Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant | 편스토랑 EP.18 Part 1 [SUB : ENG/2020.03.09]

Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant | 편스토랑 EP.18 Part 1 [SUB : ENG/2020.03.09]

Everyone, please rejoice and give us a round of applause. Fun-Staurant is finally making our first donation. (Fun-Staurant’s first donation of profits) (There is no other variety show like this) When we first began this show, we wanted to help the Korean farmers who were struggling. We’ve launched five dishes at convenience stores, and the consumption of domestic produce has increased significantly. I was really surprised. We consumed 60 tons of domestic rice, 83 tons of domestic wheat, 13 tons of domestic pork, and 0.6 tons of domestic green laver. – No way. / – And for the Kkokko-bap we just launched, 8 tons of domestic chicken were consumed. Who deserves the most credit for this, Gyeonggyu? Me. (Pleased) Stop that. (Consistent in so many ways) Previously, we mentioned that the profits gained from this show would be used to help undernourished children. The first round of donations from profits is $44,358, and $20,000 from that amount will be used to help the many people struggling to fight against COVID-19. We hope you will all hang in there and take courage. This is just the beginning. We will continue with our donations and promise to deliver kindness to many people. (We are rooting for everyone fighting against COVID-19) I got eggs, fresh eggs. I went to a famous restaurant in Hoengseong. Hello. It’s nice to meet you. Oh my, what has come to this deodeok restaurant? I’m here to sell eggs. I came to Hoengseong to buy eggs and figured I should have some beef. Come in. Can we bring in the cameras? Goodness, thank you. Your deodeok beef tartare sounds interesting. You put an egg yolk on top, right? I will use my own egg. Just bring me an empty dish. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you. (What’s all this?) How many side dishes are there? Look at the side dishes. Hello there. Little guy. He’s the owner’s grandson. Is the food good here? Your grandma’s side dishes? – My grandma’s side dishes? / – Yes. That one is totally good. That one? Which is better, chicken or your grandma’s side dishes? Chicken. (LOL) (Food keeps arriving) (Everything has been served) (Contestant No. 1 for eggs / Hanu beef tartare!) It’s always served on top of beef tartare. (Blue egg instead of regular) (Mixing) (You can’t help but exclaim at the beauty) (Nom) (One more bite) (And another bite) (Silently inhaling) Yum. The egg yolk embraces the beef tartare in my mouth. Like someone from behind. You know what a back hug is, right? It’s very creamy because of the egg yolk. I dip it into egg yolk too. My daughter really liked it too. – It makes it rich. / – It does. That looks good. That looks delicious. (She’s loving it) (Gulp) My mouth is watering. Really? She’s really enjoying it. You order some too. (What is she rolling up her sleeves for?) Like you had recommended, I’m going to mix these up. (Get some beef tartare) With rice? (Mixing) – Yes, beef tartare bibimbap. / – Oh, bibimbap. (Mixing blue egg beef tartare with nutritious rice) That’s the real deal. That looks good. (Contestant No. 2 for eggs / Beef tartare bibimbap!) Let’s eat. (How will it taste?) (Huge mouthful) (Egg yolk and beef tartare bibimbap) This is really good. I’m jealous of the Lee Yeongja of that day. – Today’s Lee Yeongja is jealous. / – She’s craving it. (Eating) (Eating) (And eating some more) (Her mouth is watering) Did you see her gulping? You’re really enjoying it. It’s because I brought these eggs. It’s so yummy to dip it in. How does it taste? It’s richer and fresher. And the price? It’s more expensive. – I’m sure they are. / – They are more expensive. (5 times more expensive) They’re pretty expensive. (Egg restaurant reporter) For the theme of eggs, I’m near the SNU gate right now. – In Nakseongdae. / – There’s a great restaurant here. It’s near Seoul National University. Is that near Hongdae? I said Nakseongdae and SNU over and over again. Seoul National University. When I see young people, I think of Hongdae. (Flustered elder / Wary) There’s a great restaurant here near SNU. Tornado omelet rice. Tornado omelet rice? Tornado omelet rice. You twist it like this and like this to create this rose shape. Oh, that. What’s that? It’s really famous these days. Hello. We shook hands earlier. It’s really crowded. (All the tables are taken) – Hello. / – Yeongja. – Hello. / – What brings you here? I’m here to eat. I’m here to eat lunch. Why do mothers always hug me? You look like an artist. You’re gorgeous. Take care of yourself. Which number are you? – Oh, you must get in line. / – Can you film me? Sorry. Two, two, two. I’m the only one here alone. Join us and be three. – Three? / – Join them. – She’s joining them. / – Shall we? Is that okay? Can I ask your name? – What’s your name? / – I’m Park Hyeonjin. – Hyeonjin. / – I’m Jeong Ye-eun. I’m Yeongja. Isn’t that the famous Seoul National University? She’s an SNU student? People like her go to convenience stores a lot. – Students who live alone. / – Right. College students. But you’re shooting this for a show. – Is it okay to sit with us? / – It doesn’t matter. – Really? / – Why would it matter? I’ve never been on TV. – Is it okay with you? / – Yes. I mean, have you led a decent life? Really? “Have you led a decent life?” – Not completely decent. / – Not completely? – But not indecent either. / – It’s okay to be on TV? I’m a normal human being. There’s a car. Let’s get out of the way. (Hi) (Hi 2) (LOL) It’s Lee Yeongja. – You’re so skinny. / – This lady is hilarious. (On the phone with her daughter) – Which daughter? / – It’s really Lee Yeongja. – Third child. / – Of all your girls? I’ll invite you to my daughter’s wedding. (Dumbfounded) What? People will go insane. – You are our favorite star. / – But… We love you more than anyone in the world. Ma’am, I mean… You’re better than politicians and the president. – Can