The Ultimate “Protein Shake” From Freeze Dried Steak

The Ultimate “Protein Shake” From Freeze Dried Steak

In today’s video, we are going to see
if we can powderize a steak. [Music] Guys, in the past, we’ve
dehydrated a number of things, but all of them
have been liquid, or at least mostly, liquid. We want to move on to
something a little bit different. So today, we’ve got steak. If you take steak, and you
put it in a normal dehydrator, you basically get beef jerky, and that’s not what
we’re going for. We want to just
completely dry it out, and for that,
we have a new toy. Guys, this is our new baby. This is a freeze dryer. We’re gonna do so
many weird things with this. So a freeze dryer is
like a dehydrator on steroids. It’s crazy what
this thing can do. The general idea is
that this machine first, you put the food in, and it can do
all sorts of things. It gets cold. It gets really cold, 50 to 70 degrees
below zero in Fahrenheit. After it gets down
to that temperature, it starts pulling a vacuum. You put your food
in these trays, and everything in there
gets pulled into that vacuum, and once all the air
is pulled out, it starts warming back up. At that point,
in the super low pressure, all of the water
that was in food, it’s frozen because super cold, and then as it warms up,
it starts to sublimate. It goes directly
from ice into water vapor in the air without going
through a liquid stage. So it does kind of
what dry ice does normally, but water only does that when it’s
under such low pressure. So you’ve probably actually
had freeze-dried food before and didn’t know it. Fruit and cereals,
marshmallows in Lucky Charms, and if you’ve ever
been backpacking, I’m sure you’ve had a freeze
dry backpacking meal before. So it’s very useful. So here’s the basic idea. We have got a new freeze dryer,
and we want to play with it. So the first thing
that we’re going to try, some raw steak
and some cooked steak, and see what happens. Let’s go cook a few steaks. [Music] Lovely. Germs will survive
the freeze drying process. So this is not like cooking or even dehydrating
with salt on it where you can then eat it. Like this, this
is not going to kill germs. So if we freeze
dried these steaks, and then tried to eat
the raw freeze-dried steak, we’re just as much risk as
if we’re eating the steak raw, which isn’t a ton,
but it is something. Oh yeah, it’s good. [Music] Our steaks have now been
freeze-drying for quite a while. We actually gave
them two full days, because they’re
pretty thick steaks, and we wanted to hopefully, get them freeze dried
all the way through. So now, I think we needed
to find out if it worked. Oh, product from dryer. Here it goes. Oh, that’s cold. I guess that’s the point. It keeps it– That is well
below the temperature of a regular freezer. Those are some frozen steaks. Oh, well, they weigh nothing. They are so much lighter. So I actually, I actually have a scale
over here just for this reason. I, unfortunately, didn’t think to weigh
these beforehand, but a steak this size
would normally weigh, you know, easily over a pound. So I’m curious to see
what it weighs now. So less than half a pound now. That is probably a pound
of water lost honestly. What’s he difference between
a cooked one and uncooked? It’s even lighter. That’s even lighter. So it probably
lost some moisture when we’re cooking it. Yep.
And I don’t know. We didn’t compare the weight of these two
before we dehydrated them, freeze dried them. There we go. So we’ve now got
three raw steaks and three cooked steaks. So now, we need
to do some experiments. Well, I want to know
if the cooked ones are edible, and if we can save
the raw ones at all. I think we can. They’re supposed
to be rehydratable. Rehydratable. Rehydra– We say rehydratable
is a word now. It’s like– But actually, even
more than that, I’m curious what it looks
like on the inside. So I want to cut in half one
of each of these. Wow. There we go. It just looks
like a frozen steak… But it sounds like a cracker. It’s kind of powdery. Small piece of
freeze-dried steak, see how this goes. It’s like a steak cracker. I actually like it. Yeah? Yeah. Not a lot. I want more. Tastes like roast beef, but one that you’ve overdone
by about four days. Okay, well.. This will be my snack now. That’s good. Got a little piece here. I’m going to see what happens
if I dip it into some hot water, see if it’ll sort of
