Standing Military Press – Shoulder Exercise –

Standing Military Press – Shoulder Exercise –

Stand with a loaded
barbell in front of you. Grab the barbell
with an overhand grip, wider than shoulder width. Clean the bar to
shoulder height. This will be your
starting position. Now press the bar overhead,
taking care to move your head out of the bar’s path. Exhale during this portion of
the motion, then inhale and slowly lower the bar back
down to your shoulders. ♪♪♪



  • Laventure Alix

    great video

  • Outback Dave

    I find that when i do this exercise with my feet side by side i feel uneasy is there a better stance to take? Also thank you for the videos

  • Viking Sloth

    @dangerousdave1963 You could do like some Olympic lifters do and take a stance where you split your feet, one in front, one in back

  • amathew3646

    nothin pisses me off more than a form bitch. stfu.

  • Walt R. Buck

    Doing a shoulder or military press and ending behind your neck, like in some other videos, is asking for shoulder injuries.

  • I G

    that chick fine though

  • Dog Yamato

    Breathing out will end up with you dropping the wieghts on your head

  • luciofited

    Wow! She's so beautiful!

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