you hold this? / – You make the citizens laugh. I haven’t even had one myself because I hate weddings. – I’ll find a man for you. / – What? – Matchmaking? / – Yes, matchmaking. What kind of men do you know? I wish you would take my husband. I wish you would take my husband. (What is she saying?) – Or a friend of his. / – I can’t believe this. She doesn’t want him, so she wants to hand him over. Can I get a picture? The two of us. Thank you. She must really love me to even offer her husband to me. Congratulate your daughter for me. Wow. I’m sorry, I’m sorry. – It’s not a big restaurant. / – Hello, I’m sorry. Isn’t this burdensome? Let’s sit together. Let’s sit. (Setting up the camera like a pro) You can relax and enjoy yourselves today. Okay. Other celebrities pay for your meals, but I don’t do that. It’s too authoritative. Thank you for the food. Should I be authoritative today? Shall I go ahead? I’m treating everyone here. Have a seat. One, two, three, and… Two tornadoes because I need to try them. (Flustered) – The three of us will… / – One each and one extra? Okay, I got it. Oh, Hyeonjin, you’re quick on your feet. You said the three of us ordered one extra when it was just me. Young people these days like the tornado omelet rice. (Pour beaten egg into a heated pan) That’s the tornado. You grab it and pull it up to make the shape. (Put it over fried rice and add gravy sauce) – That looks good. / – That looks delicious. (Tornado omelet rice) That’s pretty. It’s important to control the heat and twirling. – Magma? / – Magma? (Stir-fry with garlic butter and chili pepper sauce) It has garlic butter and Cheongyang chili pepper. The Cheongyang chili pepper one looks good. (Pour egg and heavy cream mixture into pan) It has heavy cream in it, so it’s creamy and soft. (Quickly stir in one direction to get air into mixture) That egg is really creamy. That looks so creamy. I know what that is. (Add cream sauce) You cut it open. It’s really famous these days. (Magma style omelet rice) I haven’t tried that yet. (High hopes) That looks good. Try it while it’s hot. It’s impossible? (Pause) It happens to me all the time. It happens every day. Should we leave? You can take those seats. (A shriek of shock) (First time seeing a celebrity) It’s for Fun-Staurant, and the theme is eggs. Can you speak Korean? Yes. (Common reaction to seeing Lee Yeongja) Didn’t she look like she couldn’t understand? (I was surprised) How could you slice that open without me? – We filmed it. / – I’m sorry. (Oh…) Busan? And Daegu, Gwangju? Yes, when you do that, it… (Busy capturing this to post on social media) It’s fun for them to watch this. I really want to try that. It’s somewhere between liquid and solid. Let’s see if it’s crazy good. Wait, let me try the sauce first. (Trying the tornado omelet rice’s sauce) (Watching 1) (Watching 2) How is it? There must be milk in it. It’s really smooth. Gravy? Gravy sauce is delicious. (Amazing big bite) Yum! That looks really good. – Isn’t it smooth? / – It’s crazy. This is really crazy. – I can’t eat this prettily. / – It looks mushy. – You have to slurp it. / – The egg must be so soft. It’s not like your everyday omelet rice. It tastes like a Southeast Asian dish. – Like a special dish. / – It does. That looks so good. (Next target is magma style omelet rice) – The cream sauce is really good. / – The cream? The cream sauce is delicious. – Really? / – The sauce… (As always, sauce first) That looks good. This is so good. I want to dip bread in this. That’s so true. – I want to dip bread in this. / – Garlic bread. Garlic bread is the best. (She’s already done it in her head) (Addicted to omelet rice) (Her omelet rice is disappearing) That looks good. I’m finished. You cleaned the plate. (Clean) I finished my omelet rice. (Staring) What? Nothing fell down. (LOL) Tornado omelet rice is finished. Give me more. Give me more. That’s a horror movie. (Touched by the taste, there’s nothing else she wants) This is so nice. (Crazy good magma style omelet rice) It’s so smooth. This is crazy delicious. You’d have to control the heat really well. That would take some special skills. Seriously. (Ta-da!) It looks so easy to do. Look. If you try it at home, you fail. – You’ve tried it? / – Yes. – It doesn’t work? / – I added heavy cream and tried, but I couldn’t do it. It’s important to control the heat and twirling. I tried it too. I tried the magma, but it became a regular omelet. (Relatable) So true. The tornado is hard to make. Can you teach me a little bit? Yes, I can. – Really? / – Yes. I’m a fan. – Can I learn how to make the tornado? / – Sure. Okay. Have you tried this at home? I have, but I failed. The best way to practice is… – With a big pan? / – The pan’s important. – It has to be nonstick. / – Yes. – Place this inside. / – A dishcloth. Pretend it’s a beaten egg. You practice with a dishcloth. Drag from here and drag from there, then hold them together. Hold them. – And in opposite directions. / – He’s a good teacher. The chopsticks stay in place? No, you have to hold them tightly. The chopsticks move in the opposite direction. Twirl in the opposite direction of the pan. But if you use too much strength, it tears. Right. You need skills and try it several times. – You twirl it with chopsticks. / – Opposite direction. The cooked part in the center wraps around, – and the liquid moves down. / – It moves down. And this one moves this way? Yes, that’s right. And you keep twisting it. Like this? Yes. That’s not how it’s done. It’s not, but she’s a beginner. This is for the beginner? I see. With eggs. (Nervous) Here it goes. She’s doing it. (First attempt at making a tornado) – Grab it now? / – Yes. Now? – Yes, that’s right. / – You have to do it right away. (She grabs it and gathers it at the center) (Make a full rotation with the pan) – It’s working. / – I got it. She’s almost there. I wished I had three hands. I needed three hands. You must switch hands. – It worked. / – I couldn’t do it. You can remove it and pour it