• Rosa H

    I just had some candy today. 😬

  • Harris 05

    The answer is 0 sugar.

  • Mahtiah Hildrilae

    "You just don't mess with the candy man" I admit, that was funny as hell.

  • xxx xxx

    I go for all extreme Ayurvedic bitters right from
    Andrographis (for cancer prevention),
    Indian Kino (for Glycation Anti aging prevention),
    Boswellia Serrata (for anti-inflammatory properties),
    Brahmi and Gotu Kola (for nootropic effects),
    Tulsi (for adaptogenic properties),
    Ashwagandha (for anti cancer properties),
    Triphala (for antioxidant activity),
    Moringa, Spinach (for superfood intake)
    Nut powder mix (for healthy fat and vitamin boost),
    Daily consumption of Flax seed and Sesame seed (for Lignan intake),
    My own stack of tea and garam masala (since Indian spices have very high ORAC values)
    Sumac and Hibiscus cold steeped tea (for tang and antioxidant boost),
    Black and Green teas for anticancer properties.
    Grow and consume Mediterranean herbs like Marjoram, Thyme,Oregano, Sage, Basil, Parsley and Celery for that kick of anticancer agents.
    I'm just 29 and I decided I won't live my life like my friends do after seeing my mom pass away right before me with no signs of heart attack.

    Don't have no time for sugar. Went from around 100 grams of Sugar to Zero added sugar.
    I do get some fructose from healthy anticancer fruits but I have them right before a workout to burn em' as fast as I can blink.

    Thanks to Doc Greger for introducing me how wealthy/healthy Indian spices and Vegetables are !

    I look 24 and I feel the same now.

  • josh simpson

    Kellogg's just came out with a new sour fruit snack candy thing.

    Its drugs

  • Phat Vegan

    Thank you Doc

  • C. Carter

    these 87 grams. What the hell. and that was back in 2010. I mean now that EVERYONE is drinking energy drinks all day long what is this number like today? How are we not extinct yet??

  • TJ W

    Here we go.
    Anyone that follows this advice, watch your fitness tanks.
    This is why you have zero fitness Greger.

  • Kathy Fausett

    The WHO's policy making process is "partially" protected? They're certainly not protected from pharma's influence when they list anti-vaxers as one of the biggest threats to world health.

  • Erian

    Your mannerism of speaking seems contrived for the purpose of deeper listening engagement. It would be spectacular if this is how you actually speak.

  • DeanP InTheSun

    Corporate Killers

  • duncan pickett

    Whole Foods for the win!

  • Edward Richards

    I’m still very curious, are added sugars with fiber as good as normal sugars from like fruit with its own fiber? Because I understand that added sugars aren’t the healthiest option when it comes to choosing foods, but in the situation I’m in, in order to get the proper amount of calories within a day at my chow hall [with a plant based diet]- I have to eat foods like bagels that have a good protein profile, lots of calories, lots of sugar (being added sugar), and fiber- so my question is, do added sugars have a different negative effect on the body thank regular sugar from fruits and veggies, or could the fiber content of a bagel cancel or at least make the negative effects of sugars healthier?

  • Nancy Aureli

    thank you for this information. I've been looking for it!

  • Ronnie & Minh

    Just eat raw food and forget all guidelines and you will attain superior health. We have been raw for for over 20 years and at 70 we are experiencing radiant health.

  • Vincent Esposito, MS, DC

    This is great information! As a practitioner, I think it is wonderful that there are others out there that utilize a team that goes through all the data that comes out on a daily basis. I will say, as a single person, it is virtually impossible to do even if it was your full time job! This is great!

  • unclejake154

    Thank you!

  • Shari T

    …A video that even the carnivores will agree on! ; ) Thanks for doing the research and posting!

  • Eelke Aptroot

    Sugar candy lobbyists got some nerve, but revenge is sweet, so they say.

  • Summers Time Entertainment

    2:34 they should use this for the new movie.

  • Doug Vegan Paradise Builder

    While everybody knows zero should be the norm.

  • Nick Galati

    Health>Big corporation agendas

  • Cassi

    3:00 so if I am healthy active female that eats about 2300 calories. I can eat up to 230 calories from added sugar?

  • Rebecca Alice Byrne

    I heard smoothies and fruit juices count towards added sugar because they lose the fibre when crushed?

  • Swiss Lady Driver

    Sugar is sugar. It doesn't matter if it's "added" or not.

  • amr012atthetube

    metformin to reduce insulin resistance, Diamicron to increase insulin production by pancreas. for out of control sugar type 2 diabetes. Diet only solution can only go so far for type2 diabetics.

  • sir corky's riley

    that is why anything we make that calls for sugar we make our own date syrup for sweetness from you guessed it Dr Greger's how not to die cookbook

  • Joe Zawinul Reviews and Reactions

    Been on a added sugar break for 40 days. It's been tough but I'm finally used to it. I have slipped up a few times with ketchup etc but I'm keeping it very low.

