The Best Protein Powder for Women | Orgain Organic Protein Powder

The Best Protein Powder for Women | Orgain Organic Protein Powder

In today’s video I am reviewing the best
protein powder for women and I’m going to go over some of the pros and cons and of course
money-saving tips. Thanks so much for stopping by CompletelyKarin. I’m so glad that you’re here. If this is your first time to my channel I
hope you’ll consider hitting the subscribe button. I am a full-time lifestyle entrepreneur and
my channel is all about reviews to help you live your best life. So as I said, this video is about Orgain Organic
Protein and why it is the best protein powder out there for women. I first heard about this protein powder from
my ex who is an ultra marathon runner. So he is very up-to-date on what are the best
proteins and supplements for your body. So he told me about this protein, the Orgain
Organic Protein… I know that’s kind of a glare but hopefully
you can see it okay. So I decided I was going to try it for about
a month and just kind of see how it reacted with my body, if it gave me more energy, if
I felt any better, you know da, da, da, da, da. All of those things you do when you’re trying
to change your life for the better. So I began taking this protein powder. Sometimes I would take it once a day as like
a boost after my run or sometimes I would take it at night for dinner as a meal replacement
and I would just add like half a banana or something and I have to say I’m in love
with this protein powder and I’m going to tell you exactly why. Alright so let’s talk about the pros. First of all it’s the best tasting protein
powder that I have ever tasted. I don’t know if I was always buying like
super gross ones or something but this Orgain Organic Protein powder is so freaking good. The chocolate flavor, I’m a huge chocolate
junky. I love it. Sometimes chocolate protein powders can be
really chalky. In fact any protein powders can be chalky
and I do not like that. This one is not that way at all. It is super light. It does not taste like chemicals which again
I will not drink it if it tastes like chemicals. That is the grossest thing to me. And so for this to taste really natural and
really delicious and the chocolate flavor is really rich and yummy. I love it, I love it, I love it. So another thing about this protein powder
that I really love as a woman is that I’m in my early 40s and as I’ve gotten older
it’s getting harder and harder to be able to digest milk-based products and whey protein,
I just can’t. It’s so hard on my stomach. It just kind of hurts and gives me gas which
you probably didn’t want to really know that but just so you know that’s going on
with me and so I really love that this is plant-based protein. It makes me super happy that I don’t have
to like hurt all the time when I drink a protein shake and I really love that it is a pea based
protein. Another part of this protein that I really
love is that there’s lots of fiber in it and fiber totally gives me energy. I mean as a mom by the end of the day who
doesn’t need more energy? Am I right? I definitely do. Just saying. Something else that I really love about this
Orgain Organic Protein is that it’s sweetened all naturally. It’s sweetened with Stevia which is derived
from the leaves of the plant and it’s so much healthier than just regular sugar sweeteners
or the crap that they create in like a lab that’s not good for anyone. So I love that that is all-natural. And it’s super’s, super easy to mix up. It doesn’t leave clumps. Like I said, it’s not chalky. I can just put a couple of scoops and mix
it up in my Nutribullet in about 30 seconds and drink it down really fast or if I have
to take it on the go I can easily put two scoops into a shaker cup and then put in some
water later when I’m ready to take the drink and again like I said it doesn’t leave clumps. Have you guys ever drank protein powder or
any kind of drink where you have to shake it up and there’s always like that clump
bubble of gross powder and so you’re drinking and all of a sudden you get is powder clump
that goes? It’s the grossest. This has never happened to me with this protein
powder. I really love that it’s smooth, tasty. It mixes up really well. It’s one of my favorite things. As I said before, this totally gives me tons
of energy. I start my day really early. I wake up at about 4 AM every morning because
just me personally I’ve found that I function way better and can get so much more done and
I have way more mental clarity in the morning than I do if I stay up really late. So by about 6 o’clock at night I am basically
done for the day and I’m ready for bed except I’ve got kids and I’ve got a full-time
job on top of another full-time job and I have a boyfriend and I have relationships
and I have a life. I have friends. I like to go do things and so it’s not really
feasible to you know crawl into bed at 6 o’clock at night which is what it really want to be
doing some days. So if I can drink a protein drink that’s
got tons of protein, tons of fiber and a really, really yummy flavor and it will just energize
me from that point on until I’m ready for actual bedtime, it is so nice. You guys, women, if you are in need of a little
boost of energy but in a really healthy way and nothing that’s going to keep you up
all night this is a great way to do it. Now I’ve gone over so many pros and as you
know I really love this protein. But let’s talk about the cons. Okay so I think that one of the major cons
for this protein is that it can be a little bit pricey so I found that if I buy it at
GNC or one of the other supplement stores or even just the grocery store, which I found
this at the grocery store, it can run a little bit higher in price so in a 2 pound tub at
those stores is probably between I would say $35 and $40. But the really cool thing is you can buy this
on Amazon, the same amount in a 2 pound tub for about half the price. $20-$21 and what I really, really love about
Amazon is this product you can set up for subscription which basically means that they
will ship it to you every month so that you never have to worry about running out. You never have to worry about, “Oh I have
to go to the grocery store and buy some more of that because I’m almost out.” It just shows up on your doorstep every month
which is amazing. That is literally one less thing you have
to worry about in your life which for me that’s always a lifesaver because sometimes I can
forget real easy so to be able to not have to worry about having this come to my door
every month is so nice. So if you are interested in learning more
about the Orgain Organic Protein I have left some links in the description below that will
give you information about the ingredients and anything else that you might have questions
about so go ahead and click those links if you’re interested. So to sum it up, Orgain Organic Protein in
my opinion is the best protein powder for women on the market. I think it is so great for energy and the
taste is amazing and I just love it so much but I want to hear what your thoughts are. Leave me a comment below and let’s talk
about it. Question of the day. When do you guys like to take your protein
powder? Do you like to take it right after a workout
or before a workout, as a meal replacement? Let me know in the comments section below
because I would love to connect with you there. Definitely subscribe for more videos like
this and thanks so much for watching. See you next time on CompletelyKarin. Bye.



  • Karin Nelson

    cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

  • Jade Niknam

    I have had the gross chalky protein before. I don't like it. But I haven't tried this. Im going to give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

  • sandra fisher

    I'm going to try it.

  • Kiki Williams

    Thanks for the tip about the difference with whey protein and plant based protein! I actually never knew there was plant based protein out there! Great informative video!

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