The Most Unusual Bodybuilders in The World

The Most Unusual Bodybuilders in The World

bodybuilders train super hard day and
night in order to get their dream bodies but some of them become so addicted to
working out and looking the best that they’re willing to pay any price for it
and some are even willing to fake it until they make it with a little help of
anabolic steroids synthol and even fake weights today we’ll take a look at the
most unusual bodybuilders in the world be sure to stick around until the end of
the video and check out our number one entry because I’m pretty sure you didn’t
think it was possible for a woman to look like that before we move on I’ve
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it really works Val cheers Zagato what better way to start a video about
the world’s most unusual bodybuilders than to talk about the guy with biceps
that measured 23 inches and the chest size that measures out to 47 inches you
can’t really look at him and not wonder how is it even possible to look like
that well the answer lies in the use of synthol in case you didn’t know synthol
is an oil usually used by bodybuilders to help out in areas that might be
sagging however over the last several years more and more people have made
headlines after injecting ridiculous amounts of this stuff into their bodies
the end result is almost always strange-looking muscles Valdez igano
from Brazil is a perfect example of this and the results are pretty obvious cigar
those pecs upper arms and shoulders are impressive yet when compared to the rest
of his body well let’s just say that it all looks pretty ridiculous he says he’s
been inspired by the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the Incredible Hulk
well just look at the guy and tell me the Incredible Hulk isn’t the first
thing that comes to your mind just giving a couple of years ago Val Deere
was warned that he was facing amputation but he was not afraid of that oh what a
brave man he is moreover the man post pictures and videos on social media and
probably calls himself Vlad beers synthol on Instagram hey at least he’s
honest about it you’ve got to give him at demonio to Santo Alvarez
Romario to Santa saldez has modeled his huge frame on his favorite superhero
incredible well just like Vladimir romário de Santo Alves is from Brazil
and just like Vladimir romário is a huge fan of synthol or at least he used to be
what is it with people in Brazil and the use of synthol seriously guys just stuff
using that stuff it can literally kill you well not long ago romário was a
normal enough guy working as a security guard by day and working out in the gym
in his free time but to make the jump from muscular to the bulging Brazilian
Hulk that he is today he needed some unnatural help so he
turned to yeah you guessed it synthol now obviously injecting this stuff into
your body is bad news and it has all sorts of negative side effects like
nerve damage clogged arteries which can lead to heart attack and stroke but that
didn’t stop romário from becoming addicted to this stuff and his addiction
nearly cost him both of his arms what do I mean you see after years of using
synthol where Mario’s arms became rock solid and I mean literally as doctor
said that all the muscles in his arms were nothing but rocks talk about being
built like a rock am i right okay as bad pun luckily the synthol rocks were
removed on time and romário arms were saved from being amputated after the
surgery the doctor strictly prohibited the man from taking the substance
following the doctor’s advice Romario stopped abusing synthol in 2013
I think that’s some wise advice Carroll terashima exe estado is not sure
not what you shoot but all not shallow really show the zero and adjustable
meteorological culture 22 year old Carol Tara Sheehan hails from the southwestern
Russian city of Piatigorsky Pieta Piatigorsky ah I hope I got that right
sounds like Kirill has hit headlines multiple times in recent years and much
like Val beer and romário for all the wrong reasons
once he got back from serving in the army he decided to get into bodybuilding
so what did he do trained hard ate all the right food hmm
no why do that when you can just use synth all right terrifyingly each time
Kirill would inject synthol into his biceps he would end up with a fever and
feel like he was dying but hey at least his arms were huge despite these
symptoms Kirill intends to carry on injecting synthol into his muscles I
don’t know about you but I am kind of worried about this guy Gregg Valentino for more than 25 years Gregg Valentino
worked hard to become a trophy winning bodybuilder and he did it in the right
way without the use of steroids or synthetic oils but once he got older
Gregg no disguise half his age at his local gym were surpassing his lifting
abilities and wanted to do something about it as he felt that nobody took him
seriously that’s when he started taking a mixture of equipoise and testosterone
proportionate he apparently injected 3,500 milligrams of the mixture directly
into his biceps every week but he denies ever using synthol at their peak his