  • Darrin

    WHO is still a political a organization… otherwise they wouldn’t bow to China’s demands in restricting Taiwan’s participation in WHO meetings and conferences. Taiwan can’t even observe these meetings. So, if WHO cares about the health of the 23 million people living in the openly-democratic country of Taiwan, let them observe these meetings.

  • Wearephuct O

    Big Sugar was supposed to bring down the levels of chemicals in the water in the Everglades in ten years, but when their time was up they had a private meeting with government officials…

  • Rabbit Food Fitness

    Thanks for this video! It's so important to cover this topic.

  • L infi

    While I agree with the WHO on this one, they are no longer a reliable source for anything to do with health in light of the recent coronavirus corruption.

  • Peter Scott

    Trying to convince my unhealthy Mom to eat less sugar. I need more about what extra sugar does negatively to the body, than simply guidelines are lower….

  • Ajay Vincent

    I'm a sugar addict but if there was a ballot initiative proposing a law to ban refined sugar completely I would vote yes.

  • Kye Riehl

    Been avoiding added sugars for two years now and feel fantastic!

  • GreensAndBeansGaming

    I'm surprised the sugar industry didn't us Dr. Kempners Rice diet findings. Does are system have a hard time digesting greens? Can I go out and eat free grass?

  • michael onello

    thanks..Dr. G…….!
    Whole plant based foods on Instagram — mikewakethefoodup

  • djohnranch

    My candy is adding fruit and berries to my oatmeal. Super yummy!

  • Matesponja

    Thanks for another video with great information.

  • Vegetable Madness Ⓥ

    why pick on sugar when oil and animal products is what is responsible for 95% of peoples health problems

  • coffee and carbs

    Durianrider is going to flip out

  • Miz Behaven

    My added sugar is zero. I 💚 glucose.

  • Rivka SC

    um….the last sentence might not be the whole story…. why does WHO say China is doing a GREAT job with coronavirus??!

  • TGood Dukes

    I think that the government want people to die! They know this sugar is killing people, but it is literally financing the heart beat of this country.

  • Universal Earthling

    Remember when this happened with the WHO: “Purdue Pharma, the drug manufacturer that kickstarted the US opioid epidemic, corruptly influenced the World Health Organization in order to boost painkiller sales across the globe“ Dr Greger is kind of a dupe when it comes to blind trust in these organizations

  • sooooooooDark

    its inferior calories that will feed retard bacteria (even worse once than those fueled by starch…yea i know…how is that even possible LOL) and will make u want to vote left because u weeeeak

  • Kevin W

    I don't understand… I shouldn't add sugar to my green and fruit smoothies? wouldn't it be like sweet fruit?

  • David Müller

    Can you make a video about the peftect diet if a financial crysis happens? you know.. just in case?

  • Trucker Joe

    You don’t mess with big meat dairy and sugar companies but they’re doomed anyways! It’s just a matter of time!

  • justgivemethetruth

    This is about addiction and behavioral control. It is very scary. Early this year and as much as possible I completely cut out added sugar. I could not find some things without sugar in them, like bread. Every whole grain bread I looked at had sugar, and more than their tricked out labels would admit. I feel very good when I eat no sugar, but my body is saying … where is all the sweet sensuous food you used to give me … it is an addiction.

  • Tamara Rogers

    The WHO great on food recommendations but not when it comes to vaccines, where they readily (behind closed doors) admit that they don't have the science. You think that the meat and sugar industries have lobbyists, try big pharma!

  • Kenz300 x

    Sugar and salt is added to almost all processed foods.
    The only way to avoid it is to eat a whole food plant based diet that you cook yourself.
    People need to speak up and let these food corporations know they want less sugar and salt added to their products. Email, tweet or call their customer service departments and let them know you want to eat healthier.
    They do respond to customers over time.

  • nevadaxtube

    When you hear politicians defending corporate behavior and corporation profits at all cost, run the other way and vote them out of office. It is immoral to put corporations ahead of the well being of the citizens. People are more important period!

  • truefuschniken

    Love this!!!

  • M

    I just add dates to stuff. Tastes just as sweet

  • peter simon

    Withdraw U. S. Funds….wow🤔

  • VTVBeneno

    The WHO are all about health? Umm, how's the handling of the Coronavirus situation in China? Wait just ask the WHO. Usually you're on point with your research, but the WHO keeps showing ties to corruption based on money and government influence. The US of A unfortunately is not their money lords like China' Communist Party. The WHO is not that innocently objective.

  • Little Voice

    Why do we need any added sugar at all ? Why can't we recommend no added sugar?

  • Doug bananaboy

    Sugar consumption down 14 percent in last 20 years . Obesity up .

  • iCristalrose

    If they have 0 limit for toddlers then it’s suspicious why it is different for adults.

  • Mike Symth

    Instead of telling us the politics of sugar and the anecdotal "sugar is bad for you". Why don't you present the science of why to much sugar is bad for you? Also what about Dr Kempner's sugar and rice diet that cured obose people of type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure? Surely sugar wasn't bad for them!

