The Most Important Function of Vitamin E

The Most Important Function of Vitamin E

let’s talk about the most important
function of vitamin E and that is it stabilizes cell membranes now what’s
interesting about the cell membrane is that it has a double layer of fat both
saturated and unsaturated fatty acids so people are always concerned about oh my
gosh saturated fat you need to avoid it well the cell membrane is made out of
saturated fat and cholesterol and you have all sorts of things happening at
the cellular membrane you have the protection of the inside of the cell you
have all these many little organs they’re called organelles you have a
little energy factory in there called the mitochondria you have the lysosome
which is the garbage disposal you have the DNA in the nucleus you have the
protein factories you have little factories that make things out of lipids
so there’s a lot going on and the cell membrane is there to protect it and then
you have billions of little pumps one would be the sodium potassium pump and
this pump generates a lot of energy to activate the muscles and the nerves and
its primary job is to keep sodium out of the cell and potassium in to create this
battery and that electrical charge is inside the cell and that can actually be
used by the muscles and the nerves allow them to function so vitamin E helps
prevent the oxidation of this fat layer right here as well as the fat structures
inside the cell it’s a significant antioxidant and it does work with
selenium as well it prevents retinopathy which is a disease of your retina which
is the nerve and so the eye it’s basically an extension of the brain
sticking out in the eye and the reason why vitamin E prevents this condition
is because vitamin E is all about protecting fat soluble structures and
anything related to nerve has a fat layer it’s called myelin sheath because
vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin it also supports glutathione which is a the
most powerful antioxidant in your body and it mainly works in your liver
it also prevents nerve damage why because of the myelin sheath which is
all fat now most of the vitamin E is stored in the liver and the fat cell but
with significant amounts inside your pituitary so think about it all the sex
hormones estrogen progesterone testosterone even cortisol originate as
a controlling hormone in your pituitary so because these hormones are made out
of cholesterol and fat you need high levels of vitamin E to protect them from
being oxidized and by the way one of the functions of estrogen is to act as an
antioxidant so during menopause when estrogen goes down with other hormones
like progesterone and even testosterone and if you don’t have enough vitamin E
to compensate hot flashes can kick in there and this is why vitamin E as a
remedy will help to reduce hot flashes but make sure if you anytime you take
vitamin E always take it in the natural form and get something that includes all
the tocopherols with the tocotrienols as one big complex vitamin E also has
been shown to decrease fibrosis of the liver why because it’s an antioxidant
and fibrosis occurs from all the free radical damage and inflammation in the
liver and without vitamin E it can continue so it can help mitigate
cirrhosis another thing that happens when you take vitamin E is your muscles
seem to get stronger so if you’re deficient in vitamin E your muscles will
be weaker typically people are not deficient in vitamin E because of the
diet it’s mainly because of the absorption either they had some
alteration in the digestive system whether they had gastric bypass or they
had some surgery or they have scar tissue in the gut creating a lack of
absorption or they don’t have a gallbladder or they have sludge in the
gallbladder so they don’t have enough bile to help them absorb it I mean they
could be deficient in the diet but typically it’s other causes but anyway I
wanted to emphasize the importance of vitamin E for your cell membranes and if
you want more information about vitamin E as far as where to get it
from the foods check out this video right here



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