over. – Just like this? / – Yes. This is pretty good for my first try. – I had to place it too. / – Wow. The rice has to form a tall mound. (Amazing / She did it on her first try!) I did it. This is good enough. (Acknowledged) This is good enough. You did it on your first try. (Feeling the joy) (Chef’s version / Yeongja’s version) (Yeongja’s version came out pretty close) Tell us how you feel. The captain here looked so kind, so I asked him, and he said yes, and I did it. I kept failing at home. It’s amazing. This is why people need to learn. You must learn forever. Learning ends when you enter your grave. (LOL) This is pretty good, right? (“Egg Restaurant Report” is finished!) It’s awesome. There’s a joy when your dish comes out well. It’s hard to do that well on your first try. Sis. That was the day I cooked. I’ve got eggs. – Fresh eggs. / – Those are from Hoengseong. Eggs so delicious, you won’t believe. – I’ve got eggs. / – The blue eggs too. Guess which chickens laid these eggs. They’re rare. Aren’t they blue eggs? – I went to Hoengseong Market. / – Blue eggs are rare. – Americans believe they bring good luck. / – Really? In that case… (Since they bring good luck, she gets ready to eat) I have a special tooth for this. She keeps eating. You have to make another hole at the bottom. That way, you can suck it right out. (One egg gone in a flash) It’s rich. Spring has arrived. Today’s theme is long. It’s a sentence. – It’s shepherd’s purse. / – Spring… Spring has arrived at the convenience store. ♪ Spring has arrived ♪ ♪ Spring has arrived at the convenience store ♪ Not “Seoul Spring” but “Convenience Store Spring.” – Sit. / – Shepherd’s purse and wild chives. These are very expensive spring groceries. – Are they all from Hoengseong Market? / – Yes. Since it’s spring now. I’m going to add spring into it. Spring into an egg dish? And I’m going to stick to the theme. The theme is eggs, so I’m going to add all of these. The spring lady visits the convenience store. The spring lady visits the convenience store. Doesn’t that sound like a poetry book? – I’m making in-season food. / – Shepherd’s purse! A spring dish with shepherd’s purse and wild chives. The headband looks good on you. – The spring lady arrives. / – I love shepherd’s purse. Convenience stores have nothing to signal spring. They do for winter with steamed buns. And shaved ice for summer. But there’s nothing for spring. – Should I add the wild chives here? / – Pretty colors. To the side like this? There’s no way it can taste bad. (You can’t guess the dish from the ingredients) Crab meat. The good quality crab meat. Survival of the fittest exists for eggs too. Between these two, the weaker one will break. See? This one’s the weaker one. (Firm and fresh eggs) They are really fresh. I’m making egg and crab meat fried rice. – Egg and crab meat fried rice. / – Sounds delicious. I’m going to make the fried rice – the way Chef Lee Yeonbok does. / – I watched it. I watched it online. (It won’t be easy) Let me pour this in. (Sizzle) This is it. (Beaten eggs poured into the heated wok) With plenty of oil. Like I’m deep-frying the eggs. (Cook the eggs as if you’re deep-frying them) (Break apart the eggs) Break it apart. Rice, please. This will be enough, right? (Add rice to deep-fried eggs) The rice breaks up easily. Stir-fry the eggs first. The eggs coat the rice grains and make them fluffy. We didn’t know and did it the other way around. We added the eggs at the end when we didn’t know. You have to cook the eggs first. And the rice doesn’t stick to the wok. (Mouthwatering) It’s stir-fried so well. Before they start to burn… Chef Lee Yeonbok has a special tip. Water. Oh, water. The outside is crispy, and the inside is moist. That was what Chef Lee Yeonbok said. I should try that. (The taste makes your eyes open wide) It’s delicious. He didn’t lie. (The type who doesn’t lie) Stir-fry some green onion. Here comes the spring lady. That looks good. For me, the smell is more important. Those herbs go great in soybean paste stew. (Stir-fry them quickly to keep them aromatic) – That looks good! / – That looks delicious. (Loads of crab meat) Eggs and crab meat fried rice. (Eggs and crab meat fried rice is almost ready) – That looks delicious. / – It must smell great. Up to this point, Yeongja, you’re always the best one. Only up to this point. I should’ve made hangover soup for the judges. I apologize. We don’t get along very well. His songs are great, so I’ll listen to his music but never see him again. His new song is amazing. I’ll chop this up. This is the key ingredient. (Picnic shoulder for pork bulgogi) That would be great with a pickled egg. One pinch of salt and the second pinch. A bit of sesame oil can tenderize the meat. – And get rid of the meaty smell. / – Yes. It gets rid of the smell of fat. A bit of sesame oil gets rid of the smell of fat. I’ll pretend I’m a chef. Oh, that looks good. The spring lady is coming. The herbs are going in. – Nice name. / – She could come up with a pretty name. The red chili pepper is going in. ♪ The lady in red heels ♪ Oh, I’m so old. Which trendy song has “red” in it? “Red Flavor.” Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor.” “Red Flavor.” “Red Flavor.” (Her stream of consciousness) (Add cold rice to the cooked ingredients) (Spring-flavored pork fried rice) Try it. I really want to try that. Oh, it’s good. – That looks good. / – My goodness. I can smell shepherd’s purse. – This is really good. / – I know. (Fried rice is just an ingredient / What’s her dish?) (Do you want to know? Here’s her dish!) Adding milk will make this smooth. Smooth. Add sesame oil to cover the raw egg smell. Add sesame oil here? For meat, this gets rid of the smell of fat. Yes. And for eggs too… Here comes the main ingredient. The first one is better. Just a second. Let me add it. (Totally focused) Huh? What’s going on? (Putting fried rice on top of the egg?) (Doubtful) I tried a different version. Like a burrito. (Adding more beaten egg) Rolled omelet? It’s not your regular rolled omelet. – Then what is it? / – Don’t think that way. Please, please, please, please, please. I did it. (Her dish is coming together) (When you cut it in half) Nice, nice. Ta-da. (The stuffing is revealed) It’s an omelet rice you can eat on the go. – On the go. / – Omelet rice you can eat on the go. Oh, omelet rice you can eat on the go? That’s a great idea. (A big bite) That has to be good. That egg must be silky smooth. Wow, the egg tastes rich. Egg lovers will love this. I love the smell of shepherd’s purse. You really stuck to the main ingredient. Yes, I used the most eggs. Even older people will like this. It’s good after microwaving too. It could be a decent meal. It’s rich. You think it’s over? There’s one more. – What could it be? / – What is it? Aren’t you curious about what I’m making? Since you’re curious, I’m ending it here. (Ms. Hard-To-Get has logged out) (Re-logged in / Pouring beaten egg on heated pan) These are just egg whites and egg yolks. (Egg whites + egg yolks) Wow. Just the egg whites. (Just the yolks) (What is she making with these egg garnishes?) What is she making? What’s that? Korean meatballs? Egg garnish. What could it be? What’s that? A mold? It’s another mold. (Yeongja loves her molds) You really love to use molds. (Ice cream bar mold) Yuri has balsamic sauce, and Yeongja has those molds. How much did it cost for custom-made? She’s a mold lover. (Step 1 / Place the egg garnish in the mold) (Serious) (Sweet bell peppers) (Step 2 / Place the rest of the ingredients) (Step 3 / Add fried rice) That would make a great snack for children. Press hard. (Press hard to keep the shape) (The final, grand step) (She flipped over the mold) (Careful) What if they come out ruined? Could I launch my babies? My babies. – It worked! My babies. / – I gave birth. It worked! My babies. My babies. (Bite-sized omelet rice) They look like sushi. (Colorful) Yeongja, you like to have a variety of things. Yes, I like to have a lot of everything. (Bite-size omelet rice) (Which dish will Yeongja bring?) I never bring packed lunch for people. – It’s Jung Ilwoo. / – How cute. But I brought packed lunch for someone. Who is it for? Who? Why am I so nervous? That lunch box is so cute. The wrapping, I mean. I haven’t seen him in a while. Did you bring that for me at KBS? What’s going on? Is it a party? Myeongsu, what took you so long? (Myeongsu has arrived) It’s degrading for the show! Edit him out! The quality of this show is going down. I barely brought it up. What took you so long? We’re not that close. – It’s been so long. / – It’s been about 5 years? It’s been 6 years. Park Myeongsu is Little Lee Gyeonggyu. No way. I’m doing a show called Fun-Staurant. I know. You’re doing some walking show on KBS too. – Going abroad. / – That’s Jung Haein. – It wasn’t you? / – I’m Jung Ilwoo. See? He can’t tell people apart. I know. All handsome men look the same. I’m a guest on your show. For today, right? I heard. You were a guest on the show? I was on his radio show. I brought some food for you. That was for Myeongsu? Yes, I got up early to make food for Myeongsu. Oh, even the lunch box is pretty. Isn’t it? (Egg rice balls with egg garnish and kimchi) – That was for Myeongsu? / – That’s so pretty. You’re so good at that. (3-tiered lunch box he got up early to make) Oh! (Myeongsu’s impressed) With fruit. – Did you make this yourself? / – Yes, I did. Have you heard of pickled eggs? No. – You made this for me? / – Yes, I did. Yes, I did. But I already ate. (I already ate. What’s this for?) Hurry and eat. Which one should I eat first? Those are rice balls. – That’s egg garnish. / – This is egg garnish. – What’s this? / – That’s kimchi. They are made with egg fried rice. He doesn’t look like it, but he’s a gourmet. He is very honest. (Is it bad?) The cook is handsome, so this tastes even tastier. Because you’re handsome… – It’s appetizing? / – It’s more appetizing. That’s a relief. This must be why my wife doesn’t like my cooking. (No wonder my wife doesn’t like my cooking) How dare you laugh? You’re still the funniest man on Earth. I used beets to dye them. Soft-boil the eggs and either crack the shell or peel them, and soak them. In beets? Yes, in beet water. – Pickled eggs? / – Yes. (A bit bite) Doesn’t it taste interesting? How do you like it? It tastes really fancy. – Really? / – Yes. That’s great. I’d like to try that. I want to do this for my wife. I mean it. – You already made your dish? / – What’s this? – Pickled eggs. / – I tried a few things. Have you heard of Fun-Staurant? I have. Gyeonggyu and Yeongja are in it too. – So you know. / – With Lee Junghyun. You like to cook, don’t you? I do. I like this. – Would you like to come on the show? / – No, no. – Why not? / – Why? Not with Lee Yeongja and Lee Gyeonggyu there. They are some scary people. I’ll get him on the show. I’ll be back. You can leave it to me. I-I suffered trauma because of them. (Myeongsu is even stuttering) When I was a rookie comedian, Yeongja and Gyeonggyu scolded me all the time. Why? They are angry people. I rode with her in her car and learned the business. – Really? / – When I was 24 or 25. Gyeonggyu is my mental support, but he used to get angry at me all the time. Isn’t he crazy? (He got cursed at and scolded) (Myeongsu suffered so much in the old days) (I did that for Myeongsu’s good) But they really love me. They were like that in the past. (It was all in the past) Thank you. These are good. We should go, right? – Let’s go. / – Okay, let’s go. Welcome, welcome, welcome. The delicate world of jobs. We have Jung Ilwoo, an actor and a sexy cooking guy. – Hello. / – Hello. It’s nice to have you here. We’re getting so many texts. “Original handsome guy,” “Ilwoo is handsome,” “You looked easygoing and down-to-earth – on Fun-Staurant.” / – Thank you. In 2014, you said I was the funniest guy on Earth. Yes, that’s right. You told me that. Does that still stand? What do you think? – Now… / – I’m not funny anymore? You’re barely hanging