantage of it did we fully appreciate it all right
well you know we’ve got to deal with the times
the other part of us yeah I’m fired up I’m fired up you you get your nervous
system should be changed forever in a positive way
how termined you are during these times and then you never want to go back to a
place where you’re not grateful that you’re not resourceful
you’re not greedy that you don’t take advantage of every opportunity I mean it
is done it is done I’m committed for the rest of my life you know I’m gonna take
advantage of every option on it double down on the triple down you know
whatever I thought was a hard worker and I’ll tell you I’m ready to double down
on triple down you’re gonna see it one thing is you gonna see me every single
day here you and I are gonna be going through this together I want to provide
you just bro to bro connection through this time remind you of who you are
while you’re all about so that’s one thing immediately the other thing is how
I prepared myself for this moment with all my thoughts all the things we that
we’ve talked about now it’s time to use them the Sun gets stronger got resources
for you oh yeah one gentleman kind of woke up to a a
text and this is why I love to see is if you’re challenged during these times its
mindset and I think you know that you’re hearing that all over the Internet
hope you have a whole bunch of positive sources I hope you know everyone who’s
saying gods they’re comparing this to the flu or it’s no big deal it’s
conspiracy if they’re oh whatever whatever whatever right and making it
political you know not they are not part of your world
it’s not productive that’s their ego talking their internet personality
whatever it is that isn’t productive tell you you got it could be good people
to good intentions say these are challenging times but you can’t even
entertain it don’t even let that entertaining right it’s not productive
so you work on you I got to work on me we got to be that leader for
only in our sphere of influence that’s when we need to plant in our mind that’s
what needs to grow we don’t have any room for you bless your heart struggling
it’s not productive it’s not productive anyway so I’m offering my man
information course mindset actions of the powerful amount absolutely free it’s
11 hours of this type of power a lot of guys you know they come to me for the
fitness strategies I get to talking with them on the phone I talk to so many of
you guys going but I make myself available and when we start talking it
goes far beyond the training an easy strategy that physical body you know
when it comes down to it they look at me they see me show up they show the
passion and energy the obsession okay the purpose the bigger purpose of all
this and they want some of that all right sure they want the body but they
want more purpose meaning more direction they want something that be passionate
about to get out of bed in the morning I got those strategies for you I want to
give them to you for free I know you come to here for Fitness but I’ll tell
you go to Schiphol car comm frontslash yet go to skip liqueur cone run
especially if it’s free it’s 11 hours of audio if you love this type of energy
this type of message don’t come without in addition to the fitness strategies
you know I have if you scroll down on my Facebook page so I know Ben from
LinkedIn from Twitter and from Instagram right there seeing this cardio
University and the replay version go to my Skip la Cour page alright skip
liqueur page on Facebook at skip liqueur page scroll down and just listen to
session one two hours of pure power and passion alright self mastery your
thoughts your actions your body language alright the information the mindset I
said the powerful alpha male I want to empower you I want to streak that wants
to give you a mental an emotional workout during this time to
get stronger download – yeah formation course it’s absolutely free go to skip
liqueur calm front slash yeah got that question I want to know a lot about you
I want to help you might even give you a phone call
alright to help you through this right so go skip liqueur dot conference last
year yeah what I love about this is what this gentleman he yeah send me a test
this warning eighty and it was just two words bring it bring it
he’s prepared right and if you can see you this this text what he did is
because it comes with a workbook PDF file he printed it he organized it right
he took the PDF file workbook make sure that you can see that right
he tabbed it out amazing awesome I love that I want you to have it go to the
skipper core dot-com front slash gift you know you don’t necessarily I have to
be all organized but that would be awesome for you if you work get that
11-hour course absolutely free good go to my facebook page
Schiphol page scroll down and you’ll see I have session one the audio you can
just click and listen to it for a couple hours if you’re a little wondering how
this can help you really want you to have this if you love this every morning
got time now it’s time to work on ourselves be that leader and another tat
bill texted me this morning guys feel free to text me especially during this
time nine two five three five two four three six six nine two five three five
two four three six six as you can tell I love this I’m obsessed about because I
love helping you want to want so so bill says skip here’s a topic suggestion for
your live videos in Illinois you have closed the health clubs where many of us
work out maybe you can show us how to workout at home with minimal or
no equipment I got a good workout yesterday my club is closed for at least
the next two weeks at least the next two weeks keep up the good work bill yeah
see a lot of guys really jumping in on that on the Internet
I’ll tell you what right in the short term watching my eating habits sleeping
all right and really building being healthy with my eating my mindset right
and what I’m doing is at least a hour of cardio day
so as I’m waiting to see how everything all pans out that’s where I’m starting
all right I mentioned the previous party of the
University is your muscle isn’t gonna drip off you I know we get addicted we
love the feeling of the pump right and sometimes you worry what’s gonna happen
if we don’t work out what if you miss work out I get that through my 30 years
of experience you know learning you know what’s needed what’s not needed right I
know what feels good love’s feels good work heart’s not necessarily efficient
right now you don’t have the opportunity to work out so we need to become less
dependent on that in this short term so just stay calm stay in pool you know do
your cardio eat right okay stay poised right now just get
moving just get moving you know cardio just you know simple
jumping jacks push-ups if you’ve got weights at home you know I know it is in
this structured and as organized as a commercial gym but don’t worry about in
this short time in the short run and you know I’ve got plenty of my room in the
studio I’ve got you covered yet and then I think that’s a great suggestion I
don’t I don’t even have weight actually I don’t know I guess my wife had these I
think these are the weights that I have at home and maybe some we got some two
and a half pound errs for my son Jace because he wants to be a little muscle
man when he sees pictures of me but that as right now those are the only weights
that I have right so yeah you know my nutrition focused cardio focus is gonna
be good for a little while and you should to be comfortable be poised
looking another we’re coming this mindset you know and I’m here for I’ll
think of something of how we’re gonna do this that’s going to probably happen
soon what workouts I can do I kind of see it in this part of my studio where
I’ll have that alright do some workouts see how things kind of pan out here
we’ll do some workouts together you know maybe I don’t know man what I don’t know
when maybe what else would you use it going
I know maybe we’ll have that man formation course going on in the
background right power a one works out our our our bodies but our minds during
this time right so keep those suggestions coming I’d love to hear from
you let’s stay connected all day long I’m
gonna be making a phone calls let’s see here’s a text from Jeff good morning so
we’re not getting back to you last night I was head work thank you so much for
the Impala look into it if I need further info I’ll reach out to you again
sorry for the Ray later bye thanks again as we go hey get on my text
list 9 2 5 3 5 2 4 3 6 6 I’m always pointing things out you can
always just connect just say what’s up alright might be a great distraction
during these challenging times also keep your focus on where we’re gonna go
just think about it you know you know past the crisis past the crisis that
strong appreciative grateful leader strong man for your family for yourself
what qualities are gonna learn during these times who you’re gonna become
let’s focus pass the crisis we’ll help you get through this keep your wits
about you and again just make sure you show up just a little this a little bit
this energy that we’re going to share every single morning this would make
this have it every single day alright guys so
that’s gonna do it for today’s cardio University session Fitness longevity and
passion I’m here for you during these challenging times look it through this
let’s leave past it we’re gonna get through it together all right
so have a great day you



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