Sushant Divgikar ‘Pills the Beans on Drag | Vitamin Stree

Sushant Divgikar ‘Pills the Beans on Drag | Vitamin Stree

Usually people are scared of what they don’t know and they’re therefore phobic. And, there will be people that want to define Drag in a certain way But like where have you graduated from? Some drag university? That I’m not aware of. I’m Sushant Divgikar and I’m here to spill the beans on Drag. There’s been this misconception that Drag is just for gay men. That’s absolutely false. You could be gay, straight, bi, trans, Man, woman, anything in between, and still do Drag. It’s a lot of effort. We take like about two hours to just paint our faces, sometimes. And then get ready, and then the wigs, and there’s just so much, to it. I think my Drag persona is like the biggest illusion. Sushant would like to talk to someone like Rani. But Rani just doesn’t give a fuck. Rani just gets on stage, slays, goes back to the room, and rests. She’s just like regal, and very pageant-ish. Also sometimes sort of slutty. She doesn’t have the best body. She’s not like a Sports Illustrated model. But like she’s comfortable with her body. And she just wears whatever she wants to wear. Becoming Rani-Ko-He-Nur of course fulfils all my fantasies. Also I get all the boys to the yard. I think Fashion to Rani means that you have to be comfortable in what you wear. If you think your style is… casual. Go for casual. Just don’t go for like something absurd because it’s the trend. It really doesn’t matter! That’s what Rani has to say. She’s like today I want to come and perform for you in my lingerie. In my bra and panty. Sometime else, she’ll have this bedazzled outfit. Which you’ll have to even pay money to even see. So I think, you should wear what you’re comfortable with. It might not appeal to me. But I’m still not paying your bills. As RuPaul says, “You’re born naked, and the rest is drag.” You take it or leave it. That’s Rani-Ko-He-Nur. So if you want to know more about Drag, Like, Share and Subscribe to Vitamin Stree!



  • Puneet Dhaliwal

    HOG BODY!! Adore-able!

  • Pearl Alex

    Rani has the self confidence a lot of us wish we had.

  • gypsy lab

    I had so much hope from vitamine stree for showing the actual documentation on condition of women in india but now clearly thats not the priority.
    Instead spreading gender dysphoria is a better priority to setup the environment of a country like India where most women don't have basic rights in place.

    Soon we'll be seeing more videos on new ways of repackaging and mixing the same gender( social construction) BS in the name of sex( biologically defined by your chromosomes), so that these rich upper class transgender women and drags ( who can never comprehend the idea of being a woman) can claim they are "real" women and get access to women spaces… And all the while fetishising their own messed up idea of what womenhood is like( pretty much like a porn star)

    And that's how my friend the real motives of feminism is dilluted for personal gains…nothing to do with social or economical benefit of women who have face actual shit throught their lives.

    This is where the line between progressive and denying reality ( biology of sexes) will emerge and we will have children as young as 5-6 undergoing hormonal therapies and surgeries cause they are made to feel uncomfortable in their own gender.

    Its a reality in a lot of western countries right now where women are fighting against their own erasure ( check out why saying pregnant woman is now a hate crime) .

    But then what else to expect from a YouTube channel trying to earn a few bucks out of the left liberals who just want to do whatever the right isn't doing …even if it's harmful to women.

  • Sanskruti Vidhate

    I didn't understand from this video the 'why' behind him deciding to do drag. Is it a calling or what?

  • Fiona Green

    Honestly, I am happy with this content. As much as feminism and woman empowerment is important, so are these topics and issues.we don't have enough people talking about lgbtq+ communities, mental disorders, etc in India. Everything seems too black and white as people learn to ignore the different façades of humanity.You guys are doing a good job.

  • Queen Queen

    Hmmm interesting.. I wish u guys had did an equally interesting peice on the "hizra community".. Whr things aren't glamorous nd all acceptance abt being transgender women or men.. I would like some tips on confidence from them.. How they still dare to come out in daylight knowing that every man woman nd child on the street is either laughing or scared of them.. nd don't see them as fellow equal human beings..
    PS: not trying to shade rani in anyway..

  • Arpita Yadav

    The only complaint is that the videos are really short!!

  • Deepa Kannan

    This is impressive. Honestly. I'm inspired

  • Sneha Upadhye


  • Kavita Singh Chauhan

    That was SO DAMNNNN SEXY!

  • shrunga raghavendra

    Rani is stunningly gorgeous 🙆

  • Aastha S.

    "I also get all the boys to the yard"
    Gurrrlll 😂😂

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