Supplements Make Expensive Urine

Supplements Make Expensive Urine

So I got an email a couple of days ago
from my friend Gene (Lovell). You may remember Gene. He’s the fellow that lost 50 pounds
and nobody really knew that he needed to lose that much. He’s down to about a BMI
of 20 and somebody made a comment that Gene was an OG. I am old and not with it
so I had to look that up. Anyhow Gene sent me, sent me a book awhile back. He
gave me a book. It was about proteonomics and the guy in the book said, supplements
make expensive urine. Gene also sent this email to me. It said, vitamin and mineral
supplements don’t lower risk of early death.
It’s another study. You know Gene has an interest in – he’s a very smart guy. You’d
know that if you watched his video. He’s got an interest in this area and he’s
made huge impacts on his own health but you know what,
I – I’ve heard that so many times and in fact in the past, I used to believe that
supplements do make expensive urine. However, not anymore.
Now, again, there’s so many problems with our world today. A major chunk of them
have to do with our world in terms of our leadership and the folks in – in
medical science and their understanding and what our “experts and
influencers” on the web tell us; but here’s the bottom line. You can’t
supplement your way out of a bad lifestyle. We all, well you should know
that. For example, drink it, drink a cup of this,
whatever every day will totally clean out your arteries. That’s not going to
happen. You can’t medicate your way out of a bad
lifestyle either. I don’t care whether it’s metformin or
insulin, neither one of them has an in – an impact
like a 30-pound weight loss. Now, on the other side though,
you’ve got the guys in standard medicine and I used to to feel this way as well
that supplements don’t help. I also felt that I was always called doctor 3
days, I felt the medications for the most part didn’t help either. Not all
medications but, I’ll also say as we get into medications and even statins.
Unfortunately, I think the vast majority of statin prescriptions probably do more
harm than good because they’re high-dose statins. They – they’re used for LDL.
They’re not used for plaque and cardiovascular inflammation and it’s the
wrong statins but that’s all different issues for different videos and go look
at those. This is a different one. This was – this is a video on a recent study that
came out about dietary supplements making expensive urine. This is – there’s a
paperback book on it by Monica Lewis using the same term, dietary supplements
creating expensive urine or are they a key to modern medicine. Now, here’s the study.
USA Today vitamins and mineral supplements don’t improve heart health.
That was one of them. Actually there was another one, nutrients from fruit nut
supplements linked to lower risks of death and cancer. Now they actually had a
wrinkle on a different issue here and they’re basically, what they’re talking
about is getting your supplements, your vitamins from food. Now to a large extent
I agree with that. For example, K2. I know there’s a huge debate around K2 and if
I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it hundreds of times on the – on the comments section
of the – of the YouTube channel. Everybody thinks that K2 is going to pull,
magically pull calcium out of your arteries and put it in your bones and
therefore save you and pull out the plaque while it’s at it.
Those mechanisms are not that well understood. I do think that vitamin K2
does have a place and I do think that it should be, you should get it in, in diet
but not with supplementation. But again let’s go back to, to this study. It was
done at Tufts. They looked at like 30,000 people over a 10-year period
and here’s one of the things they did. All cause death rates. Now, I did a video
on all cause death rates and it’s not out yet but keep your eyes out and look
for that. If you look for a change in all cause death rates, you’re not going to
see it on any supplement., any of them. In fact, you won’t see it on most
medications that have been proven to have a significant impact on their
disease. That’s the key word, their disease; and again I say this is an epi
issue. This is what I mean. Heart attack is the number one cause of
death in this world but it’s still what, 1/3 of deaths? So in order for a
medication related to heart attack, the number one cause to show an impact on
all cause mortality, it’s got to show 3 times the effect, just to show what
an impact that it would show on heart attack. So, again, all cause mortality is
a major waste basket of different types of issues expecting any health
improvement to have an impact, to show a significant study, state a statistically
significant study impact on all cause mortality. That’s – that’s not going to