biceps measured 27 inches but eventually it reached a breaking point
quite literally when in his arms was hit with a bat and it filled with blood so a
doctor had to poppet while the muscle dissapeared the skin that covered it did
not and it hung off his arm he eventually got the extra skin surgically
removed don’t take steroids kids Mustafa Ishmael
my name is Mustafa and I got the biggest arms and or 32 year old mustafa ismael
from egypt also known as egyptian Popeye and big Moe once held the Guinness world
record for having the largest arms at 31 inches in diameter
oh wow those are definitely big and while there’s plenty of proof that big
Moe regularly hits the gym to work on those pipes this hasn’t stopped a lot of
people from claiming that this real-life Popeye is a cheat citing the
disproportionate size of his arms to the rest of his body critics think Mustafa
has been injecting a fair amount of synthol into his arms yeah in an attempt
to clear his name was stopped appeared in the Japanese TV documentary where he
got blood tests and x-rays to prove that he was 100% natural according to him the
tests came back negative for synthol and implants but the Guinness Book of World
Records has removed him from their website for the time being
Justin jedlica with my implant design and body modifications it’s much more
about and making myself completely not all bodybuilders are bodybuilders in the
traditional sense where they workout at the gym go on stage and participate in
contests take Justin jedlica for example he’s made the decision that he would
quite literally just build his body in an attempt to look like a Ken doll 700
plastic surgeries and $200,000 later you can say that he achieved that goal
justin has tweaked his whole body down to the most minor details from head to
toe to create what he calls the ideal male physique what’s most interesting is
that he doesn’t treat his plastic surgery like something shameful that
needs to be hidden instead he sees it as a creative outlet and sees himself as
the sculptor of his own body to each his own I guess bodybuilders with too much
muscles now it’s time to turn our attention to some real bodybuilders who
actually built their muscles in the gym without the use of synthol you know the
people who actually are strong and don’t have ridiculously disproportionate
bodies like previous entries on our list first you can see Markus rühl a retired
IFBB professional bodybuilder with a rather impressive physique I mean
look at him the guy is freaking huge then you see
jean-pierre folks from Switzerland whose body is equally impressive this video
also features other bodybuilders such as big Raimi Paul delet and of course
Ronnie Coleman the winner of the mr. Olympia title for eight years in a row
and probably the greatest bodybuilder of all time
rocky Giovanni what I love most about my physique more than anything is that it’s
unique one look at rocky Giovanni is enough to tell you that she is addicted
to bodybuilding I mean look at her she can definitely crush watermelons with
those legs Oh wait she already did that residing in
Miami and of Puerto Rican Haitian descent 28 year old rocky Giovanni
continues to impress everyone with her hard work she has over half a million
followers on Instagram and her post and workout videos always attract a lot of
attention she’s been pumping iron since 2015 and
at one point she spent eight hours in the gym yep eight hours I do not
exaggerate ever and you can quote me on that
Natalia Koval Ava 31 year-old Natalia kovaleva from Tver
City Russia lost her parents pretty early and was raised by her elder sister
who was a multiple national judo champion Natalya first started wrestling
but quit after a friend told her that she had developed huge shoulders which
she said was ugly for a girl and that was the last time that she had listened
to and followed someone’s opinion she then tried kickboxing and played some
basketball it wasn’t until she found magazines with
women bodybuilders that she decided to go to the gym and ultimately become a
bodybuilder after a couple of years of intense training she managed to achieve
that goal well done Natalia Ella Trevino hi my name is telescope you know I’m an
IV Pro I just won the rising phoenix World Championship title in this video
taken at the 2019 IFBB Tampa women’s Pro bodybuilding show you can see a whole
bunch of women with rather incredible bodies but first place went to hella
Trevino a Danish American professional female bodybuilder Trevino started going
to the gym at the age of 17 and was training seven days a week at 17 knots
impressive five years later she won in the heavyweight and overall categories
at the Danish Nationals in 1998 which was her first show which one of these
bodybuilders did you find the most unusual let me know in the comments
below and I’ll handpick and feature your comments in the next video look out for
your comment why I hand-picked this one from Avis later when she writes when you
take smash the like button too seriously mom my iPad yeah I know the feeling Ava
it’s happened to me too but don’t make me call iPad services on you



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