The Gallbladder & Vitamin A, D, E  and K2 Connection Part 3 Dr. Eric Berg DC

The Gallbladder & Vitamin A, D, E and K2 Connection Part 3 Dr. Eric Berg DC

hey it’s Dr. Berg here in this video
we’re going to talk about the amazing gallbladder part 3 in part 1 we talked
about the function of the gallbladder and it releases bile to help you break
down fats in part two we talked about referred pain in all the different pain
sources it can go to that are up in the right shoulder blade and neck and area
right here and then now in part three we’re going to talk about some
additional important functions that you need to know the other thing that I
wanted to mention is that one of the triggers for production of bile is to
have a very strong acid in your stomach if you know anything about pH when the
pH goes down that’s more that’s more acid if it goes up it’s less acid and so
if you go from a pH between 1 and 3 that’s like battery acid it’s so strong
and that is the acid that you need in your stomach when the acid starts going
up to high then like a 4 or 5 you’re not going to be able to release the bile
from this and the way that you’re going to know that you lose your stomach acids
is the valve on top of the stomach that keeps the acid into the stomach will
start opening up they call that GERD so GERD really or acid reflux is low
stomach acids not high stomach acids and those low stomach acids are not able to
trigger the closure of that valve and that in the acid reflux will splash up
into the esophagus so so if you if you have acid reflux or GERD then we know
you’re not going to have enough bile okay so that’s just an indication to a
clue to be able to kind of think with this system and how it works they’re
both connected so you want to understand the whole situation and just in the side
note one of the most common reasons why people don’t have enough stomach acid is
they’re on low sodium diets so when you or salt diets sodium chloride chloride
helps break up to make hydrochloric acid and if you don’t have enough salt like
people are having a low salt diet you start your pH becomes more alkaline and
you have a lot of digestive problems so that’s as
side note okay now if this bile is in sufficient amounts you’ll be able to
absorb vitamin A and but if you don’t have enough bile your vitamin A
deficiency will manifest as night blindness can’t see in the dark it’s
difficult to see when the headlights are shining in your eye also your skin will
be dry you’ll have all sorts of problems with your skin little lose little bumps
all over the place and also the lining of your skin on the inside of your
sinuses and your throat will be affected so laryngitis sinusitis anything internal the lining on the inside of your body is controlled by vitamin A so
here you are taking all this vitamin A but it’s not working because you don’t
have enough bile right you may see because bile is recycled you may not
have enough because it’s not being recycled or it’s just not being produced
and so I always recommend to take some purified bile salts to be able to see if
that helps you and if it does then we know we can start to improve the your
own body’s production but it’s a real simple inexpensive way to test to see if
that is your problem okay and again I’m not diagnosing any diseases here these
this is just stuff to think with so you and your doctor can work together and
give them other solutions other than removing this thing
okay so we’ve added vitamin A also if you’re low in vitamin A you’re going to
get acne I mean take a look at Accutane what does that contain that’s for acne
what is it it’s concentrated vitamin A but it’s in a toxic amount that’s why
there’s a lot of side effects so if you have enough vitamin A because you have enough bile you’re probably not going to get acne okay vitamin D
is vitamin D important oh my goodness vitamin D basically controls the
absorption of calcium and so if you can’t absorb calcium you have all sorts
of issues calcium is not just bone building but it has to do with muscle
and heart contraction it has to do with cellular communication it has to do with
improving the immune system it has a lot to do with a lot of different functions
because it’s the main mineral that helps communication between the cells it
actually carries hormones between cells so vitamin D is very important and so
people a lot of times are so low vitamin D levels but it’s not because they’re
not consuming food with vitamin D it’s because they don’t have enough power to
absorb it yeah so so how do you know if you don’t have enough bile well just go
down the list do I have bloating burping belching constipation do I have right shoulder pain
these are just you know classic symptoms of low bile ok vitamin D now we have
vitamin k2 this is a really important vitamin I talked about in some of the
other videos but vitamin k2 is different than vitamin k1 vitamin k2 is a calcium
transporter it basically keeps the calcium out of the soft tissues now if
you look at a lot of health conditions whether you’re getting older and you’re
getting stiffer you’re getting arthritis hardening of the arteries it’s going to
cause high blood pressure strokes because there’s calcium plaquing in the
brain cataracts on the eye that’s calcium in
the eye kidney stones gallstones spurring all this extra calcium in the
soft tissues that is because you don’t have enough vitamin K that’s why and so
if you’re taking vitamin K and you don’t see improvement in this calcium issue
it’s because you probably don’t have enough bile so you have to think of
the things the cascade effect that can happen you have to think backwards and
see what’s before vitamin K2 vitamin k2 is in all the grass fed animal
products like grass-fed butter grass-fed beef you know that type of thing it’s in
a lot of the things that people are telling you to avoid they say avoid fat
well you need vitamin k2 I take it as a supplement because I I have a lot of
soft tissue calcium because of my old injuries and the spurring in my back
that I had so I’m using that to help clean that up
the k2 is really important in a lot of conditions especially if your body’s
getting stiff and it’s turning into a stone but again we want to make sure we
have enough bilel so soft tissue calcium issues can be caused by lack of bile
all right so that’s part three I’ll see you in a part 4



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