happen. So, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. So now let’s go back again,
go back to supplements. While supplement use contributes to an increased level of
total nutrient intake, their beneficial associate, associations with nutrients
from food, they just aren’t seen with supplements,
said Fang Fang Zhang the author of the – the Tuft study. Now we’ve covered this.
They’re at – he’s a Freedman school of nutrition and policy at Tufts University.
I won’t go back into that. I started to go into one of the areas where the study
was as usual or as with many science journals they had a paywall. Pardon me, I –
because of the issues that I’ve already covered and because of the science, I’ve
got several dozen videos on the true science behind different supplements. I
didn’t go into this one and I already told you one of the reasons why I’m not
interested. They look at all cause mortality. That’s just not going to,
there’s no supplements that’s going to show that. Now here’s another thing about
supplements I get asked a lot of questions. I get asked the same question
a lot. Will you tell us which supplements you take, which ones you recommend? I’ll
go through a quick list, vitamin D3 to get to a goal level of between 60 and 80.
We’ll do a D3 video again later today. I’m not sure when it will be posted but
this was one of those where people, D3 has become a fad and people are now
giving way too much of it and D3 can make your kidneys and other things. It
can kill you if you do too much. This patient that’s – we’re going to talk,
a talk with today. Got up to a level of 175, not good. Niacin, I use niacin. I have
half a dozen videos on niacin in and of itself. Another, another massive confusion
in the science and again I had, I spent some time helping us wade through that
confusion in the science. COQ10, I take that. Magnesium, magnesium and magnesium, I
take several different types of magnesium. We are almost all of us
chronically at least partially deficient in magnesium.
Psyllium husk or fiber, I take that. Again, several couple of videos on that. The
science whether it’s real or not. I think it’s- I think it’s real but again, it’s
not as simple as you might think. Vitamin C, I take that. Garlic, I do take that. I
like garlic. Dark chocolate with no sugar in it.
N-acetyl cysteine, PQQ, NMN. Those last two are obviously a nod to David
Sinclair. I got a couple of comments that I was critical of David Sinclair. You
know what, I’m a big fan. I’m never, I tend to stay balanced and everything. I would
have some criticisms for Dr. Sinclair but I’d also I’m a major fan and I vote
with my feet. I take PQQ in him in and I recommend metformin similar to the way
he’s taking it, not just for a medication but almost as a supplement. He’s not
insulin resistant or diabetic but he’s taking metformin, I do too. You know I’m
insulin resistant so, but I would take it even if I want and I probably provide
it to several patients that want to take it almost as a supplement more on a
preventive basis. I misspelled this one, sorry about that, MethylGuard, thorn
MethylGuard. I have MTHFR a variation, as do over half
of us. I tried MethylGuard for a few times and I still take it occasionally. I
didn’t see a huge difference in my own energy levels. I did in terms of managing
my weight but not so much in terms of MethylGuard. John, who used to work with
us a lot on this channel, John Lorscheider tried some of the methylated B
vitamins and he got really hyper. Started losing sleep over it so at least one
well-researched guy warning you against use of methyl guard. Speaking of John
warning against use of things, he would also warned against use of K2. I don’t
take K2 by supplement. I take it and again I know that’s gonna create a lot
of hate comments, but I do, I do make sure to get K2 in my
diet. The K2 fans think that again,
magically K2 is going to take all the calcium out of your arteries and put it
in your bones. I’m a little bit skeptical of the science behind that. I don’t think
that it’s totally bad but I don’t think it’s so conclusive either. John’s
position and he actually found a couple of articles which showed that you might
actually weaken that – that plaque if you take the calcium out of it. So, again, he
would warn you away from it. It’s a complicated world out there. If you’ve
made it this far, I certainly appreciate your interest and again give us a call,
send an email to Michelle at [email protected] You can see
it below the video in the comments and description on the video. Weird, that’s
what this channel is about. That’s what premed is about, helping people
understand prevention. Prevention science is significantly different from cure but
it’s a lot better. Thanks again for your interest. Bye bye! Thanks and if you hit
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interesting information and helpful. Thank you again!



