Cleansing VS. Balanced Nutrition

Cleansing VS. Balanced Nutrition

Hi, this is Dr. Reuben Chen and welcome to another FitTip. Juice cleanses and liquid-only “detox” diets are a popular health trend today. Some people see them as a quick fix for weight loss and a method of flushing “toxins” from the body. Some cleanses even claim you can lose up to 10 lbs. in …

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The Only Detox You’ll Ever Need

Thanks to the Great Courses Plus for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Are you feeling tired, rundown and overall just bloated? Well, when was the last time you cleansed your body of things like acetaldehyde and bilirubin? What you need is a Detox product. I’m not talking about one of those $80 cold-pressed beet juice. No, …

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