on. (The show’s producer is laughing out loud) You’re not wrong. Barely. Ilwoo knows what to say. My nickname is Mr. Barely. I can’t let you get off that easy. – Ilwoo. / – Yes? Here’s a question. How much do you make a month? – A month? / – This question is something I ask all my guests. – Really? / – Yes. I make enough to take my drama staff to a Hanu barbecue restaurant. Every day? No, once for a drama series. Just once? Then I buy them some pork. (Ilwoo, should we go out after this show?) I see. Do you cook on Seollal too? Yes, my family makes dumplings. You make them? You haven’t seen me? I made dumplings on Fun-Staurant. Don’t assume everyone watches Fun-Staurant. I see. Let’s listen to a song. Ilwoo requested this song. It’s Lee Seungchul’s “Today, I.” “Today, I.” I have a new song out. Why play that one? They should’ve played the new song. It was to be released that midnight, so I couldn’t. (Really?) If you know any dirt on Yeongja or Gyeonggyu, tell me. (Dirt?) They are all bark with no bite. They’re not like how they used to be. Not anymore. I can’t wait to see more of you on variety shows and on stage. Thank you so much. Take care of yourself and go for it. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Good job. (After the radio show…) – Ilwoo! / – Oh, my heart. Isn’t that you, Wonil? What are you doing here, Chef? I was passing by and saw you on Myeongsu’s show. Yes, I just finished doing the live show. What time is your shoot? I have about two hours. Really? I should kidnap you. (Abductment) That’s cheating, Ilwoo. It wasn’t like that. That’s cheating. I just wanted to eat with him. – People might question the fairness. / – No. We ran into each other and came here to have lunch. We’re just having lunch, okay? Isn’t that Yeouido? – Yes, it’s pretty famous. / – I know that place. What do you normally eat here? In the winter, I get spicy noodles or chicken noodles. – In the summer, I get soybean noodles. / – Soybean? Soybean noodles. I eat soybean noodles even in the winter. They look delicious. (Sweet and spicy cold noodles) (And wholesome soybean noodles) Let’s all gulp at the same time. One, two, three. (One, two, three, gulp) (Mukbang stars’ special collaboration) Wonil shouldn’t eat on TV. He makes everything look delicious. He really likes to eat. My goodness, he’s really enjoying it. (Fun-Staurant Mukbang Match) (Let’s eat) Their soybean noodles are delicious. (Noodles soaked in thick soybean soup) (Inhaling) He’s really enjoying it. One bowl isn’t enough. I tried to control myself. – You did? / – Yes. (A big mouthful) That looks good. He really enjoys eating. (Muk-Wonil & Muk-Ilwoo’s synchronized inhaling) They both know how to enjoy food, but one looks pleasantly plump while the other is attractive. (Slurp) That building’s going to collapse. (I lost) I eat very appetizingly too, but when I see you making ramen, I find myself boiling water too. (This is noodle slurping) (He doesn’t lose when it comes to noodle slurping) Why don’t we make a toast with dumplings? Sure. – Cheers. / – For victory. Go for it. We can’t let this pass. I’m going to sue. Something illegal took place. Let me just say he bought me a bowl of noodles. Why would you accept that? (Judging must always be fair) (Waiting for someone) (Is always exciting) That’s not how he normally waits for someone. Is he shooting a drama? I have to hurry and give these. (Like a boyfriend waiting with hand warmers) (Who is he waiting for?) Kanghoon! Hello. Hi. (How cute) It’s Pilgu from “When the Camellia Blooms.” Hello. – He’s cute. / – Hi. He looks just like me when I was little. – How do you know Kanghoon? / – You know him? – Of course. / – What was he on recently? Camellia Island. Not Camellia Island. It’s not the island. (Oops) Kang Pilgu. Mom? Why do I have to protect you? You should protect me. I’m not coming with you because I want to! The 2019 KBS Drama Awards’ Best Child Actor goes to Kim Kanghoon. Congratulations. Pilgu, congratulations. When I eat ramen, I cook 4 bags. I wish they sold fermented soybeans outside my school. Like how they sell spicy rice cakes. Kanghoon is so cute. He’s too cute. You’ve grown so much taller. Your hair got longer too. Really? I figured you’d be cold. Kanghoon is from Cheongju. Right. So pretty. (How did Ilwoo and Kanghoon meet?) I love Kanghoon. I met him at the Entertainment Awards. (Kanghoon / Congratulations on winning Best Newcomer) (Ilwoo / Thanks, Kanghoon) So I invited him to Seoul. Those are the messages you two exchanged? – Right. / – He’s so cute. We’re going on a date today, right? Yes. Let’s go for a drive. Let’s get in the car and go somewhere nice. Okay. Okay, let’s go. Buckle up. (First activity / Going on a drive) Do you want to call me Bro or Uncle? Uncle, of course. I have a rule. What is it? What kind of rule? During “When the Camellia Blooms,” I called Haneul Bro, but to Jisuk… – Uncle? / – Yes, I called him Uncle. He got upset, so I came up with a rule. What’s the rule? What is it? If you’re unwed, you’re Bro, but if you’re married, you’re Uncle. – Oh, then I’m Bro. / – How cute. – You are? / – Yes, I’m not married. – I’m Uncle. / – That means Pilgu must call me Sis. Kanghoon, what do you like? – Me? / – Korean, Chinese, Japanese, or Western? So cute. (Pondering) – He’s such a cutie. / – That’s too hard. I heard you love spicy food. Yes, I really do. Really? I brought something really spicy from Cheongju. I bought it. You did? What is it? (Opening his backpack) It’s really spicy. Is it the one I know? It’s really famous. It’s called Crazy Dumplings. – Right. / – Crazy Dumplings? – Cheongju has Crazy Dumplings. / – It’s famous. I went there to do a show and went crazy. They are famous. – They are dumplings? / – Yes. There are three levels. Three levels? Not spicy, spicy, and crazy spicy. – Crazy spicy? / – Yes. You know those YouTubers? They almost passed out. It’s that spicy? You want to try them now? He’s twelve, but he loves spicy food. How interesting. Let’s try it. Let’s start with