  • Radnally

    As usual, great explanation. I've been taking K2 and magnesium for about 2 months and feel much better. I don't think it's placebo effect as I've tried all kinds of supplements over the years with no noticeable effects.

  • C. C.

    I've heard that 500 milligrams of vitamin C per day helps to keep arteries clean. Based on some very old studies. Not really sure but maybe something from the 1930's. Dr. or anyone ever hear of this before?

  • Reverend Rusty

    What are the actual benefits of CoQ10? I'm taking it because I'm still trying to recover from nearly 10 years on statins, which slowly during that period were causing a host of problems, but so insidiously and slowly that I didn't realize that they could be what was doing it. Most of the symptoms I attributed to statins have since disappeared but some have lingered, making me wonder if either (1) the damage was permanent (it has been nearly 2 years off of those demon drugs) or (2) statins did not actually cause the remaining symptoms. Do I still get benefit from CoQ10 even though not on statins any longer?

  • James Brown

    K2 removed the pLaque from my teeth

  • Hwy 61 Filling Station

    Excellent presentation. I would separate the supplements from the West from the use of herbs and herbal combinations, as in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). As we have very little data from randomized controlled trials on TCM, i will leave that to another day. I do reflect that in China, they do not see food and herbs in separate categories. They eat seasonally.
    Perhaps you may decide to expand this topic in some future video about Bruce Ames' triage theory.
    My natto use is centered around the avoidance of fractures from falls, thinking that is a cause of disabilty. And I see that it sneaks in some PQQ along the way. I am not sure of the effect of the carboxylation of the matrix GLA protein.

  • Erik Janse

    You forgot to mention fish oil, as I understood from earlier VDO's you are using this supplement as well, correct?

  • texicon

    "You need to lifestyle your way to supplements."

    First – Eliminate sugar
    Second – Eliminate processed carbs (wheat and corn flour)
    Third – Eliminate starchy foods (potatoes, rice, corn, high GI fruits)

    Then when you've adopted this new lifestyle and you've lost your visceral fat then maybe start some supplements (e.g. D3, K2, magnesium, fish oil, niacin, flax/fiber). Others?

  • آكل الدهون

    Now a days,in arabia, vitamin K2, it is almost impossible th get it from food.

  • witzviewer

    How important is B12 supplementation as we get older? Do we absorb enough if we eat some fish and some meat? I noticed you didn’t mention B12. I have seen B12 recommended for plant based diets and definitely vegan diets.


    I think the RDA values are scewed to show values needed for a carbohydrate diet model. We only have to look at Vitamin C, the savior of scurvy. Ask anyone and they will tell you about Vitamin C "curing scurvy". Two Norwegian Doctors discovered in 1907 that scurvy was from a diet to high in refined carbohydrates. A British Doctor went into hospital where he was only given meat for a year to prove you would not get scurvy if you do not eat Vitamin C fruits. So Vitamin C is a treatment for scurvy so it is manageable, controlled, and it symptoms are just part of aging.

    So the goal of getting an RDA of 100% in everything is not in balance if you are not on the prescribed diet used in the studies to evaluate them. You cannot buy Potassium Supplements that give you more than 100 of your 35-4900 daily units recommended. Because they really have no idea what this might do ? Then why do they recommend the levels they do for it ?

    Finally, look at Salt. Look how wrong they were about Salt. How much heart diseases treatment was do to lack of salt ? How much medical treatment for a pantheon of salt deficient ailments have been treated in the last 60 years has taken place ? How much Potasium is needed if you eat sufficient salt ? Not, even touched with a ten foot pole by the RDA or Nutrician.

  • mrytully

    Dr brewer: i have been following dr carolyn dean's supliment protocal. She has been working in that area for 30+ years. Her magnesium product(remag) is top shelf…meaning highly absorbable.
    The gist of her protocal (google dr dean protocol):
    Magnesium, (remag)
    Sea salt .25 tsp/ quart
    Half body weight in ounces of water

    Omega 3, d3, and k2 ….Fish oil and concentated butter: (blue ice royal) this product is as close to a food(liver) as i have seen.

