• Michael Bonner


  • ApplePro

    Fist comment and like!!!!

  • ApplePro

    Who else loves Brooklyn 99

  • Troy Sudarto

    Best show!!!!

  • Joshua Van Niekerk

    yess b99 is the best

  • Kilian Morrison

    Some one give me a like

  • DanielMichaelDeVitoJr

    Legend says if your Danny DeVito Brooklyn 99 will reply

  • Oscar YT


  • Abinav Venkatagiri

    The first time the title was perfectly accurate 😂

  • Abhishek Karambelkar

    The last time I was this early, the vulture hadn't swooped in to take the case away.

  • Lior marvel

    If brooklyn 99 responds, I will be happier than Boyle when he found out jake and Amy were getting married!!! ( If that's even possible)


    Last time I was this early, Hitchcock and Scully were the Studs of the Nine-Nine

  • rk _10m

    when is b99 coming on netflixxxxxxxxxx

  • daddymoon666

    The Vulture is my new hero…

  • Bass Town Ncs

    so good <3

  • GodLovesUgly042

    I really like how he takes charge of the room

  • akariscarback

    Dean. Winters. Is. The. Best.
    Love this guy

  • velvet thunder

    Is Doug Judie coming this season

  • chai

    stay foxy

    die lonely

  • Dillon Jayasuriya

    lol the fire festival guy!! My favorite one isn’t on here.
    “I control all of this. See that guy behind you? That sniper? He’ll shoot anyone I’ll tell him too, (looks at jeffords) even you.”

    Sniper (off in the background): “no I won’t.”

    Vulture: “fine, he’ll sit on any rooftop I tell him too. Go sit up on that rooftop guy”

  • Blackbankai 03

    The best of the worst?….this almost makes sense.

  • The Republic Of Ireland

    You only get one crack at your brother's widow.

    Lad he's so evil 🤣🤣🤣

  • Flame Beats

    "I can learn to love nip slips!"

  • Rex Racer

    You can hate people & still think they’re hot.

    Very true. It’s Bad Boy / Mean Girl Syndrome.

    Like Rachel McAdams as queen of the Plastics, Regina George, in Mean Girls.

  • Trisha jha

    V:Stay foxy
    A:Die lonely

  • Ngcebo Sithebe


  • Hayden Lau

    I'm with Rosa

  • Rex Racer

    I got a wolf that I killed in Utah.
    Fairly certain that’s a dog.
    Yeah, it was dark.

    I knew a dude like that.

  • magma

    ugh i hate vulture with every fiber of my being and i love it.

  • Kuo'tal Khaen eyeh!

    I love the vulture he's a true opportunist. Balls to the wall lifestyle, what a savage 😂.

  • FabSabrina

    I hate that I love the vulture


    This is basically the RedLetterMedia of Brooklyn Nine Nine

  • Ayşenur Muti

    Vulture? UGH worst one EVER!

  • SK47007

    Which episode is the first clip from?

  • Abi R

    Boyle is such an innocent bean. That whole Nancy Drew thing😂

  • CaptainLumpyDog

    – T H I S – I S – G O D ' S – H O U SE –

  • SuaveDrew

    “it points the blame to where it clearly belongs, the island people” 😂😂😂😂

  • Der letzte Uchiha

    "points all the blame where it clearly belongs…. with the island people"
    😂😂😭 i love the vulture😂😂

  • Carole A

    😂👮😂👮😂👮😂 Who else loves him just as much as you hate him? And vice versa

  • Podium_Position_1529

    Hi Im Mayhem

  • Carole A

    😂😂😂😂 0:48 ""You can learn about it when my documentary comes out"
    "Yo, how much you bench, seriously?"

  • EvyakoyG

    We only solve mister meaners wieners

  • Joe

    Maybe the 99 needs Allstate to protect them from Chaos, like the Vulture.

  • Michel Javert


  • Chromozoned

    i swear The Vulture is one of the funniest characters on the show 😂

  • i’m tired


  • Ao Chen

    I remember someone in the comments of the last video saying you should’ve named it “the worst of the Vulture”.
    Glad to know the people running this channel knows how to listen to the voice of the people.

  • rexyluigi

    Amy’s “Die lonely” was savage sounded like something Rosa would say😂

  • Glória Reis

    i love him for two reasons:
    he’s hot
    only a good character can make me hate him, and i hate him, so i love him

  • melvina628


  • abby c

    but isn’t every moment the worst moment w him? 😂

  • MaX-Ali

    Finally they changed the title

  • Trevor Buchholz

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his real last name was Saperstein.

  • Star Child

    Even though he’s a terrible person, his lines are pretty funny 😄

  • Lily White

    I want an entire episode where the 99 make a day just for revenge against the Vulture! Somebody make that happen!

  • Lanzzr

    "i can learn to love nip slips"

  • TheGraceOfEbonee

    Man I forgot how much I hated him.

  • ishi gupta

    Haha I just love vulture being attracted to Amy and Amy doest give a heck

  • Wajid Khan

    I just noticed that the guy who plays the vulture is the same actor that played Vigo's assistant in John wick 1

    Vigo (Russian mafia boss)

  • Luisma 25

    "still hot"

  • Orestis Veseli

    God i hate that guy

  • No Name

    He is the Worst !

  • Makenna Pitt

    stay foxy
    die lonely

  • Aryan Joshi

    Can the Vulture find a match?

  • Jade Nelson

    Vulture=chaotic evil
    Pimento=chaotic good

  • Smokey Bacon Man

    Me: “Jane will you Mary me?”

    Jane: “yes of course!”

    Vulture: “hey hot stuff I got it from here!”

  • Tetsu Hatano

    The physical culmination of human garbage in a police uniform

  • Doğukan Demirdelen

    Huh,him making others torn each other while he getting all the credits himself alone made me realize that Vulture is a parallel universe version of Ryan O'Reilly.

  • multicyon

    No disrespect to Jake and the crew but, Pimento, The Vulture and the Pontiac Bandit need their own spin-off…… The Beasts of the show

  • Edward Gil

    I can learn to love nipslips

  • Edward Gil

    Probably my favorite of the villains. I love seeing him and Jake play off eachother.

  • Komal Pal

    Actually he is hot though…… O god what is happening to me, I am attracted to the vulture.

  • joseph bennett

    We needed a “Kobe” moment now more than ever.

  • SaLoNi

    he has the best roasts tho lmao

  • King Karl

    besides shes 30 yrs old, no amount of money in the world would make me marry a woman that old! Lmao that line is funny

  • Manav Udgirkar

    "stay foxy"
    "die lonely"
    best burn by Amy

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