not spicy. Okay, start with not spicy. The not spicy ones are regular dumplings. They are huge. They are bigger than you think. Let me try one. Sure. The not spicy one. Not spicy. (How is it?) It’s good. – It is? / – Yes. That’s a relief. They’re regular pork dumplings. It’s that big? It’s huge. – They’re pork dumplings? / – Yes. Spicy. The spicy ones are really red. Don’t be frightened. (Bright red) They’re already red. The medium spicy one? Yes, that’s the medium spicy one. (Level 2 is that red?) That looks spicy. I don’t think this one is that spicy. (Cheongju spicy dumplings / Level 2 spiciness) Let’s try it. (Going for it!) He can eat that? I’m curious. (Tilting his head) It’s not spicy. – It’s not? / – He’s that good at eating spicy food? Yes, he’s very good. Kanghoon, you can handle spiciness. This one’s a bit spicier than kimchi dumplings. Try one. Oh, this looks good. (Spicy food lover Ilwoo takes a big bite) I love spicy food too. It’s still a bit spicy. – He’s a child. / – How can a 12-year-old eat that? Kanghoon is beyond belief. How can he eat that? Kanghoon is beyond belief. Pilgu can’t lose weight either, since he loves to eat. He really does. This one tastes a bit like kimchi, right? Yes, kimchi. The aftertaste is a bit spicy. Yes, it has a spicy aftertaste. He’s good at describing flavors. I wonder how spicy the crazy spicy ones are. I’m feeling the heat already. The color must be different. – I don’t think I can eat it. / – I heard it’s insane. Let’s try at least one. Cleanse your mouth with water. (Proper etiquette before trying a new flavor) I want to go insane. Why am I nervous? (Nervous for some reason in front of crazy dumplings) I’m scared too. Let me try one. Kanghoon, did you bring them to give me bloody diarrhea? Let’s take a look. The color’s not all that scary. (They look a little like blood / Scary aura) The stuffing is completely red. (I’m a little scared) You take one first. – Kanghoon is so cute. / – Take one. – You want me to go first? / – Yes. But I’m scared. Take one. I don’t have to finish it, right? – I’ll take a bite. / – Okay. (He pulls over for a minute) (Fearlessly takes a bite) In 3 seconds. One. – Here it comes. / – Two… (The crazy spiciness is here) This is really spicy. This is really spicy. (LOL) (Are you okay?) (Gosh) (He’s about to cry) (His legs are shaking) It’s really spicy. It’s insane. – It’s really insane. / – Oh no. (Struggling to live) I feel hot just watching that. (It makes you sweat just watching it) It’s that bad? Yes. Maybe you shouldn’t… Try it. Take a small bite. What? (He took a bite without hesitation) It’s not spicy at first. Are you okay? You can really handle spiciness. (This kid is amazing / One more bite) He’s really amazing. It’s not spicy at all. Really? (More than half is gone) Will you be okay? (Frozen) It hit him, it hit him! – There it is, there it is. / – Action! Wow! (Flames) (Oh my gosh!) (Is there a fire extinguisher anywhere?) – Cute. / – So cute. – He’s so cute. / – He said, “Wow.” (I can’t cry in front of him) It was so painful that it didn’t feel like food. Why are you doing this to me? (He just had the spiciest food of his life) (Peace restored through banana-flavored milk) Wow, I feel better now. Banana milk. (Peaceful) They are crazy dumplings indeed. This is insane. It’s like… (I’d never felt anything like it in my life) It doesn’t go out. It’s like my mouth is on fire. Even after drinking water, it doesn’t go away. You two look like friends. (I won’t tell anyone I can handle spiciness now) Let’s do rock, paper, scissors and the loser eats one more. No, no, no, Kanghoon. Just one bite. No, no. I’ll get you something delicious to eat. I lost. How’s your school life? He’s in 4th grade? He’s in 5th grade now. Did you make friends? We all got separated. My close friends. – Your friends from 4th grade? / – Yes. (Their hearts are breaking for him) Is there someone you have a crush on at school? No. – No? / – No. – You don’t have a girlfriend? / – I do. – You have a girlfriend? / – Yes. – He has a girlfriend. / – She’s famous. Oh my, really? He has a girlfriend? Do you have a girlfriend? I don’t. You should’ve asked for some tips. Kanghoon, teach me how to get a pretty girlfriend. – Me? / – Yes. I just told her. – You did? / – Yes. – He’s straightforward. / – Straightforward. What did you say? That I like her. That you like her? Straight to the point. – Straight. / – So frank. – I like you. / – That works? I doubt it. If you like someone, just tell her. And it works. What if she says she doesn’t like me? Then you stay as friends. – Stay as friends? You’re so laid-back. / – Cute. Really? Is it because you’re handsome? Tell me. About what? About your crush. My crush? When I was in 5th grade… – There was someone. / – A 5th grade boy. There was a girl I really liked. Back then, we had homework we had to do together. And she was in my group. I was so happy. I thought my heart was going to burst. But I never told her. It was just a crush. (Reminiscing for a moment…) You’re thinking about the old days. (Kanghoon turns on music to cheer up Ilwoo) He’s so lovely. (Adorable) That’s the trendy song these days. – Yes, Zico. / – Yes. My daughters do this all the time. (Swoop) (Shake, shake) (That’s not it) (This isn’t it either) (Click) I love Kanghoon. (Ilwoo & Kanghoon’s sweet muk-brothers chemistry) (At a studio before the dawn) (Who is wearing this silver costume?) What is it? What’s going on? It’s “Wa.” What is it? (2020 / The techno queen is back?) What’s going on? What’s going on? She’s enjoying it. (This is) That’s the following day? Newtro is trendy these days. Your hair extensions look so natural. I know. It looks like it’s my hair. It feels like I’m back in 2000. Right? She hasn’t changed a bit. It’s not fair. She’s shining. (Designer is curious about the new Fun-Staurant theme) This time, it’s eggs. – You have to use eggs? / – Yes. – Really? / – I have to come up with a recipe. Really? People make rolled omelet and steamed eggs, but other