    Whole vitamin c daily(not ascorbic acid….this is used for treating sickness not daily use)

    Metholated vit b:

    Earth base probiotic

    She has a youtube channel and people can talk with her. Wich is i find very helpful.
    My experience:
    Intense golfers,tennis, arm tendinitus……gone
    Chronic migrain….gone
    Plantar fasciitis…gone
    Chronic Canker soars….gone
    High blood pressure…now perfect
    4 cavities… Remineralized enamel…
    Chronic untrearable Athletes foot..gone
    Eyes..stronger: drivers liscence changed
    20 lbs loss and stable(diet has to do with this issue but this loss has been much more stable and steady than weight loss in the past.)
    O on my calcium score( first test so i cant say changes were made..)

    Other people:
    Many callers report ending their dfib.

    The point: most, if not all of these problems were inflimation and /or dehidration related. Supliments/real salt and water on a regular basis is expensive urin. It is also expensive blood. And less hospital bills.

    Also: it is important to distinguish between a suppliment and medication. Niacin (2g/day) is a treatment to change lipid numbers. (Medicine) daily magnesium suplimentation is to get the magnisium that is lacking in your food.we dont flood farmlands anymore. (Nutrition not medication)

    Blue ice royal(fermented cod live and butter) is to get nutrition. 4g of highly processed fish oils is a medication to change lipid profiles….

  • jammin6816

    I take fat soluble ADE and K2 vitamins. I also take B complex, fish oil, milk thistle, magnesium and coq10. I have so much more energy and I feel absolutely great. No more angina, no more AFib, my skin is perfect, my mind is crystal clear, my chronic cough is long gone, and my bathroom visits are awesome. Now what’s this about expensive urine again?

  • SulforaphaneMeUp

    Shouldn't you also be taking resveratrol with NMN or NR?

  • kbkesq

    We already know cinnamon, AMLA, berberine, bergamot, B12, Omega 3, D3, L-Citrulline all have effects we can see in our bodies. They’re called supplements for a reason- they aren’t substitute for fruits and veggies.

  • kbkesq

    I do think multivitamins are a bad idea- giving men Iron or giving anyone choline for example is a bad idea.

  • Sandy Westbrook

    What about nicotinamide riboside

  • na' ah mean?

    just try not to mix vit/min/herbs with chem-meds … take one or the other

  • Jock Itch

    Great video. Thank you. I was surprised not to see any form of Iodine/Boron combo on the list!

  • Sapele Steve

    Agreed about the supplements Dr. Brewer! Let's not forget that the fat soluble vitamins can be harmful if taken in large doses. A daily vitamin is probably OK but the body will eliminate what it doesn't need. So, in that regard much of what is taken in does wind up in the urine. BTW, have you done any videos on the consumption of Nuts in the diet? It appears that all types of "tree nuts" can have a beneficial effect on heart health & IR. Various studies have shown this to be the case. See below………..Thanks for your videos!

    (Nutrition Journal, June 28,2015). Scientists analyzed data from more than 14,000 Americans and found that people who ate at least a quarter-ounce of almonds, Brazil
    nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios
    or walnuts daily were leaner, had lower blood pressure, less insulin
    resistance and higher HDL (good) cholesterol.

  • Brian Crane

    Even GOOD lifestyle requires supplementation. U.S. farm soil is bereft of minerals and organic material from two centuries of over-harvesting. Many chronic medical conditions today can be traced to malnourishment. The plants and animals can't contain minerals if the soil contains none! (I don't mean silicon and iron I mean: vanadium, zinc, copper, selenium and other VITAL minerals)

  • Kenny H

    Yea, and fact is MD's have the shortest life spans of all the professionals! And more accidental deaths occur due to physician malpractice and error and hospital staff error than all the other causes of death combined, including wars, auto accidents, you name it! So why would you take the advice on proper health from those who are the absolute worst at getting it right?

  • David Chaney

    Why isn't Niacin an acceptable substitute for NMN?

  • 147DegreesWest

    We have a different supplement list- but my issue is thyroid. So, after my Levothyroxin (hour later) I drink a water, 1 teaspoon tumeric with black pepper and dark cocoa (no sugar), then a tea made from matcha and astragalus root. When I break my fast, I eat 4 oz codfish with olive oil, Rosemary, and nutritional yeast. Now that my roses are blooming, I will be harvesting them and drying them to include in my Astragalus/matcha tea.