  • Sexy Chickpea

    Zero added sugar should be the recommendation

  • Alik Gautam

    I have been so obsess about eating healthy lately and I have been following your daily recommended deit for so long.One of my close friend sent me a video where a person was describing that how being obsess about eating healthy make her a victim of orthorexia. The symptoms that she had exactly match with mine. So, I am in a kind of dilemma now with what is going on and what I have to do.
    If this comment reach to you by any chance I will be so thankfull to everyone.

  • The DJ

    I find it very funny that everyone sees the actions of the sugar industry as extremely corrupt yet when animal agriculture industries do the exact same thing but also worse suddenly there are trillions of excuses. How do these people even exist with their contradictory nonsensical logic? Seriously, we've beaten natural selection.


    I recently spoke at a hearing of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Committee. Watch the highlights and my speech here:

  • Albert Neville

    I wouldn't be praising the WHO with their appalling reaction to the Coronavirus. They've been terrible.
    They are bad as the CDC, adjuncts to Big Pharma. All they want to do is stick needles in people and sell vaccines.

    "So who is heading the WHO this time around? Well, it’s not Margaret Chan anymore. She stepped down in 2017 and was replaced by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian politician and academic who, William Engdahl notes, is the first WHO director-general who isn’t even a medical doctor. Instead, after earning his degree in biology at the University of Asmara in Eritrea and serving in a junior position at the Ministry of Health under the Marxist dictatorship of Mengistu, he:

    “[. . .] then went on to become Minister of Health from 2005 to 2012 under Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. There he met former President Bill Clinton and began a close collaboration with Clinton and the Clinton Foundation and its Clinton HIV/AIDS Initiative (CHAI). He also developed a close relation with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As health minister, Tedros would also chair the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria that was co-founded by the Gates Foundation. The Global Fund has been riddled with fraud and corruption scandals.”

    Oh, you mean the Gates Foundation and their GAVI Alliance for vaccination that are the WHO’s biggest donors? The Gates Foundation that helped host the Event 201 “high-level pandemic exercise” in New York last October that war gamed out the entire coronavirus scenario we’re currently living through? Right."

  • J. S

    I add Amla powder to my add sugar foods (jelly's/sugary juices), or add fresh berries, i like to think that helps blunt the blood sugar spike?

  • Pamela Hollingsworth

    …what?…no treadmill, Dr. Greger?.. 😉🙂

  • Peter Kuskis

    I enjoy adding a spoon of raw honey to my morning oatmeal with cinnamon, apple, and berries, instead of all the brown sugar I used to add to it as a kid.

  • Argento Nomad

    The sugar mafia hard at work.

  • Fer Ravenclaw

    I like the financial crises diet idea… or "best diet on a budget". Could you, pleaseee?

  • kevin mcquown

    That was a wild ride, loved it.

  • Devine Massage

    Actually, percentage #s are confusing. Especially for people who don't plan their own meals & don't know if their sugar intake will meet the percentage guidelines or exceed them.

    I saw a BBC documentary about sugar intake in the past few years. The recommendation was no more than 24 grams (6 teaspoons) of added sugar for women & no more than 32 grams (8 teaspoons) for men. I've been following those guidelines (mostly) since. Gotta satisfy my sweet tooth sometimes so I don't turn into the sweet monster. (Like cookie monster, but encompasses all things sweet).

  • David Cripps

    the perils of capitalism…..

  • Hanan Marfu'ah

    can give me translate from indonesia language??

  • Char Tha Vegan

    Love this channel! LOVE IT! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Peter Rabitt

    My added sugar is Brer Rabbit (no relation) Blackstrap Molasses, is a tiny bit in my whole wheat yeast breads, and pancakes. My "added sugar" is a cooked, blended banana/raisin syrup I indulge in from time to time. I have little desire for refined sugar, because sweet whole plant foods taste better.

  • Rei Cejiru

    Bro, you are a super hero in this shitty society! This man changed my life, pls listen to him. U won't regret it

  • Discursion

    That last argument about the WHO only being concerned with health… they can just as well be corrupted. They've demonstrated that pretty neatly in the last month.

  • L. G.

    They use candy as a reward in school, even Kindergarten. Every year I talk with the teachers and my kids are the ones eating a healthy snack from home while the other little kids feast on mounds of sugar and food dyes at parties or other nasty processed snacks daily. I’m sure everyone thinks I’m mean. When it’s our turn to bring snack to Kindergarten, I love being able to provide something real and all but one child actually likes it and eats it!

  • Joe Caner

    Sweet revenge against the sugar industry.

  • Minoes

    10% is still a lot. That's 200 kilo calories. I can almost drink 2 small cans of coca-cola for that amount. (2×25 gram sugar)
    So under 10%, 9% maximum, is definitely doable. It's ADDED sugars. Just cook yourself and don't use packages and cans for everything and you're fine.

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