than those, there’s nothing much. Eggs are a hard theme to work with. – Yes, it’s pretty hard. / – It is. It took me a lot of time. There’s one thing I buy at the convenience store. The black bean ramen. I came up with an amazing recipe for that with my husband last night. You know julienned green onion? What you eat with barbecue? Add a whole bunch of that, almost as much as the noodles, and at the end, add some hot chili sauce. I want some now. It tastes like a whole new world. It’s really good. Wait, you ate ramen last night when you have a shoot? Yes. Then why isn’t your face swollen? – It’s a little swollen. / – It’s not. She looks the same. That’s how she looks when she’s swollen? My face is small too, but yours is so tiny. (Oh, boy) How is that possible? (Unbelievably jealous) (They are busy setting up) There’s even a car. (Very charismatic) She’s so charismatic. Is that the same actress who munched on black bean ramen the night before? I love seeing you like this. I wish I could see it more often. (As expected from a pro, every cut is good!) Please release another album. They used my song “Change” as the theme. Is that a car commercial? Maybe it’s a game commercial. What kind of commercial is that? It’s a water purifier commercial. – Water purifier? / – Yes. Really? (She looks different here at work than at home) How pretty. She looks stunning. – You should warm yourself. / – Yes. You’re doing such a great job. – Oh, boy. / – You haven’t changed a bit in 20 years. (Change!) (Change Junghyun!) (Sometimes demure) She really does change. She changes. (Change everything!) (Change!) (Change 1st place to Junghyun!) Change 1st place? (What will be her new egg dish?) So cool. Great work today. – You filmed until morning? / – Yes. I’m sleepy. – You filmed all night? / – Yes. (She missed many calls) Why are there so many missed calls? (Who is it?) Hello? Sis, you called? – Yes, I did. / – She’s her sister. I just finished shooting. Really? You stayed up all night? Yes. You must be exhausted. So tell me… (Keeps yawning) How is Mom feeling? She’s eating her meals. I heard our eldest sister made side dishes this time. They are all beautiful. Third, fourth, me. Then I’ll do it this time. I have tomorrow off. – Really? / – Yes. – That’d be great. / – Okay. You’re the youngest? I’m the youngest, and our mother is not well, so the five of us take turns making side dishes. How sweet. – What a great family. / – Such good daughters. (Heading to the kitchen even after an all-nighter) What’s this? (It’s always nice to get a package delivered) Hyojin sent something again. Hyojin? Pilgu’s mom? She’s so good to her friends. It’s heavy. What is this? Even the tape is pretty like Hyojin. Indeed. Checkered tape. What’s that? Dried pollack. – Dried pollack. / – Dried pollack. Oh, this salted seafood is so good. (Three kinds of salted seafood from Hyojin) For cold noodles. She sends me those sometimes, and they are really good. I should make some egg side dishes for my mom. – Dried pollack. / – They look good. Salted octopus is delicious too. Salted octopus is fantastic. It’s the best. – Let me boil some eggs. / – She’s boiling eggs again. I’m worried. One tray should be enough. How many is that? (A tray of eggs all for side dishes?) Why do I get worried whenever I see eggs? Our theme is eggs. You know those soft-boiled eggs sold at the market? You can boil normal eggs… – Coarse salt and vinegar. / – In salted water to make your own soft-boiled eggs. (Cook eggs for 7 minutes in boiling water) Straight into cold water. (This will make it easier to peel them) I should peel them now. (Like this!) (Already white) Junghyun, you cook just like the rest of us. How do you make it look pretty? That’s right. She looks really skillful. It’s perfectly cooked. – This is what I wanted. / – Pretty no matter what. (In one bite) (Pop!) (Delicious) (To this…) (Another combination? She chooses a bottle of sauce!) What is it this time? She grabbed something. Is that olive oil? With truffle oil, this will taste like – a dish from a Michelin star restaurant. / – That can – make even ramen fancy… / – Right. – And eggs delicious too. / – That’s really good. When you grabbed truffle oil, Gyeonggyu smiled a little. It’s too expensive for convenience stores. That’s not my dish. (Too bad…) Put the soft-boiled eggs in here – and add my soy sauce. / – Oh, boy. I really love that. That looks good. They go perfectly with rice. – They look so good. / – They are delicious. (1st side dish for Mom, pickled soft-boiled eggs) I should make pickled eggs now. Pickled eggs? I’ve never seen the egg yolk version. The egg yolk version is really good. I’ve never even imagined doing that. That’s pretty too. Junghyun, is that magic? Or do they use a special camera? Of course they do. The all-purpose soy sauce I made yesterday. It’s your soy sauce again. Yes. (Junghyun’s all-purpose soy sauce recipe) Let me strain the broth. (Dried anchovies, prawn, green onion roots, onion) (Green onion, radish, dried shiitake mushroom, kelp) (Boil them and make broth) – That soy sauce is so good… / – Add soy sauce. That my friends come to get it from me. – Rice wine to get rid of bad smell. / – I’m coming. Sure. (Add smoky flavor by grilling green onion and onion) Citron preserve instead of sugar. That must be so good. Adding citron sounds really good. (Add juice and zest of half a lemon) To make it citrusy. That would be great as soup for udon. That’s right. That sauce can do so many things. (Junghyun’s delicious all-purpose soy sauce) This is so good. (Easy / Pour the all-purpose soy sauce over the yolks) Take one of those and mix it with rice. That’s why she’s making that. It’s really easy to do. Yes, just pour soy sauce over egg yolks. – That looks good. / – It’s really good. Tori, this won’t do. I’m starving. I need to eat. Tori, let’s eat. Take butter… (Melt butter on hot rice) One egg. I added a pickled egg yolk, and it was really good. That’s really… My goodness. (When it pops, it’s a feast of golden