    Can you do some videos on alternatives to metaformin for those of us with lilac allergies? I know stinging nettle- but I don’t have access to it in my part of the globe- are there any others? TIA

  • Keep Sweet

    What is the best statin to be on?

  • Tumblemark

    The best way to make expensive urine is to drink lots of beer.

  • Will Nitschke

    I have a friend who is absolutely convinced that supplements are magic bullets and they have cured his metabolic syndrome. Certainly, looking over his blood work from only a few years ago, his liver function tests, for example, were 10X outside the normal range. Now they are in the high end of normal. Fasting blood sugar 28 mmol/L… ! Now down to 5.3. Thinking about this I think the more likely explanation was a change in diet. He no longer eats bread, rice, potatoes… much less pasta… He is off most of his medications now. He still takes a lower dose of metaformin, and a smaller quantity of blood pressure medication. He has gone off his statin. He is still obese and I'd estimate 20-30kg (44-66 pounds) overweight… One thing I discovered more by accident because I just didn't assume such people existed… he doesn't eat vegetables… and almost no fruit. This made me think, yes the supplements are life support for him. The vitamins, minerals, various herbs and micro nutrients, plus blueberries, walnuts and tiny quantities of foods of that type, which he consumes in a manner similar to supplements. Unfortunately blood tests don't give you much of an indicator of lacking these sorts of things except vitamin D (which he was also borderline deficient in). So I think in his case, they've probably helped to save his life. But would not work so well for someone already on a more rational diet.

  • Bramble Bop

    Very timely. I was wondering about K2… Just started taking it. Something to research further.

  • Akane Cortich

    MSM powder/tablets daily. My wife and I take this daily, for different reasons. It is the safest of the anti-inflammatory medicines/products, and has research behind it. i.e on PubMed. "
    Methylsulfonylmethane: Applications and Safety of a Novel Dietary Supplement"  ' MSM is a naturally occurring organosulfur compound with broad biological effects. Human absorption and biosynthesis of this compound likely depends heavily on the co-metabolism between microbiota and host. Whether naturally produced or manufactured, MSM exhibits no biochemical differences in its ability to intermediate oxidative stress and inflammation. This micronutrient is well tolerated for arthritis and a number of other conditions related to inflammation, physical function, and performance. Emerging research suggests that MSM may one day aid in the treatment of various types of cancer ' .

  • Akane Cortich

    Vitamin C is very limited in its gut uptake. You could take lyposomal VC which has a much higher uptake, but that is expensive. I save the lyposomal for when I get a cold or flu and take it like crazy. I do also take NAC simply because of my age and its ability to protect cells against toxins and ROS. D3, for a long time now K2mk7 600mcg/day; Melatonn, because our lifestyle depletes this from us, and it is a major natural body anti oxidant, it also important in the communication between liver and gut and I note one seasoned researcher in the area takes 5mg/day. If I eat a lot of meat during the day I might add fish oil, just to keep the Omega 3/6 balance in order. Niacin as well, again, the nicotinic acid version of it helps with cholesterol management. I will occasional add magnesium and sometimes zinc – because we are all deficient in magnesium and it is is an essential for the body;s proper function. (Oh I forgot to mention, I also saw research that showed K2mk7 was able to kill off chemo resistant prostate cancer cells. )

  • Akane Cortich

    I am also very impressed by coconut oils ability to suppress my appetite and raise my ketone levels, even in very small doses. Never fails.

  • Jake Hayes

    Very interesting video!
    What foods to you eat for vitamin K2? I'd rather use food for nutrition rather than pills…
    as long as the food isn't too expensive. Do you purchase natto?
    I'm aware that gouda cheese is a good source but I'm not sure I should eat it since I'm Apoe4.
    Don't get me wrong… I LOVE cheese, just not sure it's good for my health.


