The Best Supplement for Fibromyalgia

The Best Supplement for Fibromyalgia

[Music] fibromyalgia is one of the most common joint and muscle diseases afflicting millions of Americans characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain and often accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue the medical profession used to think it was all in people’s heads but today there’s irrefutable evidence that it is indeed a disorder of the body and not just the mind back in 2003 an influential paper was published out of the Mayo Clinic in which is shocking 93% of fibromyalgia type patients were found to be vitamin D deficient and so they concluded that all such patients are at high risk of severe vitamin D deficiency but wait a second said the skeptics there was no control group where’s the Mayo Clinic located Minnesota maybe 90% of everyone in Minnesota is d deficient when controlled studies were done some did indeed find that those suffering from these kind of pain syndromes were significantly more likely to be d deficient but other studies did not even if all the studies did though that doesn’t mean that low vitamin D levels cause fibromyalgia may be chronic widespread pain disorders like fibromyalgia cause low vitamin D it’s the sunshine vitamin after all and fibromyalgia patients may not be running around outside as much as healthy controls so no vitamin D is contributing to the disease you have to put it to the test studies like these found that the majority of those with pain syndromes and low D levels appear to benefit from vitamin D supplementation clinical improvement in up to 90% of patients you can imagine how rife vitamin D efficiency is among Arab women in the Middle East but these studies weren’t controlled either maybe they would have gotten better on their own without the supplement or maybe which is a placebo effect there are many examples in the medical literature of treatments that looked great in uncontrolled trials like hyperbaric oxygen therapy for multiple sclerosis but when put to the test in randomized control trials they failed miserably and that’s what seemed to happen in the first randomized controlled trial of vitamin D for a fibromyalgia type syndrome in 2008 no significant difference in pain scores though the study only lasted three months and in that time researchers were only able to get vitamin D blood levels up to about 30 unfortunately no controlled study had ever been done pushing levels any higher until 2014 fibromyalgia patients were given up to 2,400 units of D a day for twenty weeks and so their D levels rose up to like 50 and then once they stopped the vitamin D levels came back down to match the pacy Bo and that was reflected in their pain scores a significant drop in pain severity while they were on the D and then back to baseline when they were off of it the researchers concluded that this economical in fact over-the-counter therapy with a low side effect profile may well be considered in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome [Music] you



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  • Alfredo Gonzalez

    Hmmmm maybe we shouldn’t put women in bags

  • miloradvlaovic

    Dr. Rhonda Patrick also spoke of this, but what I find particularly interesting is that the Vit D seems to be one of the most variable essential nutrients in terms of RDI/RDA. In fact, one can be supplementing with 3x the officially RDI, but still remain deficient. This seems to happen more often in older people. "Hitting the sweet spot" with Vit. D seems to be when it starts affecting the symptoms and getting true relief. Lower or higher doses don't really seem to do the job nearly as well.


    Get the D


    I still think if we give people the opportunity to complain about simple pain, they will take advantage. And then their children could be negative beneficiaries of poor conditioned thought. Your body is not meant for stasis. It is an ever changing cluster of bacteria wrapped in a nice meat suit. Take the ride, ride high, mile high club high.

  • Artimal ♛

    I use 150mg of Ketoprofen and it works great 😀

  • Vikki Younger

    what is the best form of supplement to take it ?

  • FlailingJunk

    Fibromyalgia is a fake disease for distributing pain pills.

  • Jose Torres

    Are there any future videos planned covering CREST syndrome or scleroderma?

  • Doug bananaboy

    Vitamin d helps so many diseases ! Got to be snake oil . Vitamin is hyped for many many diseases…’s a miracle pill

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    This video did NOT show up in my subscriptions even though I'm subscribed and I clicked the bell.

  • Four, two, one, ready set go

    Dear Dr. Gregor
    Thank you for consistently pumping out up-to-date information about health and nutrition. I often look to your website and videos first when I have questions about health and nutrition. I am 26 weeks pregnant and eat a whole grains plant based diet. Will you consider doing a video/post regarding vegan (pre)gestational diabetes?
    Thank you!

  • Jeong-hun Sin

    Mmm… Mayo…

  • Queen of Beans

    Is it the weed? 4.20 lol

  • Samantha Taylor

    I dealt with a very specific health issue for 2 years, trying everything until I got a hold of a vitamin d supplement that was actually good quality and everything vanished. I stopped taking the vitamin d now because it's almost summer now and my symptoms haven't returned. It's worth a shot if you're desperate, no matter what you're dealing with.

  • Dirk Dorony

    Just wanted to say thanks for providing all this free information about low cost approaches to healthy living. After a recent health scare I am focusing on my health and diet and have found it easy, enjoyable, and affordable to be eating fresh, clean and vegan and am beginning to reap the rewards. The integrity of your work and your dedication is commendable and rare so again, thankyou so much! I will continue to share these videos with friends and family.

  • Kathleen Gustafson

    Strong link that fibromyalgia is Lyme disease.

  • M M

    Dr.Greger is having fun with 4:20

  • William Read

    Tick diseases cause chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Tick diseases can be cured, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue can’t be cured. So get tested for Lyme, bebesia, bartonella, mycoplasma and other tick borne co-infections from a infectious disease specialist or

  • Citizen

    TFW you badly need the D

  • Libby Withnall

    I have fibro and was taking 5000units of D a day. My levels were still low so I'm now on 10,000. The whole month of April I was in a bad flare and barely went outside so I know I definitely wasn't getting any Vit D from the sun.

  • Eric Ho

    My hat's off to you Dr. Greger. This is excellent.

  • Tim Drescher

    Dr Greger, do you recommend certain blood tests (beyond the typical blood sugar & cholesterol tests). I realize most tests are given when we have specific or unknown health issues, but what tests would help me better understand my body’s response to my food choices? Does it help to get a baseline of certain vitamin levels or other components/contents of my blood? The impact of food choices feels so detached from understanding/awareness. Does my body feel good/bad because food A changed my blood chemistry? Would food B actually make me feel better? Maybe food C actually makes a difference only after eating it for 3 weeks. If people could actually see the impact on their bodies/in their blood after eating certain foods, it may help us make better choices. I’ve gone WFPB for almost a year. I feel noticeably better, but there is no hard science that says why. Others can shrug it off and say, “You’ve just got good genes.” My goal is not to convince others, but I would like to help them live and feel better, just because I care.

  • Emma T

    Vitamin D uses up magnesium and most people are magnesium deficient.

  • Hunny1au

    My Vit D on my blood test is in the good range and still have awful musculoskeletal pain. My blood test for D was great but had no bearing on my pain unfortunately. Wish it did.

  • Patrick De Matteis

    I know the cure

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