reconstitute into cooked steak. A lot of air bubbles. It lost all the pretty color. I think it was– It’s too hot. This water is hotter than you should actually
cook a steak so… So you’re going to put
it in your mouth? [Music] Again, I would say it tastes
more like roast beef, but I did just eat it up
with water that was too hot. Next, I think we’re going to take
this freeze-dried raw steak, and we’re going to try
branding and grilling it while it’s still freeze dried, and then we’ll see
if we can reconstitute it. Okay then, you never
really get any sound. Really didn’t. [Music] The whole steak just melted. [Music] That’s a– That’s a lot more
of a burn than last time. Curious, have we already
started like burning the– Oh, there you go. That’s only been on there
for like a minute and a half probably. It doesn’t feel hot though. You should not eat
raw freeze-dried meat. However, with a steak, the danger is the germs
that are on the surface. The germs don’t travel
down inside the meat. So by cooking the entire
outside of this, we should be creating something
that’s safe to eat. I don’t know
if it’s good to eat, but if safe to eat. We’re gonna try either way. I smell– I say it smells
like burnt bacon, overcooked. Like it’s not a good smell. So that’s concerning. Oh my gosh. That really softened back up. ## this off. What is happening here? Well, we disconnected the fat
from the rest of the meat. That’s.. That’s a nightmare. This is a nightmare. Oh no. This is just like
a blue rare steak, but freeze-dried. [Music] It’s softer. Not as bad as I was expecting. We’ve got a couple
more cooked steaks. These are safe to eat. Yeah. They’re also very dry. To the point that you can literally
just break in half. I want to see if we
can blend this into a powder. And what are we going
to do with that powder? That remains to be seen. [Music] I mean, people make
shredded chicken spreads. Why not a shredded steak spread? This is very very shredded. [Music] It’s like mulch,
but made of steak. Okay. Now, you can tell that there was moisture
in it once upon a time. It’s molding. It’s like sand. Gross. But you know we
have to do, right? What do we have to do? We have to try it. We have to add water
back into this. You really want to make
a protein smoothie. We’re gonna make
a steak smoothie. Say when. Let’s start with that. Okay? Good. That looks great. Wait, I had salt. Add a little bit of salt. There’s no way we’re
not gonna regret this. All right. Here goes the grossest thing that has ever been
done on this show. [Music] I call that the
consistency of salsa. Yeah, I’d say it’s alive,
but it is very dead. [Music] Guys, we got the Hacksmith here
with us, and apparently, he is very brave, because we now
have two textures. We’ve got one
that had some water, and it’s sort of like a… You described this is
cat food consistency. Yeah, it looks like cat food. I, to be a little more generous, I’m going to say it’s
about the consistency of like tuna fish. And then we have
a thinner consistency. It’s actually been mixed
with more water, and it’s about consistency of a thin milkshake
or a smoothie. So you may want
to give us a 3, 2, 1 on our death. Three… I’m going for it. One. No. You know. I thought I’ll be worse. Oh. Okay, actually, if you put that on a cracker,
I can get through it. [Music] Cheers! [Music] Aint it great? Oh my gosh. Did you want to– You want to take a gulp there? You know you wanna? Yeah, it’s warm. I like my smoothies cold. Nah, this would be worse cold. I’m pretty sure. [Music] Oh, ew. Ew. [Inaudible]. You got a couple
of swallows down. That was… That was more than either of us. I don’t know
if I’m impressed or disgusted. [Music] Well, I’m going back to Canada. That’s fair. I approve. We’re weird. We know.>>Yeah, he’s out.
>>He’s– Bye. Hacksmith is out. That was too much for him. We scared him off. He’s gone. Like I just had breakfast. So I’m not even hungry. This would taste better
if I was hungry. [Music] It is overcooked. [Music] All right, you want something
to wash that down with? It is warm. And not warm enough to be
like a hot drink. It’s just like– That’s warm-ish. Quick [inaudible]. [Music] Guys, we’ve got
a sale going on right now. A couple of shirts
in our store, including this one, are $19.99. Click that link
in the description below.



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