Sunshine During Pregnancy | Importance of Vitamin D| Sunlight |

Sunshine During Pregnancy | Importance of Vitamin D| Sunlight |

Helloooo today I’m going to do a new video and
it’s a video on the benefits of sunlight for pregnant women, so I was advised to
sit in the Sun by my sister, maybe in the second trimester of my pregnancy and I
used to tell her I’m boiling inside I’m feeling so hot you expect me to go and
sit in the Sun and she said'” trust me you really need this ” and I’m so glad that I
did so I’m gonna tell you about the benefits of sunshine that I had in my
personal pregnancy. so I would sit in the Sun somewhere between 11 a.m. and 12
p.m. so the first benefit of sitting in the sunlight is you get vitamin D
vitamin D is activated on all the skin cells on your body that is exposed to
sunlight and this vitamin D would help your body absorb calcium. so two you up
your calcium levels, or the calcium absorption levels just by sitting in the
Sun for ten minutes another thing is that this vitamin D that’s present in
your body under sunlight helps boost your mood and also lowers blood pressure
so if you’re having blood pressure or high blood pressure during your
pregnancy sitting in the Sun for ten minutes will also activate your nitric
oxide cells which are situated on the surface of your skin now these cells
help the blood vessels to expand so if the blood vessels expand more blood is
flowing thereby your blood pressure comes down benefit it releases the happy
hormone so serotonin is another sunshine hormone but the brain produces more
serotonin and sunny bits so do you know what that means that means you’re going
to get a better night’s sleep and also at work there’s less chances of you
developing a postpartum depression just by getting sunlight while you’re
pregnant the third benefit is that photo therapy is what you’re going through
while you’re pregnant meaning the baby is getting the direct
photo therapy from the Sun maybe the most important reason you want to sit in
the Sun is so that your baby doesn’t have to be put under photo therapy soon
after he’s he or she is born what happens is some babies after they’re
born within the first day they develop a kind of jaundice
a fever and the baby is kept in the NICUunder a special warm light now
this photo therapy is mostly done to mothers who have not had direct contact
with the Sun it could be bad weather conditions it could be it was
raining it was snowing you weren’t able to sit in the Sun some of you say that
okay I have a long drive to work I’m sitting in my car and getting enough of
sunlight but what happens is the sunlight that penetrates through glass
doesn’t have the capacity to activate the vitamin D reflectors in your body so
sitting in in the cars at a window or anywhere where the light rays penetrate
through glass is not going to help you you need to sit in the fresh sunlight
out in the open breathe in as much oxygen as you can while you’re out there
and try and get as much sunlight so that you can be discharged one day earlier
and your baby will not be put under photo therapy so if you don’t have any
other motivation to sit in the sun despite having all the pregnancy heat
and hormones at least think that if you sit in the Sun your baby will not
require photo therapy and will not have to sit in an artificial sunlight or be
born and put directly into a tanning bed nobody wants to do that so this is one
thing that you could do for your baby while you’re still pregnant is get 10
minutes of sunlight in a day you can do this at any time maybe 10 10 a.m. 11
a.m. avoid 12 to 2 even 3 p.m. 4 p.m. but try
as much as possible another tip I could give you is don’t keep this only for the
third trimester or for the last trimester
what you need to do is whenever possible for you to get sunlight get sunlight
just there just it’s just ten minutes maybe you could check your phone
messages also an important thing you have to note is when you’re sitting in
the sunlight there is a chance that you would get dehydrated so it’s good to
have a whole glass of water before and after sitting in the sunlight just think
about how this would benefit the baby and that would give you enough
motivation to get up and go sit in the sunlight are you concerned that if you sit in the
Sun you’re gonna get dark there are some concerns that okay when I’m pregnant my
skin tone changes the hormone levels have changed I’m getting pigmentation
the melatonin levels are increasing but that is for prolonged exposure to Sun if
you sit in the Sun for maybe half an hour yes that’s gonna affect you but if
it’s just 10 to 15 minutes maximum it’s not going to affect you you’re not gonna
get dark by sitting in the Sun for just 10 minutes before the harmful effects of
excellent extreme exposure to the Sun can settle you’re going to reap the
benefits of good sunlight in your body so don’t worry about getting dark you’re
not gonna get dark by sitting in the Sun for just 10 minutes for 10 minutes of
sunlight it’s just gonna help your body if yourself is to go outside get some
sunlight hydrate yourself and enjoy your pregnancy let this be a source of you
getting some positivity charge yourself up sit in the Sun whatever fancy heart
if you would like if that would make you feel happy but do whatever it takes just
get those 10 minutes of sunlight like comment and let me know if you sat in
the Sun and if that helped your onion pregnancy and how it was post delivery
I’m waiting to hear from you so do let me know about how your experience was
after sitting in the Sun did you feel extremely annoyed that I’m asking you to
sit in the Sun while they are pregnant how was it for you do let me know like
comment and don’t forget to subscribe sunshine is absolutely free so go
outside and get yourself some mama sunshine bye



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    This video describes
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