The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good For Us (They’re Not) | Adam Ruins Everything

The Weird Reason We Think Vitamins Are Good For Us (They’re Not) | Adam Ruins Everything

(playful whistling music) – Vitamins are the key to health and perhaps the cure for the common cold. Now how many of you have ever
heard of vitamin megadoses? – [Adam] I have, but I’ve
also heard of fairies and the Lock Ness monster and those won’t cure your
cold either. (laughs) – What? – Vitamin supplements (annoyed
groans) don’t cure colds, they don’t prolong your
life, and in some cases they may actually be harmful. So, what are vitamins? – Huge pills that smell like old olives? – Wrong! Anyone else? Here we go. – Candy that’s shaped
like cartoon characters. – Wrong again, you’re both
thinking of vitamin supplements. What are the vitamins themselves? – Little bits of goop
that your body needs, I love you Tod. – Exactly, they’re a collection
of various micronutrients that are essential for your
body to function normally. – Yes! So vitamins make us healthy. – (tire squealing)
Except that by definition vitamins are nutrients we only
need a tiny little bit of, and normally we get plenty
of them from the food we eat. – But what if I contract scurvy? – You won’t, scurvy is caused by an extreme lack of vitamin C. Pirates used to get it
because they ate nothing but hardtack biscuits for months. But if you eat normal
food in normal quantities you’ll be fine. Like, just eat a lemon ever. – (chomp) Me gums feel
better already indeed. – But getting more
vitamins is even better. – No it isn’t. Vitamins are sorta like cats. If you have no cats you’ll be lonely, if you have a cat or
two you’ll feel better, but that’s enough cats. No one needs to load up on cats. (meowing and purring) And just like with cats you
don’t want to overdo it. Studies show that taking
too much of some vitamins like A, D, or E can
actually make you sick. – [Doctor] Well, even if that’s true, megadoses of vitamin C will cure– – Nothing. Vitamin C does not
treat or cure the common cold, and products that claim
it does are nonsense. (fast dramatic piano music) Remember Airborne? – Sure, the cold medicine
created by a school teacher. It keeps you from getting colds from touching the magazines on airplanes. – That is not true. Who gave you a medical license? – Oprah. (plop and fizz) – Airborne is a cocktail
of plain old vitamins that was marketed as a
cure for the common cold. (clacking) But in 2006 they were
sued for false advertising and ended up paying
out 23 million dollars. Airborne doesn’t cure anything. It’s basically just bubbles. (bubbling) – But when I take vitamin
C it makes me feel better. (adoration noise from audience) – [Adam] Yes, the placebo
effect is very powerful, but that’s all it is. In reality, at least 15 different studies have concluded that vitamin C does not treat the common cold. (jeers from audience) Hey, it’s not my fault everyone believes vitamins are magic, It’s Linus Pauling’s fault. – Great, can I go back
to doing my show now? Do not pan away, (disco music) come on! – [Adam] Linus Pauling
was a genius chemist and the only person in
history to be awarded two solo Nobel prizes. He was one of America’s
true scientific celebrities. – Linus, I love your chemistry. – Your research is amazing! – [Adam] But in the early 70’s, Pauling became obsessed with
the idea of living forever and basically went vitamin crazy. (dramatic music) – Great Niels Bohr’s ghost, I’ve got it. (disco music) – [Adam] He began claiming
that massive doses of vitamin C could prevent the common
cold, prolong your life, and even cure cancer. And because he was a
celebrity scientist (clapping) the media trusted him. – So these vita-pills
will cure my sniffles? – That’s right, and get this, you’ll also never get sick or die. – Sounds pretty far out, but if the smartest cat
in America’s sayin’ it, it must be true! (laughing) Up next is Charro and
puppet superstar Madame. – No, no, no you don’t! We are going back to my show, where is it? – (snap) This way! But repeated studies
have proven that Pauling was totally wrong. There is no medical basis for his claims and in 1994 he actually died of cancer, the very disease he claimed
vitamins would cure. – You’re telling me that
vitamin supplements are a lie and we only believe in them
because one man went crazy? – Yeah, Pauling was the
Michael Jackson of nutrition. He totally changed the game, we had no idea how crazy he was, and 40 years later we’re
still hummin’ the tunes. – Wow, that’s bad. – It’s bad, you know it. (pop music) Hey, I’m Adam from College Humor. If you liked that clip, make
sure to check out my new show “Adam Ruins Everything”
Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on truTV. It’s gonna ruin your Tuesday but trust me, the rest of your week’ll be fine.




    4:01 why Micheal can he sleep in peace

  • ConsumeTheVoid

    WRONG! You can never have too many cats – as long as you can look after them all.

  • Nuria Muro

    Why does this dude always plays doctors? First in mad men and now this haha

  • Nacho Business

    Our bodies burn a lot of nutrients when it's fighting a cold. The vitamins aren't to "make you not sick" they are to replace what your body is using because your sick and aren't eating well. This is built on a premise no one claims. No one claims vitamin C cures a cold.

  • KaityJane1995

    please read yes the mass society do not need vitimans but This is so one sided, you should mention people who do need vitimans,. People with. deficiencies, certain conditions, certain organ failures, helping withdrawal symptoms etc, etc etc.. there is a place for vitimans and you could be convincing alot of people not to follow their doctor's orders about taking prescribed vitimans

  • Talivus

    As a college student who survives on ramen, I think vitamin supplements are decent for me.

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    sits over here with my six cats crying n a corner

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    And in this corner we have Tati and James fighting over vitamins…. LOL

  • F14 tomcat That’s a secret

    Why do so many companies lie to us!

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    Lets look at the comments, wow so many doctors, Oprah must really giving out degrees

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    What have i taken from this? My mom can stop telling me to go outside all the time!

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    My life is a lie…..

  • Anthony L

    If you eat healthy everyday using natural vitamins from your food like fruits and vegetables, then you don't need to take supplements period.

  • Bambi732

    Adam's really hot, honestly. His eyes are insanely beautiful, also. I'm just saying. – Also, I really love his videos. (How he speaks, how he educates people and seems to be afraid of absolutely nothing.) This video was incredibly informative and man, do I appreciate it. Thank you, College Humor. [And thank you, Adam!] Love your show, by the way!

  • John Paul Varble

    Adam doesn't ruin everything. Sometime he actually makes things better as shown here.

  • TheClickBaitKing

    I have a vitamin D deficiency so like I take vitamin d supplements

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    Great video! 🙂

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    What if the same goes for religions…….. welp who wants to sign a petition to end religions

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