  • Akane Cortich

    LoL hate to carp. But was not even looking, but google remembered me, an accidentally ran across this. Natto "The Antithrombotic and Fibrinolytic Effect of Natto"    'This study confirms that the normal dietary intake of natto also offers health benefits to potentially prevent cardiovascular disease.'

  • David Leung

    good video…maybe I can sell it….lol

  • akaimon3

    How about pre K2😋

  • anniekate1914

    the plaque on my teeth is gone after using k2 menaquinone-7

  • anniekate1914

    Go for the Acerola Cherry Vit C Dr. Brewer can tell you about that

  • Madben 99

    You can't medicate or supplement yourself out of a bad lifestyle.
    Great Quote! Thoroughly enjoyed this video.
    Surprisingly, I take almost the same supplements.
    A few notes, R-alpha-lipoic-acid does help with insulin resistance, but unfortunately not as much as I had hoped.
    – it's recommended by Dr Bernstein, is prescription in Europe and from my own experience of checking my blood sugar Thousands of times and keeping track of consumption, exercise, etc.
    – I have no idea why, but Vit D3 supplements seem to aggravate my immune system, I do have several autoimmune conditions however.
    – GPLC did seem to work well, at least as far as workout energy and, ahem, a poor man's viagra. Unfortunately, only the Jarrow brand and they no longer make it.
    – I've been taking NR for about 4 months and do feel more energy (it keeps me from napping!), but no miracles. I did switch to NMN for a month out of frustration, but it didn't seem as effective, but who knows, could have been the brand.

  • S Wil

    I do think supplements help. Why? Cause I suffer from depression and other heart issues, my diet is not the best. I can tell 3 to 4 days after I start bumping up my vitamins the difference. When I have a bad cold or am severely depressed, I may still struggle but I will gradually become more interested in doing things that normally I would not even bother to think about. I start functioning. Like a B12 shot, I am not cured but I have more energy to deal with the stress. When I skip taking the vitamins, I don't feel like doing anything and I don't care. I have had better energy from vitamins than I have from anti-depressants. Ideally, eating better and exercise would benefit me the most but when I am down finding the energy to get past that hump becomes easier if I am taking supplements. I have been into vitamins for over 10 years and I can tell a difference when I stop and restart. I am less broody, less cranky, more caring and patient, more creative, and functional. I pick vitamins that get good reviews for random tests from independent labs not just what is on sale.

  • mark morris

    Maybe reader this will save you.

    vit c — 3 times a day atleast 3 gramms ( different forms of C / no calcium ascorbate )
    lysine — 3 times a day 1.5 gramms per dosage
    Grape seed OPC 200mg a day
    curcumin / resveratrol / egcg

  • Akane Cortich

    The more I look into Vk2mk7 the more Amazing stuff that falls out the woodwork that we never hear of…i.e. ".. Inventors of current invention observed serendipitously that vitamin MK-7 can restore the sympathovagal balance and also have cardio protective effect by shortening of QT interval and prolongation of RR interval. Further to this, it was also observed that vitamin MK-7 improves cardiac output, left ventricular work, HDL cholesterol and reduces blood sugar…."

  • Akane Cortich

    And how much K2mk7 to demonstrate marked improvement (it would appear 1298mcg from Natto, every 7 days)… "…volunteers were given sequentially fermented soybeans (natto) containing three different contents of MK-7 at an interval of 7 days as follows: regular natto including 775 micrograms/100 g (MK-7 x 1) or reinforced natto containing 1298 micrograms/100 g (MK-7 x 1.5) or 1765 micrograms/100 g (MK-7 x 2). …"

  • Angelus ad tenebras

    I would very much like to know why you do not take Krill Oil?

  • zog zog

    "Dietary Supplements Do Not Improve Health" – Monica Lewis
    "Dietary Supplements Do Improve Employment Prospects" – Monica Lewinsky

    (I'll get my coat)

  • jon hamm

    Please watch or tell your ignorant anti-vitamin friend to watch Thomas E Levy's youtube videos. Or read the book "primal panacea"

  • natnut2008

    Could you tell us the dosage of each supplement you take and give us the reasoning behind each dose?

  • jon hamm

    pu erh tea has statins. Natural statins.

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