goodness) (Sighing because they can’t have it) – It’ll be moist. / – It’s amazing. – I should try that at home. / – This looks amazing. When my husband comes home early, there’s no time to cook. So I make that rice with butter and pickled egg yolk, which is really convenient. This is so good. Should I just launch this? – This tastes… / – Look at the color. (No need for other side dishes) – She always makes it special. / – Even without eating, – it looks so good. / – I hope everyone tries this. How can I describe this? Oh, it’s delicious. It’s so easy to make, and you can keep it in the fridge as a side dish. I’m getting nervous now. (Now that she’s full, she’s back to cooking) Dried pollack and salted pollack roe. This dried pollack is amazing. (Getting a taste) Hyojin, thank you for this. Soak the dried pollack in water. I’m making the healthy dried pollack and egg soup. – Mom doesn’t like small pieces. / – It’s the best. – A lot of protein. / – Mom likes it chunky, so big pieces. My tip is marinating it in advance. (All-purpose soy sauce) – Is that your mother’s recipe? / – Yes. Add a bit of perilla oil and mix them. And stir-fry in oil. (Stir-fry them just long enough to heat them up) And add anchovy broth. The radish pieces should be big. (Beat one egg) This will hold the flavors in. That looks good. – That can’t be all to it. / – Right. Mom’s secret, one spoonful of sand lance sauce. (Mom’s recipe she picked up) – Sand lance fish sauce. / – Sand lance sauce. I think I can add one more spoonful. Fish sauce adds savory flavor. (Well?) It’s exactly like Mom’s cooking. Dried pollack soup is finished. Mom’s going to love this. Now let’s make rolled omelet. I should break the pollack roe apart. This smells amazing. All you need is that, rice, and kimchi. – Of course. / – Look at this. It’s so fresh. Hyojin is a gourmet, so she sends me delicious food. – Slice the sack open. / – Pollack roe. If you add the whole thing, it might taste too salty. – So break it apart. / – I always break it apart. – Just the roe? / – Yes. I use that instead of salt. (I won’t waste) (A single pollack egg) Delicious. Let’s beat some eggs. (Do not separate the eggs) (1 egg) (2 eggs) (3 eggs) (4 eggs) (5 eggs) (Almost half the tray is gone) – What’s that? / – That looks good. – Eggs and pollack roe. / – This amount of pollack roe should be enough for five eggs. Add minced green onion. Check the taste. (Checking the taste) Perfect. I heard many people make the same side dishes you make. You can use the ingredients you have at home, – so it’s not very difficult. / – You must make holes to help it cook faster. Turn the heat up a little and roll it. That looks good. (Add more beaten egg!) That looks good. That looks delicious. Look how pretty that is. She makes it look so pretty. The pollack roe must make it delicious. (4th dish for Mom, rolled omelet with pollack roe) I could eat a pot of rice with that. The texture must be amazing too. I could eat a pot of rice with that, not just a bowl. One pot. Simple and nutritious stir-fried tomato and egg. – Stir-fried tomato and egg. / – Tomato and egg. Whole tomatoes are good, but bite-sized is better. Is that your dish? The tomatoes? What’s your dish? Just watch. – I can’t guess. / – She uses cherry tomatoes. One for me and one for Tori. (You must eat as you cook to really enjoy it!) Oh, she’s eating again. She eats that too? Tomatoes are good for you. (Stir-fry the tomatoes in oil) The juice has to come out. Grilled tomatoes are delicious. Tomato and eggs. (Preparing the eggs, today’s star) One. (Saving the egg shells / 1 egg) What’s that? (2 eggs) (3 eggs) (4 eggs) – Oh, she used almost all of it. / – A whole tray. Salt. My favorite, garlic powder. Add a bit of sugar and whisk. She makes cute, yummy dishes. I can’t help but watch closely. And they are packed with flavors. (What is that for?) (Pour the beaten eggs?) (Strain it into the middle of the pan) That makes the eggs silky smooth. (Taking out every chalaza to make it smooth) Honestly, it’s just a strainer, but it looks really fancy. I think her camera team is different from ours. I know. That’s amazing. (Side dishes for Mom with time and care) They are dishes you can try at home. It’s like a cookbook. Things you can try at home. Simple and easy. That looks good. (Perfect for breakfast, stir-fried tomato and egg) Let’s make the final side dish. There’s more? There’s one more. Mom needs to eat a lot of protein. (Gasp) What’s that? She’s rolling eggs? – What’s that? / – Bacon. – I like that. / – They are like Scotch eggs. Dip it in beaten egg to hold the bacon in place. It’s a great snack for kids and a great side dish. That looks pretty cheap to make. Place the overlapping part side down to make it stick. Grill over medium-low heat. That’s nice. (Picky judge is satisfied too!) Roll it around carefully. (Cook the bacon by rolling it around) That looks good. That one is really good. It’s good cold too. Even when it’s cold, it’s good. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s nice. – She’s very creative. / – Add all-purpose soy sauce. You use soy sauce for that too? All you need is that soy sauce. (Bringing in cheers and awe) – My goodness. / – It’s so delicious. I want some more. (Oh my, this is a must) All done. (Last side dish for Mom, eggs rolled in bacon) Let them cool down before I slice them. Nice. – It’s good. / – That’s like Mom’s cooking. Something you can make with what’s in your fridge. Right. Finished. I worked so hard. How many dishes did you make with one tray of eggs? I think she made all possible egg dishes. With eggs as the main ingredient. (Pollack and egg soup, rolled omelet with pollack roe) (Stir-fried tomato and egg, eggs rolled in bacon) (Pickled soft-boiled eggs, pickled egg yolks) Her recipes are amazing. Her ideas… The foundation is amazing. There are lots of egg shells. (Is she cooking something with the egg shells?) (Fun-Staurant will continue with part 2)



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